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Code Slot Description
­UW18 Halimar Griffin-Master Monowhite Protection, TokenMaker, FirstStrike, Lifelink
­CW28 Archangel of the Sky Ruin Monowhite Flying, Zombify
­CW01 Mirran Sunguide CMC 1 - Aggro BattleCry, Flying
­CW02 Isamaru, Hound of Konda CMC 1 - Aggro
­CW04 Doomed Traveler CMC 1 - Aggro Dies, TokenMaker, Flying
­CW05 Loam Lion CMC 1 - Aggro {g}{w}
­CW47 Stormcaller Hawk CMC 1 - Aggro Flying, Lifelink, {r}{w}, DamageToCorP
­CW06 Mother of Runes CMC 1 Protection
­CW07 Tidehollow Silencer CMC 1 Tax
­CW08 Accorder Paladin CMC 2 - Aggro BattleCry
­CW09 Meadowboon CMC 2 - Aggro Evoke, SharedPump
­CW10 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben CMC 2 - Aggro FirstStrike, Tax
­CW11 Steel Pegasus CMC 2 - Aggro Flying
­UW14 Archetype of Courage CMC 2 - Aggro FirstStrike
­CW13 Kor Trapper CMC 2 - Aggro Tap, Tax
­CW21 Raise the Alarm CMC 2 - Tokens TokenMaker
­UW03 Speaker of Faith CMC 2 Counter, Prevent
­UW15 Eight-and-a-Half-Tails CMC 2 Protection
­CW16 Telemin Master CMC 2 Tap, Tax
­CW12 Wall of Omens CMC 2 Defender
­CW17 Soulpicker CMC 3 - Aggro Evoke, TokenMaker, LTB
­CW19 Blade Splicer CMC 3 - Aggro TokenMaker, FirstStrike
­UW32 Eidolon of Countless Battles CMC 3 - Aggro CreatureCount
­CW22 Lingering Souls CMC 3 - Tokens TokenMaker, Flying, {w}{b}, Flashback
­UW20 Brimaz, King of Oreskos CMC 3 Vigilance, TokenMaker
­CW23 Hero of Bladehold CMC 4 - Aggro BattleCry, TokenMaker
­CW24 Ranger of Eos CMC 4 - Aggro Tutor
­CW25 Myr Caller CMC 4 - Aggro Convoke, TokenMaker
­CW68 Restoration Angel CMC 4 Flash, Flying, Blink
­UW29 Karmic Spirit CMC 4 Flying, Protection, Zombify
­CW26 Belfry Call CMC 5 - Tokens Flying, TokenMaker, Soultrack
­CW27 Baneslayer Angel Finisher Flying, First Strike, Lifelink, Protection
­CW67 Salvationwind Finisher Flying, Lifelink, Evoke, TokenMaker
­CW37 Akroma, Guardian Angel Finisher Convoke, Flying, FirstStrike, Vigilance, Lifelink, Protection
­CW33 Sanctify Removal CreatureRemoval
­CW34 Path to Exile Removal CreatureRemoval
­UW35 Suspension Field Removal CreatureRemoval
­CW36 Condemn Removal CreatureRemoval
­CW38 Devouring Light Removal CreatureRemoval, Convoke
­UW53 Journey's End Removal CreatureRemoval, Soultrack
­UW39 Banisher Priest Removal CreatureRemoval
­UW40 Banishing Light Removal CreatureRemoval, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­CW41 Day of Judgment Mass Removal MassRemoval
­CW42 Time of Repentance Mass Removal MassRemoval
­CW43 Hallowed Burial Mass Removal MassRemoval
­CW44 Everlight Mass Removal Evoke, MassRemoval, Flying
­CW45 Scourglass Mass Removal MassRemoval, ArtifactM
­CW46 Divine Judgment Mass Removal MassRemoval, EnchantmentM
­CW54 Dispeller's Capsule Artifact/enchanment removal ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval
­CW55 Dayhaze Artifact/enchanment removal Evoke, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval
­CW48 Honor of the Pure Anthem White, SharedPump
­UW49 Spear of Heliod Anthem SharedPump, CreatureRemoval
­CW50 Ramosian Conviction Anthem Convoke, SharedPump
­CW57 Chamber of Awakening Artifact matters ArtifactM, ArtifactCount, TokenMaker
­CW59 Ethersworn Canonist Artifact matters ArtifactM, Tax
­CW60 Tempered Steel Artifact matters ArtifactM, SharedPump
­CW61 Dispatch Artifact matters ArtifactM, CreatureRemoval
­CW64 Stoneforge Mystic Equipment matters Tutor
­CW63 Intangible Virtue Tokens matter SharedPump, Vigilance
­UW65 Glimpse Into Nyx Enchantment matters EnchantmentM, Soultrack
­CW66 Sigil of the Empty Throne Enchantment matters EnchantmentM, TokenMaker, Flying
­CW51 Bravery Aura Pump, FirstStrike
­CW75 Griffin Guide Aura Pump, Flying, Dies
­CW30 Karona's Templar LandSearch, Vigilance, Lifelink
­CW58 Ghostly Prison Tax
­UW31 Iona's Wish Soultrack
­CW52 Worship Prevent
­CW62 Momentary Blink Blink, Flashback, {w}{u}
­UW56 Luminarch Ascension TokenMaker, Flying
­CW76 Faith Reborn Dredge Recover, Dredge
