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CardName: Challenge # 040 Cost: Type: Challenge Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Design a Plane card. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Design Challenge None

Challenge # 040
Design a Plane card.
Created on 21 May 2012 by ttt3142

History: [-]

2012-05-21 17:46:13: ttt3142 created the card Challenge # 040

How appropriate! I don't know Planechase that well, but I'll peruse existing planes and see if I can come up with something.

I designed The Hallowed Halls. I actually don't play multiplayer often, but I imagine this might create some interesting situations. Or everyone might just name the colour of the player that's clearly winning.

Hmm... the real trick would be to use a Plane that wizards has not yet. I think every plane in Alara, except Bant, is open. Theorhettically, There are 1,000 more planes in Rabiah that one can design. I'll have to think more on this.

Also, I will have to complete my Archenemy work, so that someday I can compile this madness as well. Noted to myself. Very far down the road, though. I may wait until Alex finishes finding a way to make these cards oversized, anyhow.

Aww, guys! Why did you have to make this challenge now? The update for Schemes and Planes is like, 1 day's work away from arriving? But I'm not going to get to do that for... aw, heck, I'll see if I can deploy it tonight. (Sneak preview.) :)

(To jmg: Bant, Naya and Grixis are taken so far. Jund and Esper may well be appearing in Planechase 2012, but they're fair game until those cards are previewed :) )

Jund IS previewed. It gives all creatures Devour 5, though I forget what the {c} ability is. I think it was one of the first spoiled.

OK, plane support is rolled out, in a slightly buggy way. At the moment you'll have to specify Plane frame in the dropdown at the top - it doesn't autodetect based on the type box. Things like that should be coming in the next few days.

Whee! Decided to put New Mirrodin on the map before trekking off into established Wizards Worlds. Be back with one of those soon.

Everyone was making planes based on sets they're doing, so I thought I should as well.

And just to make sure the pendulum wasn't entirely in the court of our custome sets, I added Icatia.

My first submission wasn't very popular, so I submit these instead: Ornithopter Factory and The Great Machine.

I added Day.

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