Districts of Kestner

Districts of Kestner by Onygox

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Based on the video games Dishonored, Thief, and Darkest Dungeon. Central mechanics of darkness, light and trickery.

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Exile up to three target cards from a single graveyard. Search your library for a card and put it into your hand.
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2018-09-07 13:37:18 by Tahazzar
Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Arc Pylon deals 1 damage to target opponent.
Illus. Arkane Studios
Target creature gains deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.
Creatures you don't control lose indestructible and hexproof and can’t have or gain indestructible or hexproof.
Whenever a creature you control deals damage to another creature, you may draw a card.
last 2018-08-12 21:33:40 by Onygox
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature you control
Enchanted creature has hexproof.
{1}: Enchanted creature gets +1/-1 or -1/+1 until end of turn.
last 2018-08-11 16:31:41 by Onygox

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On Decompose In Infamy:

This looks like it could as well as be mono-{b}. Remember that "scandal" with GDS3 where {3}{b}{g} was the "more correct cost" for a Serra Angel instead of {3}{u}{w}? (Neldanc Coven) I mean, the question was specifically formed for that answer in that case, but still. It's somewhat of a policy inside WotC.

This is missing the shuffle clause btw.

On Pitiless Brawl:

@dude1818 Interesting, did not know this. Will consider it.

On Pitiless Brawl:

The template for the first ability turned out to be problematic in digital Magic. That doesn't matter here, but if you're trying to be "authentic" you might want to reword it so it's not a static ability, e.g. how Bonds of Mortality works

On Daud's Favor:

@SecretInfiltrator @Sorrow thanks for comments, did not even notice :P

On Daud's Favor:

Maybe change to "enchant creature you control"? To negate that?

On Daud's Favor:

Straight creature removal in blue?

On Ingenious Excavation:

I can see how that would fix it, but I don't want this to target players. How about "You may have..."?

I will do the self-exile thing though, that's reasonable.

On Ingenious Excavation:

Ugh, "up to one" is so ugly :(

I note the rebirth fix to this was to allow it to target a player which you can almost always do.

And yeah, this wants to self-exile and could maybe be a little cheaper.

On Ingenious Excavation:

Going by Vengeful Rebirth and Volcanic Vision, this seems somewhat weakish by comparison. Also, since it doesn't exile itself, you can keep recurring two of these with each other. I guess that does make it more powerful, but I don't think that's something you want to encourage. It's a pretty boring play pattern.

On Ingenious Excavation:

You can't cast this card if there are no creatures on the battlefield. If you are the only one with creatures, then you are forced to target one of those.

So maybe go with "~ deals X damage to up to one target creature..." instead?

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