­CW69 Ajani, Caller of the Pride Planeswalker Pump, Flying, FirstStrike, TokenMaker
­CW70 Elspeth, Knight-Errant Planeswalker TokenMaker, Pump, Flying, Indestructible
­CW71 Elspeth Tirel Planeswalker LifeGain, TokenMaker, MassRemoval
­CW72 Gideon Jura Planeswalker CreatureRemoval, Prevent
­CW73 Celestial Purge Enemy Hate CreatureRemoval, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, PlaneswalkerREmoval
­CW74 Worldcleanse Nonbasic hate
­UU17 Ancestral Memories Monoblue Draw
­CU01 Counterspell Counterspell Counter
­CU02 Cancel Counterspell Counter
­CU03 Dissipate Counterspell Counter
­CU04 AEtherswallow Counterspell Counter, Evoke, Flash, Flying
­CU05 Dismiss Counterspell Counter
­CU06 Force of Will Counterspell Counter
­CU13 Pact of Negation Counterspell Counter
­CU07 Essence Scatter Counterspell Counter
­CU09 Negate Counterspell Counter
­CU10 Daze Counterspell Counter
­CU12 Outsmart Counterspell Counter, Flashback
­CU72 Spell Pierce Counterspell Counter
­CU49 Miscalculation Counterspell Counter
­CU14 Mana Leak Counterspell Counter
­UU16 Overwhelm with Knowledge Counterspell Counter, GraveyardCount, Threshold
­CU31 Remand Counterspell Counter
­CU15 Convolute Counterspell Counter
­UU33 Look Down On Counterspell Counter, Dredge
­CU11 Dreambringer Card Filter Flying, Evoke, Draw
­CU20 Ponder Card Filter Draw
­CU21 Preordain Card Filter Draw
­CU22 Careful Reading Card Filter Draw, DiscardPay, Flashback
­CU23 Deranging Research Card Filter Draw, DiscardPay, {u}{r}, Flashback
­CU24 Necromantic Alchemy Card Filter Draw
­CU25 Mulldrifter Card Draw Draw, Flying, Evoke
­CU27 Courier's Capsule Card Draw Draw
­CU28 Reconsider Card Draw Draw, Flashback
­CU29 Piles of Knowledge Card Draw Draw, Dredge
­CU30 Compulsive Research Card Draw Draw, DiscardPay
­CU18 Fact or Fiction Card Draw Draw
­CU59 Message in a Bottle Card Draw Draw, {w}{u}, LifeGain
­CU34 Soulthrower Bounce Bounce, Evoke, ETB
­CU35 Savage Sprite Bounce Bounce, Flying, {g}{u}, Pump
­CU36 Repressed Memory Bounce Bounce, Dredge
­CU38 Illusionize Bounce Bounce, Flashback
­UU32 Tempo Out Bounce Bounce, GraveyardCount
­CU40 Temporal Disaster Bounce Bounce
­CU45 Cryptic Command Counter, Bounce, Tap, Draw
­UU43 Sower of Temptation Control Flying, Control
­CU44 Control Magic Control Control
­CU46 Vedalken Shackles Control Control
­CU47 Master of Etherium Artifact matters ArtifactM, ArtifactCount, SharedPump
­CU48 Chamber of Dispersion Artifact matters ArtifactM, ArtifactCount, Bounce
­CU50 Vedalken Certarch Artifact matters ArtifactM, Tap
­CU51 Silverskin Investigation Artifact matters ArtifactM, Draw
­CU53 Master Transmuter Artifact matters ArtifactM, Bounce
­CU55 Serum Tank Artifact matters ArtifactM, Draw
­CU60 Architects' Spy Saboteur draw Draw, {u}{b}, Intimidate
­CU61 Edric's Magpie Saboteur draw Draw, Flying
­CU62 Ninja of the Deep Hours Saboteur draw Draw
­CU63 Delver of Secrets CMC 1 - Tempo InstantSorceryM, Flying
­CU64 Pastbound Aven CMC 1 - Tempo Flying, Threshold
­UU42 Cephalid Trader CMC 1 Draw, DiscardPay, Threshold
­UU65 Dakra Mystic CMC 1 Draw, Mill
­CU66 Welkin Tern CMC 2 - Tempo Flying
­CU54 Wanderbrine Thief CMC 2 - Tempo Unblockable, Mill
­UU67 Riptide Investigator CMC 2 - Tempo Unblockable, Threshold, Bounce
­CU76 Snapcaster Mage CMC 2 Flash, Flashback
­CU37 Wall of Runes CMC 2 Defender, InstantSorceryM, Draw
­CU68 Vendilion Clique CMC 3 - Tempo Flying, Flying, Discard
­UU26 Belshan Monstrosity CMC 3 Threshold, Hexproof
­CU52 Frost Titan Finisher Hexproof, Tap, Tax
­UU19 Ætherling Finisher Blink, Unblockable
­CU75 Darksteel Angel Finisher Flying, Indestructible, ArtifactM
­UU56 Gitaxian Extractor Finisher Flash, Discard, Draw
­CU39 Memories of the Iquati Tutor
­UU57 Talrand, Sky Summoner InstantSorceryM, TokenMaker, Flying
­CU58 Fragile Minds Mill, GraveyardCount, Flashback
­CU41 Upheaval Bounce
­UU08 Time Sprint
­CU69 Jace Beleren Planeswalker Draw, Mill
