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CardName: Challenge # 122 Cost: Type: Challenge Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Design a multicolor card like executioners swing, with an effect from one color and a restriction or drawback from another color. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Design Challenge None

Challenge # 122
Design a multicolor card like executioners swing, with an effect from one color and a restriction or drawback from another color.
Updated on 21 Jul 2017 by Alex

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2015-03-03 18:35:13: Jack V created and commented on the card Challenge # 122

Design a multicolor card like Executioner's Swing, with an effect from one color and a restriction or drawback from another color.

Ideally it should feel more appropriate for the color combination than a single color (even if only by being cheaper), but it's ok if it combines effects in a way rarely seen.

Ps. I'm trying to type on my phone. I would be grateful if someone could check the formatting is ok and add the card to the front page etc. Thank you!

2015-03-04 08:53:23: Alex edited Challenge # 122

­Spirit Rhino a stompy creature that only kills creatures temporarily.

Created Venom Reveler - black effect with red drawback.

­Defence Beam another RW "target attacking creature" card.

PS. Thanks Alex for updating the challenge pages.

Created Belligerent Drake, a creature with blue benefits and a green drawback.

­Voracious Plunderer, GR spark elemental that draws cards.

­Illusory Fire, UR burn-bounce.

­Banishing Vines, a green-blue bounce spell.

And Squelching Horror, a black effect with a blue drawback.

I made Spellwrought Arms, a white effect with a blue drawback.

Trying to drum up an ideas for Okundwa I thought about this challenge, which I intend to turn into a 10 card cycle for the set. So far I have Ferafu Ostrich and The Incident in Nkipi.

Added Falseflame, Highland Charge, Adopted Scourge, Terrible Transpiration and Taproot Dryad. I wanted to make a cycle of off-color drawback/feature cards, but I didn't want to make them one at a time. And I've been working with MSE more lately. So why not spend a little more time and give the cards some oompf?

Hmm... It appears cards in this set default to mockup instead of image. I'd assume that if a person linked to an image that that's the card they want people to see. That make sense to you, Alex?

I agree that if people supply an image, it'd make sense to use it: modified the options to make it so. But I would note that just supplying the image (not filling in the rules text, mana cost etc) makes the card harder to find in future because it won't turn up in searches. So I for one would prefer it if you add the text as well as the image.

That's a fair idea in concept, and easy enough to do for these five cards. But it's a heck of a lot of work to do when the majority of your cards are made using MSE. Not double the work, but you get the idea.

Still, I get the appeal of having the database be fully searchable. I'll see what I can do to get the text of Homelands Restored on Multiverse. You'll have to excuse me if it takes a while to get around to it, though.

Certainly there's no hurry :) After all, it takes me ages to get new features implemented. This is the day job for none of us :) If you've got a whole set worth of cards, definitely importing and exporting your data as a whole is the way to go. I don't recall if MSE can export as CSV; if not then I'll add another import format to get data in from sets people have stored in MSE.

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