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Flavor is something I really only consider with top-down designs, so most of my designs lack flavor. Sometimes people ask what the flavor of one my designs is supposed to be. This list will contain the cards in Ulaqat that have some form of basis for flavor and a brief description of that flavor.

­Guard Circle- Muskox protecting their young Image ­Hunter's Celebration- Self-explanatory ­Migrating Pair- Migrating birds, self-explanatory. Card may not accurately depict migration. ­Nulun's Falsifier- Priest corrupting the tenets of faith to preach a version of the religion more in line with the priest's views than those of the religion ­White Death- Death via blizzard ­Battering Winds- Winter winds that one can feel blowing through their skull. ­Frigid Waters Shark- Greenland Shark ­Early Winter- Self-explanatory? I honestly don't remember if this was a flavorful design or not. ­Qamulek's Question- Source ­Raven's Deceit- Trickster ­Ringed Seal- Ringed Seal ­Submerging Whale- Self-explanatory ­Tentacled Titan- Colossal Squid ­Bleak End- Death of Terje Bakken ­Bone Chilling- I REALLY dislike the cold. ­Frozen Pandemic The X-Files season 1, episode 8 ­Kulku's Butchery- Kulku is a serial killer, so this kill spell is just supposed to be a signature she'd have ­Seance Structurer- Loosely based on an anecdote about shamanism in Yup'ik culture. ­Warm Thoughts- The phrase "Think Warm Thoughts" ­Zombies in the Snow- Zombies in the Snow ­Reclusive Mountain Strider- The Yeti's elusive crytpid nature ­Vicious Wolverine- A wolverine, the animal ­Bear Mask- A mask meant to invoke the power of a bear. ­Learning Pup- a child wolf learning. ­Snowball Fight- A snowball fight. Yes, people actually have these in places with snow. ­Trusty Packmate- A reliable wolf in the pack. ­Wondrous Aurora- The Northern Lights ­Kăk-whăn’-û-ghăt Kǐg-û-lu’-nǐk- Kăk-whăn’-û-ghăt Kǐg-û-lu’-nǐk ­Snowshoes- What are those ­Ulu-Ulu- a tool ­Umiak- Umiak- a boat ­Whaling Tactics- Bowhead Whale hunting ­Bitter Regret- A signature spell of Rukat the Miserable. Rukat once killed his friends to achieve their goal. Now he wonders if he the goal was worth the lives of his friends and allies. (((Living Snowman)))- Corny idea of a kid's snowman coming to life. ­Grisly Exploitation- Dead's suicide and subsequent bootleg album art ­Cold Mummifier- Loosely inspired by the Greenland mummies ­Broken-Tusk Stray- An injured animal attracting predators. ­Stalking Kigatilik- Kigatilik

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