­CU70 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Planeswalker Draw, Bounce, Mill
­CU71 Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Planeswalker Tap, Draw
­CU73 Controlled Instincts Enemy Hate Tap
­CU74 Back to Basics Nonbasic hate
­CB14 Phyrexian Obliterator Monoblack Trample
­CB38 Rain of Blood Monoblack MassRemoval, LifeGain, SwampCount
­CB02 Diregraf Ghoul CMC 1 - Aggro
­CB03 Vampire Lacerator CMC 1 - Aggro LifePay
­UB04 Bloodsoaked Champion CMC 1 - Aggro Zombify
­CB07 Duskmantle Drake CMC 2 - Aggro Flying, Undying
­CB08 Underworld Dweller CMC 2 - Aggro Intimidate, Unearth
­CB76 Nether Soul CMC 2 - Aggro Haste, Dies, Zombify
­CB05 Ripper Scarab CMC 2 Discard, DiscardPay, Edict, Unearth
­CB18 Plagued Vermin CMC 2 Deathtouch, Undying
­CB01 Soulcage Fiend CMC 3 - Aggro Dies, LifeLoss
­CB66 Geralf's Messenger CMC 3 - Aggro Undying, LifeLoss
­CB11 Esper Collector CMC 3 - Aggro Intimidate, Dies, ArtifactM
­CB42 Stinkweed Imp CMC 3 - Control Flying, Deathtouch, Dredge
­CB10 Fang Splicer CMC 3 TokenMaker, Lifelink
­CB49 Late Call CMC 3 Soultrack, TokenMaker
­CB12 Vampire Nighthawk CMC 3 Flying, Deathtouch, Lifelink
­UB09 Desecration Demon CMC 4 Flying, Edict
­CB13 Abyssal Persecutor CMC 4 Flying, Trample
­UB21 Braids, Cabal Minion CMC 4 Edict
­CB70 Patriarch of the Undead CMC 5 Undying, LifeLoss, LifeGain
­UB06 Gray Merchant of Asphodel CMC 5 LifeLoss, LifeGain
­UB17 Golgari Demon Finisher Flying, Intimidate, Dredge
­UB15 Dark Duplicant Finisher CreatureRemoval, Discard
­CB16 Sheoldred, Whispering One Finisher Edict, Zombify
­CB19 Griselbrand Finisher Flying, Lifelink, DrawForLife
­CB22 Ultimate Price Removal CreatureRemoval
­CB23 Go for the Throat Removal CreatureRemoval
­CB24 Executioner's Capsule Removal CreatureRemoval
­CB34 Restless Fate Removal CreatureRemoval, {w}{b}, Flying
­UB25 Hero's Downfall Removal CreatureRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­CB26 Eradicating Pact Removal CreatureRemoval, LifePay
­UB27 Otherworldly Souleater Removal CreatureRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval, LandRemoval, Flying, Unearth
­CB28 Dead Weight Removal Weaken
­CB29 Motivating Pain Removal Weaken, {b}{r}, Flashback
­CB30 Horror Spitter Removal ArtifactM, Sacrifice, Weaken
­CB31 Skinrender Removal Weaken
­CB33 Teysa's Edict Removal Edict, Soultrack
­CB35 Barter in Blood Removal Edict
­UB37 Toxic Deluge Mass Removal LifePay, Weaken
­CB48 Curse of Death's Hold Mass Removal Weaken
­CB39 Black Sun's Zenith Mass Removal Weaken
­CB40 Damnation Mass Removal MassRemoval
­UB41 Definitive End Mass Removal MassRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­CB47 Night's Whisper Card Advantage DrawForLife
­UB32 Read the Bones Card Advantage DrawForLife
­CB43 Dark Confidant Card Advantage DrawForLife
­UB45 Necropotence Card Advantage DrawForLife
­CB46 Phyrexian Arena Card Advantage DrawForLife
­CB51 Duress Discard Discard
­CB52 Inquisition of Kozilek Discard Discard
­CB53 Thoughtseize Discard Discard, LifePay
­UB54 Dregscape Rat Discard Discard, Unearth
­CB55 Hymn to Tourach Discard Discard
­CB56 Cabal Interrogation Discard Discard, Soultrack
­CB20 Blazing Specter Discard Flying, Haste, Discard
­CB57 Diabolic Intent Tutor Sacrifice, Tutor
­CB58 Nefarious Tutor Tutor Tutor
­CB59 Profane Tutor Tutor Tutor, {u}{b}
­CB50 Rising of a Sapling Recover Recover, {b}{g}, Flashback
­CB68 Corporeal Possession Recover ArtifactM, Recover, Stalk
­CB60 Reanimate Reanimation Zombify, LifePay
­CB61 Exhume Reanimation Zombify
­CB62 Deadly Debt Reanimation Zombify
­CB63 Zombify Reanimation Zombify
­CB64 Servitude to the Dark Realms Reanimation Zombify, Dredge
­CB65 Chamber of Empowerment Artifact matters ArtifactM, ArtifactCount, LifeLoss, LifeGain
­CB67 Ethersworn Zombie Artifact matters ArtifactM, Sacrifice, Zombify
­CB69 Blood Artist Dies, LifeLoss, LifeGain
­CB36 Parasite Blade, Blood Taker Pump, Weaken, LifeGain, LifeLoss
­CB44 Heartless Summoning
