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Gomant- Location: A derived from gothic and romantic. See Gomant Sentry
­Pit Lion- The Carnivorous Carnival
­Murder of Couriers- Crows were chosen due to the The Vile Village, though they were not messengers in the book.
­Melancholy Narrator- Lemony Snicket
­Milusa, Circle's Center- name derived from USA and military industrial complex as I couldn't think of any propaganda authors at the time of design.
­Krow, Land Liberator- J. K. Rowling. Because of her controversy, I decided to have Krow killed off in the story.
­Raldem, Anarch Wrecker- Ralph Waldo Emmerson. The Anarch faction are defined by their rejection of secrets society keeps and blames those secrets for the existence of the Shadow and Circle factions, and subsequently the brutal Answer faction as well. Ralph Waldo Emmerson was breaking and rejecting norms and categories, so his name seemed like a good inspiration.
­Gemae, Heart of Shadows- George Eliot, pen name of Mary Ann Evans The identity (((Mary Bellwood, Mysterious Traveler))) is using on this plane. There is no character link between the Stranger and George Eliot, I only chose George Eliot as the naming convention because George Eliot is my favorite author. The Stranger is from this plane, but her actual name isn't something that has yet been revealed.
­Hest Tomlar- Ernest Hemingway, as a joke, Tomlar is an anagram of Malört, so when naming the Tomlars, I needed to derive their first names from authors who suffered from alcoholism.
­Wilessey Tomlar- Tennessee Williams. Like his twin, I needed an author who suffered from alcoholism as a naming inspiration.
­Janry, Answer's Chief Examiner- Henry James The Answer tend of overdo whatever they choose to do. That vibed purple prose to me, so I picked an author whose writing is sometimes described as such.
­The Peculiar Porcelain- Sugar Bowl

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