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Strike The Earth by Vitenka

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Dwarf Fortress. Full set!

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Based upon upon land being a part of the battlefield.

The elves like to keep thins relatively static, working to a rhythm. Red likes to burn things for immediate advantage, and risks diving too deep. Black likes it when you dive too deep, and can really make life a misery when you do - but can only harass a little bit until then.

Blue tends to sneak in the back way when you're not looking. White is city-building dwarves.

The aim of the set is to promote a ground-stall somewhat; leading someone to do something drastic and kick off the horrible disaster. The first part of that works... the second bit? Not so much.

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On Dwarven Beast Tamer (reply):

If I do expand the set further, I should consider making a cycle of "Cards your opponent watches like a hawk, but out of the corner of their eye so as to not tip you off"

I wonder why official design never explored this as an answer to the whole "I forgot about that, ugh." problem?

On Strike The Earth (reply):

So ... all done barring the artwork.

Who wants to try and make a boat-murdered theme deck?

On Limestone Deposit (reply):

Hmmm, not sure I can fix an overly weak design by adding more weak cards.

And not sure I can trust myself to not accidentally make the lands too good.

Right - top down time.

Craft. Evoking the sense of building stuff into other stuff as a thing that dwarves DO. In DF crafting is based mostly around stuff you dig up whilst making rooms. (Some stuff from killing things) Some dwarves and it improves the quality of things you can make anyway and makes dwarves happier.

Mechanically - it needs to be a cycle of cheap support commons, and in keeping with the rest of the set wants to aim at about 4th pick in every other set desirability wise.

Crafting is SO flavourful it deserves a keyword - but at this point that keyword only lives on these 5 cards so it doesn't need to be a mechanical one.

It also needs to support the "Put your lands into the graveyard", or some other set of cards needs to do so, because right now the hate triggers don't happen enough.

Yeah, ok, writing it all out like that it's pretty clear I'm trying to hang too much on a single mechanic - I need to split it up, and the 'lands into your graveyard' part isn't a bad plan.

On Strike The Earth (reply):

Since there'll certainly need to be tweaks made: Here's a note from QQs use of Stifle to kill fetchlands. Blue doesn't get to destroy your lands directly - but it does get to turn them into islands and trick you into killing them yourself.

Note: The skeleton view is the best view for the whole set. Unaddressed comments is the best view for what is being worked on.

On Cinnabar Strike (reply):

I choose this member of the cycle to highlight it exists.

On Demon of Armok (reply):

The only flying creature in the set. (Though blue gets a mass-jump)

On Scary Mask (reply):

I randomly pick this one to highlight the cycle. They interact with the minerals. Slightly fiddly way to do it, but should still be ok (though clunkily worded) outside of the set.

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Artifact – Mineral
When Limestone Deposit enters the battlefield, sacrifice a land.
{t}: Add {w} to your mana pool.
{t}:Craft into Vigilance (Exile this attached to the next permanent you cast this turn. It gains Vigilance. Draw a card.)
last 2020-11-12 11:24:46 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Ape
When another creature enters play, sacrifice Congress of Bonobos and put three 1/1 white monkey tokens into play.
last 2020-11-12 09:53:03 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Vampire
When Master of Desolation enters the battlefield, destroy target non-artifact creature.
Whenever a land is destroyed you may return Master of Desolation to your hand.
last 2018-08-22 16:35:00 by Vitenka
Artifact Creature – Spike Wall
Flash, Defender, First strike (Upright Spear can be cast at any time you could cast an instant, cannot attack, and hits first)
A surprisingly complex stick.
last 2016-01-14 10:54:01 by Vitenka
Artifact Creature – Cat
Grey. Somewhat ogrish.
last 2016-01-12 13:50:11 by Vitenka (unsigned)

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On Limestone Deposit:

How do you exile this attached to something that doesn't exist yet and very well might never exist? Attaching is best used for permanents anyway, exiled cards can be associated in looser ways avoiding the keyword action.

When do you draw the card? Immediately or as you get/cast the permanent? Too many moving parts.

If I had to make a suggestion without new rules tech, I'd say:

{t}: Craft vigilance into a permanent that entered the battlefield this turn. Draw a card. (To craft this, exile it. That permanent has vigilance as long as this remains exiled.)

I could tinker with this wording to remove the "as long as this remains exiled", but we've come a long way, so:

{t}, Sacrifice ~: Put a vigilance counter on target permanent. Draw a card.

But we can do better and more flavorful than that yet:

{t}: Process ~. (Merge this underneath a permanent that entered the battlefield this turn, losing this ability.)

Ignoring the "craft" aspect the weakness of this design is that you cannot fix mana with it. It should have a generic cost, so sacrificing a land to get out of color screw seems more of a prospect.

Maybe sacrificing the land could be an alternate cost though, so it's like ramp in a color you already have, but fixing mana in a pinch also. Would cost more to cast with mana then.

Thematically that would be the difference between importing ore and mining it yourself.

On Congress of Bonobos:

Ape turns into Monkeys...

On Strike The Earth:

Consider Masterful Engravings as a possible

On Master of Desolation:

Swap this wuith Arnok; which wants to be rare, while this wants to be uncommon.

On Upright Spear:

Damn; good catch.

It kinda is now. It used to be wither; which made it black enough. But now it's purely defensive trap, and not even a very good one. Needs a rethink.

On Congress of Bonobos:

There shouldn't be an apostrophe. I don't think the name is meant to be possessive.

On Upright Spear:

(Without observing the rest of the set:) This is a white card, isn't it?

On Strike The Earth:

Oh; also - a lot of the land-destruction-punishment got shifted off to the putative next set in the block; Llanowar Burned

On Porcelain Cat:
on 2016-01-12 13:50:11 by Vitenka (unsigned):

Was 2/2 first strike; I think.

On Strike The Earth:
on 2016-01-12 13:47:36 by Vitenka (unsigned):

Man; I'd forgotten about this set :)

Assuming you're talking the lack of big-black "You delved too deep, now die!"?

It needs to be a little bit more than just that kind of thing - I want to have more things that flip from good to bad; based primarily on how much you've sacrificed.

Part of the problem with coming up with a way of doing it is that the flavour of such things is very black - but it actually wants to be {g/w} because it's punishing the black player.

Still; there are some cards added to support the theme A Straighter Road, Amethyst Man, Demon of Armok, Fear of the Dark, Master of Desolation, Soul Channel, Tunnel Skeleton.

So there are lots of cards that care about number of lands in graveyards, and punish opponents for having too many. Including at common - so it looks like it's a supported theme. But it won't play that way?

Maybe I just don't have enough support to encourage dumping lands into graveyards. (The 'craft into' cycle being, to put it politely, rubbish; is probably a large part of that; they were meant to be the cross-colour support for the theme.)

Red doesn't seem to get any 'punish' - preferring, instead, to blow up its own lands. (Making a {r/b} deck on the theme very viable) Green, oddly; also doesn't really punish - maybe that needs a fix? It has a lot of 'return lands to play' and some (untemplated) landfall which is nice (and a nice variant on the deck, I guess) but maybe it needs more ability to return opponents lands to play too.

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