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I moved all my cards to this set, but now I can't go to the edit page for any of them. Some kind of bug I guess?

Yep, sorry about that - a bug for cards moved out of a cardset that's since been deleted. Now fixed. My apologies.

Ok, no problem, thanks for working on it :)

Hey how do you make someone an admin?

I thought everyone might find this interesting, but I didn't know where else to put this: a Gatecrash Infographic.

Just a quick question? If I see a card I like should I make a copy for my set or move the card?

Well, if it's your card; either works fine.

If someone else created it, though, I suggest copying it; it'd be polite to link back to the original.

Ok and I link back to the original by using the create a card related to < card > option right?

Yeah. That just creates a comment linking to the original, but it's the easiest way. It's polite to leave a comment on the original card linking to the new one and saying "thank you" too.

I thought there was a character limit for names. I also notice that while you seem to have scrubbed the URLs from the comment, they're still in the name field.

There wasn't a character limit. There is now.

on 03 Mar 2015 by Some of knights and dragons hack these :

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Vitenka's right, that last spam is hilarious enough that I'm leaving it here. Mobile gaming is a raccoon named Aby?

I would support 'Some of Knights and Dragons Hack These' if it was on Kickstarter.

I notice, these spam comments have an "X" next to them, but when I click it, I don't get an error but they don't go away...? I can delete my comments, I think.

on 30 Mar 2015 by Alex testing the captcha system:

Okay, captcha system is now in place for non-signed-in users. Hopefully that ought to stem the spam tide.

Oh, cool! I like the "what is the power/damage of this card", that's thematic, and trivial for most humans (though there really should be a screen reader/audio alternative if there isn't already) especially if they know what multiverse is.

And you could extend it, say "in order to comment, you need to know the power of Runeclaw Bear, in order to create a card you need to know the power of X when it's attacking and Y is on the battlefield and its P/T swapped by Z..." :) (Don't actually do that.)

It is a little annoying that I'm having to serve the images via Wizards' Gatherer database, because that's often down. was a rather more reliable and faster site, but Wizards shut it down :/ But hopefully even if the images don't load most people who have anything to say will be able to recognise (or failing that know somewhere to look up) the card names, though, which is the approach I'm hoping to get away with for screen reader compatibility too.

Yeah, that seems like a reasonable compromise. I didn't remember the card name was in the link, given that, at least anyone CAN figure it out (and they can always sign up, most people do).


Froggychum hereby claims dominion over all Frog cards in this set, they will be treated as tribute to his most RIBBITNESS... All who oppose will be fed fried frog legs until they either explode or catch a fatal disease from the undercooked "M33T"


It won't let me to add a new card (I tried both using the import form and the normal add card form; neither worked). I wanted to add:

­{?} World Enchantment ;; Auras have persist.

Is it because I didn't put the name? I was hoping to add a card without specifying the name, because I don't know what name and mana cost to put.

No name worked ok for me. Did it give an error message?

I'd try logging out and in again (just in case). Then creating a card with normal name and mana cost and seeing if that works, then editing it.

I didn't have a problem with other cards, but this specific one somehow doesn't work (even after logging out and logging in again).

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