­UB71 Sorin the Avenger Planeswalker TokenMaker, Flying, Control, LifeLoss, LifeGain
­CB75 Liliana of the Veil Planeswalker Discard, DiscardPay, Edict
­CB72 Perish Enemy hate MassRemoval
­CB73 Dread of Night Enemy hate Weaken
­CB74 Undercity's Meddlings Nonbasic hate
­CR39 Flaming Scythe Monored DamageToCorP
­CR01 Goblin Guide CMC 1 - Aggro Haste
­CR02 Jackal Pup CMC 1 - Aggro
­UR04 Shivan Sparkmage CMC 1 - Aggro Pump
­CR11 Nivmagus Inspirator CMC 1 - Aggro Haste, BattleCry
­CR06 Kird Ape CMC 1 - Aggro {r}{g}
­CR07 Stormblood Berserker CMC 2 - Aggro
­UR08 Young Pyromancer CMC 2 - Aggro InstantSorceryM, TokenMaker
­CR10 Deformed Boggart CMC 2 - Aggro Intimidate
­CR09 Goblin Shortcutter CMC 2 - Aggro
­CR23 Vulshok Partner CMC 2 - Aggro FirstStrike, BattleCry
­CR21 Keldon Marauders CMC 2 - Aggro DamageToP
­CR19 Hellspark Elemental CMC 2 - Burn Trample, Haste, Unearth
­CR12 Jamuraan Inciter CMC 3 - Aggro Trample, BattleCry
­UR13 Zo-Zu the Punisher CMC 3 - Aggro DamageToP
­CR14 Chandra's Phoenix CMC 3 - Aggro Flying, Haste, Recover
­CR20 Hell's Thunder CMC 3 - Burn Flying, Haste, Unearth
­CR16 Hellrider CMC 4 - Aggro Haste, DamageToP
­CR17 Balduvian Chieftain CMC 4 - Aggro Trample, Bloodscent, ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, LandRemoval
­CR18 Zealous Conscripts CMC 5 Haste, Control
­CR70 Bogardan Crusher CMC 6 Flying, Haste, DamageToC, Ritual
­CR22 Geistflame Burn spell DamageToCorP, Flashback
­CR28 Burst Lightning Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR29 Firebolt Burn spell DamageToCorP, Flashback
­CR30 Pillar of Flame Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR31 Staggershock Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR32 Lightning Bolt Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR33 Fierce Lightning Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR40 Searing Spear Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR34 Thunder Helix Burn spell DamageToCorP, {r}{w}, LifeGain
­CR36 Volcanic Hammer Burn spell DamageToCorP
­UR35 Annihilating Fire Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR37 Char Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR38 Fireblast Burn spell DamageToCorP
­CR58 Magma Spray Burn spell DamageToC
­CR42 Flame Slash Burn spell DamageToC
­CR43 Flametongue Kavu Burn spell DamageToC
­CR44 Lava Spike Burn spell DamageToP
­CR67 Cinder's Pain Burn spell DamageToP, Flashback, {b}{r}
­UR26 Flame Rift Burn spell DamageToP
­CR45 Furyborn Fire Burn spell Bloodscent, DamageToP
­UR03 Forked Bolt Burn spell DamageDivided
­CR46 Arc Trail Burn spell DamageDivided
­CR47 Flames of the Firebrand Burn spell DamageDivided
­CR48 Breather of Pain Burn spell Bloodscent, DamageDivided
­CR25 Grim Lavamancer DamageToCorP
­CR49 Sulfuric Vortex DamageToP
­UR57 Wheel of Fortune DiscardPay, Draw
­CR52 Finisterra
­UR24 Wildfire DamageToC
­UR27 Circle of Runes InstantSorceryM, DamageToCorP
­CR66 Improvise Tutor
­CR41 End of the Interlocus DamageToP
­CR62 Sarkhan's Pets Flying, TokenMaker, Flashback
­CR51 Retrieve the Scroll InstantSorceryM, Flashback, {u}{r}
­UR50 Geists' Vengeance Dredge Dredge, DamageToCorP
­CR53 Pyretic Ritual Ritual AddMana
­CR54 Chromatic Ritual Ritual AddMana
­CR55 Priest of Nefarox Ritual AddMana, Unearth
­CR15 Roots from One's Heart Ritual AddMana, LifePay
­CR56 Wild Guess Looting DiscardPay, Draw
­CR59 Treasure Collector Looting DiscardPay, Draw
­UR60 Red Routes Looting DiscardPay, Draw
­CR61 Torch Fiend Artifact removal ArtifactRemoval
­CR63 Smash to Smithereens Artifact removal ArtifactRemoval, DamageToP
­CR64 Into the Core Artifact removal ArtifactRemoval
­UR65 Burning-Tree Demolisher Artifact/land removal ArtifactRemoval, LandRemoval
­UR68 Goblin Ruinblaster Land removal LandRemoval, DamageToP
­CR69 Pyroclasm Sweeper DamageToC
­UR71 Anger of the Gods Sweeper DamageToC
­CR72 Suffocate the Earth Sweeper DamageToC, DamageToP
­CR75 Lavaquake Sweeper DamageToC
­UR05 Chandra Passionate Planeswalker Draw, DamageToP, LandRemoval
