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CardName: Harsh Reality Cost: {1}{U/B} Type: Instant Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: ({U/B} can be paid with either {U} or {B}.) Target creature spell gains "When this creature enters the battlefield, sacrifice it." Flavour Text: “I’m sorry dear, that old story was only a legend.” Set/Rarity: Temporal Cascade Uncommon

Harsh Reality
({u/b} can be paid with either {u} or {b}.)
Target creature spell gains "When this creature enters the battlefield, sacrifice it."
“I’m sorry dear, that old story was only a legend.”
Illus. Marius Bota
Updated on 28 Jun 2018 by Tahazzar


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2017-09-21 16:43:48: Tahazzar created and commented on the card Harsh Reality

I'm inn agreement this doesn't seem right in blue's slice even if the result is ultimately similar to Remove Soul. Also even Doom Blade had a restriction.

That first statement seems subjective. To me it's quite whatever: I would be fine if this is just mono-{b}.

"Nonblack" restriction is the remnant of alpha and has basically been done with. Also, like all counterspells this has the "opportunity cost" which, I think, is generally higher than the "nonblack" restriction anyway.

And Murder costs more than Doom Blade. I may be wrong, but I think Murder was added because Doom Blade was too good, and 2 cost hard removal was being pushed to 3. Mentioned in the thread, the closest mono-black card still had a restriction (although Cradle to the Grave was printed before Doom Blade). As people pointed out in the thread, the hybridity allows blue to get around "can't be countered" clauses in a consistently cheaper fashion than they normally could.

Mmmm... 2 cost is too good for flat removal; but this means you have to have the mana up right now; you can't say "My turn? Untap, murder." So maybe 2 is a valid sweetspot? It's very very very good though.

While this might get around "can't be countered" it doesn't nullify ETB / "dies" abilities (ie. the abilities you are usually very glad to get rid of with counterspells).

In most cases this will play like a bad Essence Scatter (worse since ETB abilities / "dies" abilities are quite numerous these days) so unless Remove Soul is too good, this isn't even that great.

It's quite splashable. Should test for {u/b}{u/b}, but I suppose the set is not there yet anyway.

I guess - I don't feel it's necessary but depends.

The set is further than it might seem here:

> http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/node/13303

The files there are still downloadable from that post btw, but getting all those templates might be a hassle.

Anyways, as I might have said elsewhere, all the sets of this "Time Spiral 2" block have no attempts or consideration for limited as far as archetypes and such go. So in that way they aren't that far from just another "card dump" though they thematically may fit into the supposed set they are mimicking. For example, this set is lacking higher level themes that would make the cards relate to each other beyond just being "Future Sight"-esque.

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