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Mechanics | The World of Shadowsun

Shadowsun is a world of extremes, it has four seasons Highsun, Fading, Darkmoon, Rising - each lasts for 1/4 of the year. Highsun is a period of constant daylight with the sun high in the sky all season. In fading the sun slowly sets as the moons slowly rise - a period of deepening twilight. Darkmoon is lit only by the light of Shadowsun's twin moons and Rising is, obviously a time of growing dawn as the moons set and the sun rises. The Woodkin are the Elves of Shadowsun, similar to elves most anywhere except that their skin has a rough bark-like quality and their hair/eyes are shades of greens and browns (green or autumn colours). The Lupin are evolved Wolves still somewhat backwards and still tied to a pack mentality, they tend to prefer twilight to full night as they are moon worshippers. The Lumin are beings of solid 'light' many belong to the order of the Light (Brightsword, Brightsoul, etc). The Stygians are the opposites of the Lumin, creatures of living darkness and one of the key factions seeking to extinguish the sun.

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