­CR76 Koth of the Hammer Planeswalker AddMana, DamageToCorP
­CR73 Combust Enemy hate DamageToC
­CR74 Magus of the Moon Nonbasic hate
­UG49 Dungrove Elder Monogreen Hexproof, ForestCount
­CG65 Uncontrollable Vines Monogreen Regenerate, Haste, Pump
­CG01 Avacyn's Pilgrim Ramp Creature TapForMana
­CG04 Darigaaz's Druid Ramp Creature TapForMana
­CG05 Llanowar Elves Ramp Creature TapForMana
­CG07 Birds of Paradise Ramp Creature TapForMana
­CG09 Werebear Ramp Creature TapForMana, Threshold
­CG11 Llanowar Adept Ramp Creature TapForMana
­CG12 Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Ramp Creature TapForMana, ForestCount
­UG03 Sylvan Caryatid Ramp Creature TapForMana, Hexproof
­UG06 Simic Convoker Ramp Creature Convoke, TapForMana, CreatureCount
­CG46 Yavimaya Elder Ramp Spell Dies, LandTutorHand, Draw
­CG15 Sakura-Tribe Elder Ramp Spell LandTutorTapped
­CG18 Farseek Ramp Spell LandTutorTapped
­CG19 Cultivate Ramp Spell LandTutorHand, LandTutorTapped
­UG17 Wild Growth Ramp Spell AddMana
­UG21 Overgrowth Ramp Spell AddMana
­CG23 Ulvenwald Tracker Creature removal Fight
­CG25 Valiant Wolfir Creature removal Flash, Fight
­CG27 Whirlwind Flying removal MassRemoval
­CG28 Crushing Vines Flying/Artifact removal FlierCreatureRemoval, ArtifactRemoval
­CG29 Viridian Shaman Artifact removal ArtifactRemoval
­UG30 Gleeful Sabotage Artifact/Enchantment removal ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval
­UG32 Resilient Moldbeast Artifact/Enchantment removal ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, Undying
­UG34 Acidic Slime Noncreature removal Deathtouch, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval
­CG24 Civilization Crumbling Land removal LandRemoval, {r}{g}
­CG26 Beast Within Removal ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­CG14 Saidah, Joraga Hunter CMC 1 Trample
­CG36 Wild Nacatl CMC 1 {r}{g}{w}
­CG37 Jund Painfeeder CMC 1 Trample, Bloodscent, Pump
­CG02 Kalonian Tuskcaller CMC 1
­CG45 Young Wolf CMC 1 Undying
­UG38 Gruul Forcemage CMC 2 Bloodscent, Pump
­CG39 Strangleroot Geist CMC 2 Haste, Undying
­CG40 Tarmogoyf CMC 2 GraveyardCount
­CG41 Ambush Viper CMC 2 Flash, Deathtouch
­CG48 Desmera's Seer CMC 2 Draw
­UG35 Plant CMC 3 TokenMaker, Sacrifice, Recover
­CG47 Champion of Lambholt CMC 3 ETB, Pump
­CG42 Dryad of Abundance CMC 3 Dies, Draw
­CG50 Nessian Protector CMC 3 Vigilance, {g}{w}, Protection
­CG16 Simic Birth CMC 3 Hexproof, {g}{u}, Flashback, TokenMaker
­UG52 Courser of Kruphix CMC 3 Draw, LifeGain
­UG44 Innerflame Nantuko CMC 3 Trample, Haste, Threshold, TokenMaker
­CG51 Kamahl's Call CMC 4 TokenMaker, Threshold
­CG53 Thrun, the Last Troll CMC 4 Hexproof, Regenerate
­CG54 Spiders' Carrion CMC 4 TokenMaker, Reach, {b}{g}, GraveyardCount
­CG55 Kessig Cagebreakers CMC 5 TokenMaker, GraveyardCount
­CG56 Thragtusk CMC 5 LifeGain, Dies, TokenMaker
­CG58 Wolfir Silverheart CMC 5 Pump
­CG57 Titania, Maro-Sorcerer CMC 6+ Flash, Convoke, SharedPump
­CG59 Primeval Titan CMC 6+ Trample, LandTutorTapped
­CG61 Avenger of Zendikar CMC 6+ TokenMaker, SharedPump
­UG62 Terastodon CMC 6+ TokenMaker, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­UG63 Sage's Temple CMC 6+ Convoke, Vigilance, Draw, CreatureCount
­CG60 Primordial Hydra CMC X Pump, Trample
­CG43 Fauna Shaman Creature search DiscardPay, CreatureTutor
­CG66 Chord of Calling Creature search Convoke, CreatureTutor
­CG67 Tooth and Nail Creature search CreatureTutor
­CG13 Genesis Wave Draw
­CG68 Life from the Loam Dredge Recover, Dredge
­CG69 Rancor Aura Trample, Pump, Recover
­CG70 Wildheight Aura TokenMaker, Trample
­CG71 Yavimaya Auramancer Enchantment matters Hexproof, Pump
­UG72 Eidolon of Blossoms Enchantment matters Indestructible, Draw
­UG20 Curse of Predation SharedPump
­CG64 Sliver Infestation TokenMaker, Threshold, SharedPump
­CG33 Mirari's Essence SharedPump, AddMana
­CG10 Eternal Witness Recover
­CG31 Witness of Atrocities Bloodscent, Recover
