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11 token green, 90 white, 78 blue, 127 black, 78 red, 91 green, 216 multicolour, 64 hybrid, 8 split, 87 artifact, 17 land, 3 plane

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why did it take so long for me to make this?

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Creature – Idiot
Protection from Zombies
Creature – Knight Nightmare Horse
Deathtouch, Vigilance
Creature – Human Lord
When Midgetkeeper enters the battlefield or attacks gain 1 life for each midget you control
{g}: Target Midget you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn

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On my random shit:

ARCHTYPES/THEMES: Wordplay (nearly every card has a joke in the name! spot them all) TVShows (enchantments with the name of my favorite television shows) Mechanics (see mechanics page) Simpsons (yellow creatures) Subtypes (subtype-matters is a theme) Food (life gain artifacts) Other (some cards are just me saying things in card format) Celebrities (famous people fictional or real, in card form) Spam (spammers and trolls and stuff) Planes (experimentation with plane cards) Embodiements (basically avatars but less sapient) Urges (just me? okay!) Orange (orange stuff, red and yellow mana = orange) Children (they are actually worse than phyrexian eldrazi devils) Meta (being meta fam) Anthropomorphists (actually more like objects of anthropomorphism, but whatev) comment dump (im still sorry Link) vitenka card (vitenka is bae) disturbing the peace (most that early stuff was too edgy) hate (duh) LMAOAliens & LOLCats (fun stuff fam) Splitfoods (hmm.. what's for lunch? you decide!) sleeping with the enemy (i swear i hate pokemon too!) Internetians & YouTubers (stuff i see on the internet) cancer (see edgy early cards) holidays (makes them far less fun) lands (more like locations) shrek (OMG THEY MAKE A 5? YEE!) booze (get drunk) religion (i kept them tame, no ban pls) Nigel (i like the name :P) Plant revolution (you gotta admit we are pretty bad to them) vanilla creatures (so vanilla, so very vanilla) parodies of real cards (there's like a few maybe) card cards (omg guys itz card69 rawr lawl, omffffffg! raandom=fuuny , amirite? (i AM older than 7, i think..)) lil spellz (quickies, two-bite casties) money (ante is back but even less legal) technology (neat subtype, not that jaw-dropping tho) meemz (xxiamadankedgelord999666999xx1) fish (lil swimmas) smurfs (lil blu bois) equipments overused and misused hybrid and gold presidential (wow great commentary on modern society, i mean trump is a (insert edge)) I (is a letter meaning the entity that is myself and is concious and oh god whatever else) trashwalkers (im sorry fandom) enchantments atomica (i was in chemistry a bit too long...) minecraft (i can't explain, sorry fam) lies and jokes and pranks (countering peoples speech patterns) structures (artifact lands with bad rules, my favorite theme maybe) xmas (it was that time of the year) blanktime (i like compound words) fatso (food booze fatties) logos (idfk lol) trends (spinnas and bottels) pink (see orange, this is r/w hybrid) alternate loss (rekt etc) weird types (made up types) s-e-x (repopulate, breed, tap humans, you get my gist) lore cards (made for flavor) unspeakables (i guess they are writable. pretty horrible things happen in my brain) new mana types cook (my favorite mechanic, so damn nice) flippers (flip cards) lords fun crew kinds (specific crew members wanted) puppets (scary af) cycles (might be a few, i like cycles) horrible ideas (they're everywhere) isms (hate enchants) jury bench (i dont remember, but why would anyone want to?) trading ass (is a name for donkey) triple fliples (3 or more) mcds (collapsed set into here) vivoons (i love that name idk y) myrs (i like these kinda) storage (2nd best mechanic) mechanical (not mechanics, but robot things idk) keyholders (see jury bench) cool types (workers, and others) evasion (spaceflight, swimming ya) basic (not just for lands now!) avengers (i like mcu) move (useless bcus spatial dimensions don't exist silly) authors (books)

On Mass Moving Day:

yes i mean ANY day, this was a universal horror

On Weeb:

weebs arent idiots, they have 923592387498 IQ cus they watch rnm... oh wait that aint asian. poo.

On Self Harm:

i dont support it call a helper number k?

On Fartnite:

farts are gross, dont ew

On Wiggle:

maybe i could add a buff , make it a cantrip with draw card suffixed on? so it actually has a purpose

On Wiggle:

Yeah, there's an outdated thread for that on the MSE forums if you're interested:

... and also a multiverse page:

I didn't bother with the multiverse page too much since I couldn't have them have purple frames or purple mana symbols. They won't be purdy without them :(

Going back to "move" I still don't know how it would affect the creature. There aren't any battlefield ordering related mechanics in MTG after all. Is it purely on a concept level at the moment? I have trouble accessing the full cardlist of this set...

I recall trying out some "exchange/switch two target creatures" that would theoretically change their statues as in untapped, attacking, unblocked, or whatever with each other. It wasn't exactly clean though so I dropped it eventually.

On Wiggle:

I checked them out, they are very nice! Good job!

On Wiggle:

purple is purdy. Well there was a small theme of movement in this set, i didn't have any eneergy to go back and make something that fit into it, so i went as simple as i could. This might be a broken cantrip combo piece, or a RANDOM SHIT card... either way fits into this set :P

I will be sure to check out your purple cards, seems cool to me!

On Wiggle:

Okay, so what does it exactly do? How does it effect the gameplay?

I'm always interested in hearing possible ideas for purple, since I've been working on and off as a side project for such a color.

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