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­Sunflower Infusion, Mirror Infusion, Fungal Infusion, Flame Infusion, and Sap Infusion- Pretaer
( ­A Rambling Drunk- Loki
­An Optimistic Youth- Princess Emeraude
­Nichuf Snoweye- Jötunn
­Fires of Enheim- Muspelheim
­Rose Interjection- Tuxedo Mask throwing a rose
­Raven of Reason and Raven of Recollection- Huginn & Muninn
­An Unassuming Shrub- Yggdrasil
­Fetters of Restraint- Venus Love Me Chain
­Irritated Predator- Grendel
­Hiejild, Beast Mother- Grendel's Mother
­Wicked Flames- Fafnir. Admittedly, this is not a good representation.
­Unbounding Girdle- Megingjörð
­Urmu, the Primal Cow- Auðumbla
­Vulnerability- Baldur's Death
­Destiny's Messenger- Ratatoskr meshed with a magical girl's animalistic helper
­Blood Eagle- Blood Eagle
­Salmon Form- Loki shapeshifting into a salmon
­Rathai, Queen of the Dead- Hel)
­Rod of Transformation- Moon Stick. Admittedly, not a good representation.
­Slanbi, Cosmic Coil- Jormungandr
­Okalv, Jaws of Oblivion- Fenrir I tried to depict the binding and breaking free, but the drawback was too complex and lacked a strong enough reward.
­War of World's End- Ragnarok
­Etched Spear- Gungnir
­Tainted Sorcerer- Shadow Weaver
­Ever-Growing Ship- Naglfar
­Horrifying Helmet- horned "Viking" helmet. Actual Viking helmets did not have horns.
­Horn of Alarm- Gjallarhorn
­Smarin's Well- Mímisbrunnr and giving Smarin, Fate Unleashed, elements of the Norns.
­Pour into the Cosmos- loosely based on Auðumbla's milk.
­Monstrous Adornment- The Mashin of Magic Knight Rayearth

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