­CG73 Garruk Relentless Planeswalker DamageToC, TokenMaker, DeathTouch, Sacrifice, CreatureTutor, SharedPump, Trample, GraveyardCount
­CG75 Garruk Wildspeaker Planeswalker AddMana, TokenMaker, SharedPump, Trample
­CG76 Garruk, Primal Hunter Planeswalker TokenMaker, Draw, LandCount
­CG08 Great Sable Stag Enemy hate Protection
­CG22 Swimming Boa Enemy hate Draw
­CG74 Snow-Covered Landscape Nonbasic hate
­CM03 Artificial Signaler {w}{u} Flying, Indestructible, SharedPump
­CM01 Geist of Saint Traft {w}{u} Hexproof, Flying
­CM02 Drogskol Reaver {w}{u} Flying, FirstStrike, Lifelink, Draw
­UM05 Deny {w}{u} ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, Draw
­UM04 Glasskite Essence {w}{u} Flying, Hexproof
­CM06 Sphinx Summoner {u}{b} Flying, Tutor, ArtifactM
­CM07 Gorael, Jealous Sphinx {u}{b} Flying, Hexproof, Lifelink, LifeLoss
­CM08 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas {u}{b} Draw, LifeLoss, ArtifactM, ArtifactCount
­CM09 Necromantic Teachings {u}{b} Draw, DiscardPay, Zombify
­CM10 Contest of Wills {u}{b} Counter, Dredge
­CM14 Grixis Phoenix {b}{r} Flying, Unearth
­CM11 Olivia Voldaren {b}{r} Flying, DamageToC, Pump, Control
­CM15 Occultist of Bolas {b}{r} FirstStrike, LifePay, DamageToCorP
­CM12 Blightning {b}{r} Discard, DamageToP
­CM13 Stonekiller's Rage {b}{r} ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, LandRemoval
­CM18 Battle Mammoth {r}{g} Trample
­UM17 Naya Flamedancer {r}{g} Vigilance, Haste, DamageToP
­CM16 Huntmaster of the Fells {r}{g} TokenMaker, LifeGain, DamageToCandP
­CM20 Overwhelming Titan {r}{g} FirstStrike, Fight
­CM19 Reborn from Ashes {r}{g} LandRemoval, DamageToP, DamageToC, Ramp
­CM21 Qasali Pridemage {g}{w} Pump, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval
­CM22 Loxodon Smiter {g}{w}
­CM24 Sigarda's Assistance {g}{w} TokenMaker
­CM23 Glare of Subdual {g}{w} Tap
­CM25 Akrasan Enchantress {g}{w} EnchantmentTutor
­UM26 White Lady {w}{b} Flying, ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval
­UM27 Aerial Takeover {w}{b} TokenMaker, Flying, Discard
­UM28 Oligarchic Inheritance {w}{b} Draw, LifeGain, Soultrack
­UM29 Pernicious Deed {b}{g} MassRemoval
­CM30 Debitum Naturae {b}{g} Sacrifice, LifeLoss, LifeGain, TokenMaker
­UM31 Dark Master of the Hunt {b}{g} Dies, TokenMaker, Undying
­CM32 Kiora, Caller of Behemoths {g}{u} Unblockable, Vigilance, Draw, AddMana
­CM33 Edric, Spymaster of Trest {g}{u} Draw
­UM34 Arixmethes, the Lost City {g}{u} GraveyardCount, Fight
­CM35 Explosive Mistake {u}{r} Counter, DamageToCorP, Flashback
­CM36 Dangerous Inspirations {u}{r} Tutor, Looting
­CM37 Crixizix, Master Engineer {u}{r} InstantSorceryM, DamageToCorP
­UM39 Boros Troops {r}{w} TokenMaker, BattleCry
­CM38 Avacynian Cathar {r}{w} Haste, Unblockable, Blink
­CM40 Duty-Bound Phoenix {r}{w} Flying, Dies, DamageToP, Zombify
­UM41 Speaker of the Blessed Caste {g}{w}{u} Lifelink, Hexproof, Pump, Flying, Draw
­UM42 Overpower {w}{u}{b} Flash, Flying, CreatureRemoval, ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval, Counter, Discard
­UM43 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker {u}{b}{r} ArtifactRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval, PlaneswalkerRemoval, LifeLoss, Edict, Discard
­UM44 Jund's Hungry Grounds {b}{r}{g} Sacrifice, Zombify, DamageToC, TokenMaker
­UM45 Attack of the Twinclaws {r}{g}{w} TokenMaker, FirstStrike, Haste, BattleCry, Vigilance
­CM46 Keeper of the Guildpact {w}{u}{b}{r}{g} Protection, Tutor
­CH02 Judge's Familiar {w/u} Flying, Counter
­CH04 Windwright Sage {w/u} Flying, ArtifactM, ETB
­UH01 Drowned Geist {w/u} Bounce
­UH05 Godhead of Respect {w/u} HHHHH Flying
­UH03 Æther Capsule {w/u}
­CH08 Oona's Dreamtricker {u/b} Flying, Hexproof, Discard
­CH10 Ghastlord of Oblivion {u/b} HHHHH Unblockable, Mill
­CH06 Oona, Queen of the Fae {u/b} Flying, Mill, TokenMaker
­CH09 Fabricate {u/b} ArtifactTutor
­CH07 Overthink {u/b} Dredge
­CH13 Rakdos Cackler {b/r}
