Risen Empires

Risen Empires by Vitenka

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Modernising Fallen Empires; jmg's Homelands restored inspired me.

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On Tidal Influence (reply):

(A creature gets -1/-1 while it has an odd number of tide counters on it, and +1/+1 while it has an even number of tide counters greater than 0 on it.)

Then give the homarids ways of putting tide counters on your opponents’ things. Maybe call them something a little more colour-neutral, like Ebb counters or something, and you can use that as the sole creature counter of the set.

Thallids could still use them rather than spore counters as a cost for things, and you can have proliferate in GU.

Tidal Influence could then just become “At the beginning of your end step, proliferate.” With maybe an etb trigger putting an ebb counter on something.

Just spitballing

On Orcish Captain (reply):

This... this really isn't modern design sensibility. TODO: Rip it out and put soemthing completely different in here.

On Icatian Town (reply):

Very good point.
Memo to self: Look at the token maker cycle in the set. (This, spawning bed, breeding pit, something-something-fungus-thallid in green, goblin warrens) and come up with some kind of unification to them. Right now, they're way too loose a cycle.

On Brassclaw Orcs (reply):

TODO: Add some power-manipulation stuff to other cards; and more cowards; to support the ability.

On Vodalian Soldiers (reply):

TODO: This could be where we get proliferate into blue, for the {u/g} synergy?

On Thrull Wizard (reply):

TODO: This could usefully be a slot for whatever the {b/w} or {b/g} synergy ends up being.

On Risen Empires (reply):

Maro podcast talked about factions; and stressed over and over the need for some synergy between them to make two-colour playable.

Which is a fair point.

To add that to this set... I think we change some of the thallid high-tide mechanic to play interestingly with the orc cowardice mechanic. Give an opponent high tide?

And to play another way - if we have propogate or similar counter manipulation; that would play well into itsown high tide, and also let it co-operate with green's thallid-swarm mechanic. So we'll give that to the merfolk.

White+Black already kinda co-operate, with their mirrored similar mechanics. But maybe play it up a bit? And I still need to figure out the non-leitbur half-side in white.

Dwarf + Cityfolk just play together well; that should be ok.

Elf and Thrull? How does that go together? Which demographic can it please?

Same for green black?

On Thelon Naturaliser (reply):

Note; if I do cyclise the saboteurs, then do restore (((Conch Shell))) and swap (((Conch Player))) to be a sab.

On Initiates of the Ebon Hand (reply):

Now that every colour has an 'order of the' I'm also going to give each an 'initiates of the'? That does give every colour access to mana washing; which is unusual.

But maybe not a terirble thing? We're pretty heavy on NCC mana costs in set, this could be a sneaky nod towards "Yup, it really is safe to play 2 or even 3 colours, even if it doens't look like it is"

Might have to consider whether that warps the environment though. And, well, it's a bit of a stretch. But let's try it.

On Tourach's Herald (reply):

This could usefully be a thrull. Since we already have a 'sacrifice thrulls' theme.

On Order of Leitbur (reply):

Reach? It breaks the cycle, but it kinda makes as being like flying? Meh. (((Elvish Knight)))

Doing it.

Cycle is Order of Leitbur, (((Dwarven Lute-Knight))) / Order of the Crimson Peaks, (((Vodalian Knights))) / Order of Vodalia, (((Elvish Knight))) / Order of Thelon, Order of the Ebon Hand.

The correct ordering for a cycle is {w}{r}{u}{g}{b}, right? Right? Ugh. I am terrible at this.

On Tourach’s Gate (reply):

Well.. great.

My spoiler was COMPLETELY missing the "Sacrifice a Thrull: Put three time counters on Tourach's Gate." part.

fsssssssssssgrfl. I need a better spoiler. Or to read gatherer before I submit.

Note also - the set does have man lands; in that green hs an 'animate a forest' monk. So that's a thing; kinda.

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Creature – Human Soldier
{1}{w}: Give a Soldier +1/+0 until end of turn
last 2017-08-15 11:12:58 by Vitenka
{t}: Add a charge counter to Icatian Store
{t}, Remove X charge counters: Add X {w}
Illus. Zhrayde
1 comment
2019-12-02 15:13:25 by Vitenka
{t}: Add a charge counter to Dwarven Hold
{t}, Remove X charge counters: Add X {r}
Illus. Lord of the Rings Online
last 2020-02-11 14:18:49 by dude1818
Creature – Thrull
{b}, Sacrifice Armor Thrull: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature, then proliferate (each creature gets an additional counter of a kind it already has).
Illus. lee99
last 2020-02-10 17:27:16 by Vitenka
Token Creature – Plant
last 2014-10-15 23:11:24 by Alex

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On Dwarven Hold:

@Vitenka That's how I use my storage lands, although I play the ones from the Dreadship Reef cycle

On Dwarven Hold:

I guess the problem with them is that the right way to use them is to leave them untapped until the opponents end step every single time (until you actually use it up). Which is fiddly, annoying, and not particularly clever.

Which probably lead to "Ok, so how about we give it one a turn at the start of the turn" which lead to "But then you get both to charge and use it - so make it either one of untap it or charge it" which lead to the original horrible wording.

So yeah, this is probably slightly too good, and slightly annoying to play with. But it does have the advantage of being very simple.

On Dwarven Hold:

I always wondered why all the hoops when it came to storage lands. I presume they tested it this way and it was always just a smidge too good. Or the opportunity just never came up to print them. But that seems like an incredible number of missed opportunities.

On Armor Thrull:

Hmm. You're not wrong about proliferation combining with tide in an extremely strong way.

Regarding the reminder text - meh, it's shorter and gets the point across.

On Armor Thrull:

Putting repeatable proliferate as the tide mechanic is super busted. I like having them in the same environment, but definitely not the same card

That's also not the right reminder text for proliferate

On Ebon Praetor:

Wait, so does this on purpose use the art of Suture Priest?

On Conch Players:

Well, this is sacrifice to use where the looter isn't. So if you want to loot more than once, it's not as useful. But yeah, blues loot costs are all over the flipping place.

Being a better scryer than an artifact I'm ok with (blueness, creature-killableness and summoning-sickness).

But.. yeah, ok, maybe this has come out a bit too cheap. Given the costs of the other blue creatures are already low end (and heck, that's the case of the entire flaming set) maybe just reprint Mulldrifter and have done?

On Conch Players:

I was going to compare this card to the 4.2+ star Crystal Ball, and say that I would take this over Merfolk Looter any day of the week.

But then I realized that Catalog costs {2}{u} and Preordain costs {u}, and now I'm just confused.

On Sand Silos:
On Icatian Store:
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