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Creature – Angel
Whenever Serra Saviour attacks alone, you may tap target creature with toughness 2 or less.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you untapped a creature that dealt no combat damage last turn this turn, put a 1/1 white Human creature token onto the battlefield.
The people see glory in her wake, and they follow.
last 2016-05-02 13:46:59 by keflexxx
Put two 1/1 white Human creature tokens onto the battlefield. You gain life equal to the number of prayers made this turn.
Creature – Human Cleric
{t}, Tap an untapped Human you control: Pray.
At the beginning of each end step, if Outpost Preacher prayed this turn, you gain 2 life.
Creature – Human
Whenever a creature dies, pray.
At the beginning of each end step, if Cult Initiate prayed this turn, target player loses 2 life.
Creature – Human
When Blessed Settler enters the battlefield, you may pay {w}. If you do, pray.
When Blessed Settler dies, if it prayed, put a 1/1 colourless Spirit creature token onto the battlefield.

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On Sanctuary Conifer:
On Serra Saviour:

changed tap ability from power to toughness, made token gen max out at 1 per turn

fixes based on feedback. rules text is weird now, i'll need to think about a better way to word it

changing from power to toughness is because blinding barrier couldn't make the block, and token gen got out of hand

On Serra Saviour:

added 'alone' rider to attack trigger

ties into the lone attacker subtheme, and more explicitly nudges players towards the flavour payoff of shoving all your prayers into an angel and smashing face, then getting a bunch of new converts for your trouble

On Serra Saviour:

changed the tap trigger to only work on weenies

card was too strong, and feedback said that the card incentivised you to use the ability offensively rather than balancing that against creating untap triggers. this makes the card less powerful, balances the decision more and fits into the flavour of the angel cowing weenie humans

On Serra Saviour:

i think this is a neat way to design around the "if it dealt no combat damage last turn" rider drawback

On Serra Saviour:

was a serra angel reprint, now it's this

want a recurring human generator at uncommon, and i got rid of the last one. possibly too strong?

On The People's Champion:

the most electrifying rare in trading card entertainment

On Village Preacher:

probably going to move to uncommon, i like the card but i think it's too much for common

On Village Preacher:

maybe i can make them both use the same keyword?

On Khathran Petrifier:

brainstorming new card ideas. in a perfect world this guy would add counters, but i probably shouldn't do that

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