­CH11 Hunter of Hopes {b/r} DamagetoCorP, Unearth
­UH12 Skaab Necromancer {b/r} Unearth, Zombify
­CH15 Demigod of Hatred {b/r} HHHHH Flying, Haste, DamageToC
­CH14 Curse of the Extinguisher {b/r} Weaken
­UH17 Goblin Caller {r/g} Haste, TokenMaker
­UH19 Gateless Raider {r/g} Bloodscent, LandRemoval
­CH16 Boggart Ram-Gang {r/g} Haste
­CH20 Deus of Calamity {r/g} HHHHH LandRemoval, Trample
­CH18 Shatterstorm {r/g} ArtifactRemoval
­UH25 Dryad Militant {g/w}
­CH21 Kitchen Finks {g/w} LifeGain, Dies
­CH23 Protective Ash {g/w} Flash, Regenerate, LifeGain
­CH22 Bastion's Defense {g/w} TokenMaker, Convoke
­CH24 Maelstrom Guardian {g/w} {w}{u}{b}{r}{g}, Vigilance, Trample
­CH29 Soldier of Light and Shadow {w/b} Soldier of Protection, LifeGain, Recover
­CH28 Moorland Exorcist {w/b}
­CH26 Loyal Warden {w/b} Lifelink, Zombify, Flying
­CH30 Divinity of Grace {w/b} HHHHH Flying, Lifelink, Prevent
­CH27 Punish the Insolent {w/b} CreatureRemoval, Soultrack
­CH33 Deathrite Shaman {b/g}
­CH34 Soldier of Feast and Famine {b/g} Soldier of Protection, AddMana, Discard
­UH31 Golgari Deathtwister {b/g} Sacrifice, AddMana, Recover
­CH35 Deity of Eternity {b/g} HHHHH Undying, Recover
­CH32 Cremate {b/g}
­CH36 Sturdyscale Snake {g/u} Hexproof, Threshold
­UH39 Soldier of Body and Mind {g/u} Soldier of Protection, TokenMaker, Mill
­UH40 Frogmancer {g/u}
­CH37 Snake Instinct {g/u} Draw, Mill
­CH38 Natural Intuition {g/u} Draw
­UH45 Blistercoil Regular Guy {u/r} InstantSorceryM
­CH44 Soldier of Fire and Ice {u/r} Soldier of Protection, Draw, DamageToCorP
­CH42 Fire {u/r} DamageDivided, Tap
­UH41 Flow of Imagination {u/r} InstantSorceryM, Flashback
­UH43 Archaeomancer's Will {u/r} Recover
­CH46 Figure of Destiny {r/w} Flying, FirstStrike
­UH49 Soldier of War and Peace {r/w} Soldier of Protection, LifeGain, DamageToP
­CH47 Goblin Wardriver {r/w} BattleCry
­UH50 Boros Reckoner {r/w} DamageToCorP, FirstStrike
­CH48 Guide of Convictions {r/w} FirstStrike
­CA01 Apostle's Blessing Phyrexian mana W spell LifePay, Protection
­CA02 Porcelain Legionnaire Phyrexian mana W artifact LifePay, FirstStrike
­CA03 Gitaxian Probe Phyrexian mana U spell LifePay
­CA04 Phyrexian Metamorph Phyrexian mana U artifact LifePay, Clone
­CA05 Dismember Phyrexian mana B spell LifePay, Weaken
­CA06 Arcbound Stomper Phyrexian mana B artifact LifePay, Sacrifice, Dies, ArtifactM
­CA07 Act of Aggression Phyrexian mana R spell LifePay, Control, Haste
­CA48 Junkyard Masticore Phyrexian mana R artifact LifePay, FirstStrike, Trample, DamageToC, Regenerate, DiscardPay
­CA09 Swarm's Veil Phyrexian mana G spell LifePay
­CA10 Birthing Pod Phyrexian mana G artifact LifePay, Sacrifice, Tutor
­CA11 Pearl Amulet Mana Stone LifePay, TapForMana
­CA12 Sapphire Amulet Mana Stone LifePay, TapForMana
­CA13 Jet Amulet Mana Stone LifePay, TapForMana
­CA14 Ruby Amulet Mana Stone LifePay, TapForMana
­CA15 Emerald Amulet Mana Stone LifePay, TapForMana
­CA16 Mox Diamond Mana Stone DiscardPay, TapForMana
­CA18 Azorius Signet Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA19 Dimir Signet Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA20 Orzhov Signet Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA21 Mind Stone Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA22 Sphere of the Suns Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA23 Pristine Talisman Mana Stone TapForMana, LifeGain
­CA24 Palladium Myr Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA25 Grim Monolith Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA26 Thran Dynamo Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA29 Everflowing Chalice Mana Stone TapForMana
­CA30 Lotus Petal AddMana
­CA31 Mishra's Ring Artifact matters ArtifactM, TapForMana
­CA32 Etched Champion Artifact matters ArtifactM, Protection
­CA33 Steel Overseer Artifact matters ArtifactM, SharedPump
­UA34 Junk Scavenger Artifact matters ArtifactM, ETB, Recover
­CA35 Amphibit Artifact matters ArtifactM
