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CardName: Mind the Webs Cost: 2G Type: Sorcery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Target player puts two 1/2 green Spider creature tokens with reach onto the battlefield. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Design Challenge Common

Mind the Webs
Target player puts two 1/2 green Spider creature tokens with reach onto the battlefield.
Updated on 5 Jun 2019 by Alex

History: [-]

Created for Challenge # 023 from Mind Rot. Tokens seem natural for green or white, but the cost 2C means that two 1/1s at sorcery speed would be a lot worse than most token spells for those colours (e.g. Sosuke's Summons, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Midnight Haunting, Raise the Alarm). I'm not sure if two 2/2s for (2)(G) is too cheap, but it seems worth a try. They're just 2/2s. Black does it for {2}{b}{b} in Moan of the Unhallowed, but that's got flashback as well, which usually bumps up the cost a bit.

This challenge was strangely difficult, wasn't it? Tight cycles seemed like they'd be easier to design than loose cycles, but it's clear that the restriction can sometimes be over-bearing. Two grizzly bears for {2}{g} is probably too good. I have it set at {3}{g} in Magic 20xx, and it's a solid 4th or 5th pick, and is sometimes better than a 4/4 for 4... depending if you're planning on attacking or blocking, or if you need multiple creatures to take advantage of Crusade style effects. Something to notice about Moan of the Unhallowed is that it is an uncommon... and it is possible that black is becoming the new white...

Yeah, I agree this isn't really a common. Perhaps it should just be "Two target creatures each get +2/+2 UEOT", like a split Monstrous Growth.

Add the words "Up to" and that is as {2}{g} a card as I have heard. I kind of like Mind the Bears (and double for the name), but if it hit my development team, I'd try to have it killed. 2/1s aren't as obtrusive, though, if you think that would work better.

2, 2/2 "The Bears" tokens, surely?

How about 1/2? Spider Spawning seems to have made 1/2 tokens popular suddenly, and they're much more green than 2/1, and I agree two 1/1s is pretty bad and two 2/2s is way too good[1].

I agree two +2/+2 effects is a good idea too. Probably a better idea, although I like the bears :)

[1] I could see uncommon GGG two 2/2s, that would fit green's GRRAH CREATURES philosophy, but I don't think 2G for 2x2/2 can be the baseline.

Hmm. Two 1/2s would be much fairer. That's closer to the original card, so I'll go with that, as I don't really like sorcery-speed pump although I do acknowledge it has a place.

2011-11-27 00:28:23: Alex edited Mind the Webs
2011-11-27 00:28:37: Alex edited Mind the Webs:

two 2/2s -> two 1/2s with reach

Pretty much printed! As Twin-Silk Spider. That's more blinkable, but basically the same card as this, so I'm claiming it :3

Nice! Same cost, too.

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