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Due to my prolonged absence due to health reasons, I have not had the time to finish this set. As the worlds have some similar flavors, I will be merging this set with my Urthona set. Stay tuned

Heh, even if its only on one of the "playtest" cards in the mystery boosters (convention edition) nice to see that they have used spellmorph on a printed card. I am sure they have had this mechanic sitting around waiting fora chance to fit in somewhere for a long time, I created this mechanic in 2010 and the two are nearly word for word the same. Feels nice when you manage to hit a mechanic that Wizards later uses through sheer chance. (Note: In no way am i trying to take credit or say WotC 'borrowed' the mechanic from here, its just a nice coincedence)

I loved the playtest cards, for that reason.

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