­CA36 Iron Flier Artifact matters ArtifactM, Flying
­CA37 Cranial Plating Artifact matters ArtifactM, ArtifactCount, Pump
­CA38 Bonesplitter Equipment Pump
­CA39 Grafted Wargear Equipment Pump
­CA40 Basilisk Collar Equipment Deathtouch, Lifelink
­CA41 Sword of Vengeance Equipment Pump, FirstStrike, Vigilance, Trample, Haste
­CA08 Runechanter's Pike Equipment GraveyardCount, FirstStrike
­UA65 Moonsilver Spear Equipment FirstStrike, TokenMaker, Flying
­CA43 Batterskull Equipment Pump, Lifelink
­CA46 Perilous Myr CMC 2 Dies, DamageToCorP
­CA27 Aerial Scout CMC 2 Flying, LandTutorHand
­CA66 Solemn Simulacrum CMC 4 LandTutorTapped, Dies
­CA47 Lodestone Golem CMC 4 Tax
­UA67 Precursor Golem CMC 5 TokenMaker
­CA49 Steel Hellkite CMC 6 Flying, MassRemoval
­UA28 Wurmcoil Engine CMC 6 Lifelink, Deathtouch, Dies, TokenMaker
­CA50 Myr Battlesphere CMC 7 TokenMaker, Pump, DamageToP
­CA51 Sundering Titan CMC 8 LandRemoval
­CA54 Oblivion Stone MassRemoval
­CA55 All Is Dust MassRemoval
­CA44 Smokestack
­CA56 Crystal Ball Draw
­CA57 Millstone Mill
­UA58 New Phyrexian Vault Sacrifice, Draw
­UA42 Spawning Pit Sacrifice, TokenMaker
­CA69 Mimic Vat Dies, TokenMaker
­CA59 Sphere of Resistance Tax
­UA45 Thorn of Amethyst Tax
­CA53 Tumble Magnet Tax
­CA17 Tangle Wire Tax
­UL52 Possessed Portal Edict, Discard
­CA60 Karn Liberated Discard, ArtifactRemoval, CreatureRemoval, EnchantmentRemoval, LandRemoval
­CA61 Scrabbling Claws
­CA62 Grafdigger's Cage
­UA63 Stupor Orb
­CA64 Pithing Needle
­UA68 Voidstone
­CL01 Flooded Strand Fetch land
­CL02 Polluted Delta Fetch land
­CL03 Bloodstained Mire Fetch land
­CL04 Wooded Foothills Fetch land
­CL05 Windswept Heath Fetch land
­CL06 Marsh Flats Fetch land
­CL07 Verdant Catacombs Fetch land
­CL08 Misty Rainforest Fetch land
­CL09 Scalding Tarn Fetch land
­CL10 Arid Mesa Fetch land
­CL11 Hallowed Fountain Shock land
­CL12 Watery Grave Shock land
­CL13 Blood Crypt Shock land
­CL14 Stomping Ground Shock land
­CL15 Temple Garden Shock land
­CL16 Godless Shrine Shock land
­CL17 Overgrown Tomb Shock land
­CL18 Breeding Pool Shock land
­CL19 Steam Vents Shock land
­CL20 Sacred Foundry Shock land
­CL21 Glacial Fortress Tap land
­CL22 Drowned Catacomb Tap land
­CL23 Dragonskull Summit Tap land
­CL24 Rootbound Crag Tap land
­CL25 Sunpetal Grove Tap land
­CL26 Isolated Chapel Tap land
­CL27 Woodland Cemetery Tap land
­CL28 Hinterland Harbor Tap land
­CL29 Sulfur Falls Tap land
­CL30 Clifftop Retreat Tap land
­CL31 Celestial Colonnade Man land Flying, Vigilance
­CL32 Creeping Tar Pit Man land Unblockable
­CL33 Lavaclaw Reaches Man land
­CL34 Raging Ravine Man land
­CL35 Stirring Wildwood Man land Reach
­CL67 Golden Metropolis Hand land
­CL37 Twilight Lagoon Hand land
­CL38 Burning Lair Hand land
­CL39 Dinosaur Jungle Hand land
­CL40 Invigorating Meadow Hand land
­CL41 Desolate Fog Hand land
­CL42 Unnatural Grove Hand land
­CL43 Circular Horizons Hand land
­CL44 Kingdoms of the Shah Hand land
­CL45 Thunderous Battlefield Hand land
­CL46 Rishadan Deck Mono activated (W) Tax
­CL47 Mirage Desert Mono activated (W) Prevent
­UL48 Nephalia Seagraf Mono activated (U) Mill
­CL49 Quicksilver Shore Mono activated (U) AddMana, ArtifactM
­CL50 Dakmor Salvage Mono activated (B) Dredge, Mill
­CL51 Volrath's Stronghold Mono activated (B) Recover
­CL52 Teetering Peaks Mono activated (R) Pump
­UL53 Dry Ruins Mono activated (R) LandRemoval
­CL54 Treetop Village Mono activated (G) Trample
­CL55 Llanowar Cradle Mono activated (G) CreatureCount
­CL56 City of Brass Multicolor LifePay
­CL58 Mirrodin's Core Multicolor
­CL59 Thran Quarry Multicolor
­CL60 Reflecting Pool Multicolor
­CL57 Crystal Vein Other
­CL61 Ancient Tomb Other LifePay
­CL62 Temple of the False God Other LandCount
­CL63 Mishra's Factory Other
­CL64 Strip Mine Other LandRemoval
­CL65 Quicksand Other Weaken
­CL66 Tomb of Tuktuk Other TokenMaker
­CL36 Contested War Zone Other SharedPump

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