Llanowar Burned

Llanowar Burned by Vitenka

87 cards in Multiverse

1 with no rarity, 41 commons, 23 uncommons,
11 rares, 5 mythics, 6 basics

13 white, 14 blue, 13 black, 14 red,
15 green, 1 multicolour, 5 artifact, 12 land

281 comments total

Dwarf Set 2 - The elven lands have been destroyed, and they're out for vengence. Won't be developed quickly.

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On Aelfhame (reply):

The reason for that, though, is that there is more benefit available to you for having lands in graveyards.

Still. You do have a point that these are more vulnerable than I'd originally intended. I'd mainly been thinking that these would take the land with them; but the other way round is now more likely. Hmm.

Maybe moon-logic it? Swap this to be that the land is protected until the city is destroyed (but is exploded as soon as the city is)?

On Myrror blast (reply):

This card is a weird thing. The set probably does want this ability - I've got a LOT of non-land mana makers (because you need a way to cope with the land destruction theme) - so an answer to them is a good thing.

But... white taking "make mana" as a hostile act? Really weird.

This should be black or red. (And heck, if red I can just take out the non-land bit.)

On Llanowar Burned (reply):

Rolled a few boosters; and got quite a few immediate "Ok; my plan is this" moments. Which was very nice to see. Lots of evocative synergy.

One big probnlem - wayyyyy too little land destruction. Lots of stuff that wants dead lands, that rewards you for having dead lands; that punishes opponents for having dead lands. But way too few ways to make those lands dead in the first place - including too few options to sacrifice your own lands. (I rolled one booster with three things that explicitly rewarded you for lands in graveyards, and one burned-walker; and the only land destruction it had was a single alt-cost flashback of sacrificing a swamp.)

So yeah - need to work on that. If your theme isn't at common; and all that. Need some common land destruction, and some common land sacrifice. (Previously I had intended the set 'Strike the Earth' to provide the needed destruciton; and that is a thing; but it's not a sfficient thing.)

I'm thinking the {1}{c} activation cycle could get 'sac a land' as an alt casting cost to get a few more lands into your graveyard. That and a Sylvunite temple cycle (and a rare togrant that ability to all your lands) should do. Destroying opponents lands... that is troublesome to get right. Maybe something with hoops to jump through. Like; maybe 'destroy a land if opponent has more lands than you'? Could maybe also experiment with milling lands out of decks; which is nicely usable on both opponents and yourself.

On Frayed Tempers (reply):

Memotoself: Make "Flashback – sacrifice a land." a cycle.

On Llanowar Burned (reply):

Skeleton full! First pass of course; and probably full of horriblenesses.

Along the way; I gained a minor elf vs mermaid theme; and an avatar cycle. Which.. I think might actually be one card larger than a cycle, and at wonky rarity. So about as cyclic as my cities, really. Blegh.

On Aelfhame (reply):

Well, green needs a city; and the only slot for it is rare - which is fine. Green cities sound rare.

Flavourwise; I'm thinking a moving tree-house city.

Sorry. That's a moving-tree house.

What should it do? Maybe somewhere for creatures to go lick their wounds? Gain a +1/+1 token if injured? It's been done. This is a big splashy rare - so I'll go big. Creatures like having a place to live, I guess.

On Fish for Pearls (reply):

Referencing Soldevi Serpent. Every set needs some dig, right?

On Fire Rain (reply):

I figured extreme was the direction to go :)

On Gemb, Wolfcaller (reply):

I'd just like to point at this one, again, and giggle.

On Anthracite Monolith (reply):

Well; this is a vertical cycle mainly intended for "You killed my lands, but, ok, I'm cool with that"

The design intent of the set is "Pretty much everything is 'normal' power level" (Where normal is a couple of sets ago, now)

References Anthracite Mechanism and Doorway to Anthra

On Doorway to Anthra (reply):

This vertical is mainly to let players recover after their lands get blown up. Not sure how well this (admittedly fun) card does in that role.

Also references Anthracite Monolith and Anthracite Mechanism in badwrongpun ways.

On Llanowar Insight (reply):

Was Llanowar Archer; and boy oh boy have I messed up my skeleton slots.

On Vodalian Avatar (reply):

Huh. Green get's Tsunami. Blue get's... um.. uh..

Need something signature and huge here. Maybe "All lands are islands"?

On Llanowar (reply):

Here's the signature guy. He's pissed off that his homeland is gone, and he's out to get a new one.

And his victory condition is very easy to acheive from outside the set; which is a problem. On the flip side; if you've got 8 forests, and, I dunno, Gaea's Avenger you've pretty much won, so it's probably ok.

I'm... wondering if I should use my horribad "No abilities planeswalkers" for the mythics in this set?

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I call shenanigans! deals 1 damage to target creature.
If it shares a type with at least one other creature in play, it deals 4 damage instead.
1 comment
2016-01-15 17:04:43 by Vitenka
Artifact – City
City (Attach Sanctuary City to a land you control. If either leaves play, both do.)
Non-Flying creatures cannot attack you.
Sacrifice Sanctuary City at the end of turn if you attacked that turn.
last 2020-02-17 13:33:57 by Tahazzar
Legendary Creature – Avatar
While you control 8 or more forests, Llanowar has hexproof and trample.
Illus. Jason Engle
last 2020-02-17 11:21:06 by Vitenka
Creature – Merfolk Wizard
{t}: Tap target land an opponent controls. Add mana of any colour that land can produce to your mana pool.
Illus. Nelesia
last 2020-02-11 14:15:21 by Vitenka
Legendary Creature – Witch
Players may only untap a single land during their untap phase.
last 2012-06-22 13:33:48 by Vitenka

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On Sanctuary City:

This is Teferi's Moat on steroids if you have little intention to attack until you win. Seems like a bad idea to have at uncommon if you ask me.

On Llanowar:

No; no I did not. ... my art search is obviously not good enough

On Llanowar:

You do know that's the art of Lumberknot, right?

On Undertow Mage:

Maybe this should become something completely different?

You control target land until ~ dies?

On Undertow Mage:

@dude1818: Untap, upkeep, active player may now activate Undertow Mage. If they do not, other players may then activate their lands in order to prevent future activation of Undertow Mage. Move to Pre-combat main step. Active player may activate Undertow Mage...

It may work, but it's a book-keeping nightmare. Certainly not something Arena wants to deal with.

On Undertow Mage:

Can you tap someone else's land as a cost? I thought costs had to be a thing you can pay already, not give you the ability to pay that.

Although 'sacrifice' is a bit of an outlier there, you can't just arbitrarily sacrifice stuff without an outlet... So maybe this could implicitly grant that ability?

On Undertow Mage:

I could see it as "T, Tap an untapped land an opponent control: Add ..." That way it's a mana ability, so your opponent can't respond. The only way is to not have an untapped lands, which is good for you anyway

On Undertow Mage:

Oh yeuch. Well, now we know why this isn't a mechanic already.

I don't want to allow it, because then it's your-colour mana acceleration on your own lands.
And I don't want to disallow it, because opponents will just always tap in response.

Blehhh. Fixing this through changing the target is horrible. Least horrible is to make it cost mana to use, and then it isn't a mana-source any more.

Oh fiddlesticks. I think maybe of the competing horriblenesses, simplest is to make it target opponent's land.

On Undertow Mage:

As written, this can target lands that are already tapped. Intentional?

On Eternal Forest:

It's how it worked when Multiverse added the 'booster' feature; so it's how it works on Multiverse :)

I do agree things are more complex in later sets. I guess "This is a candidate for the extra slot" could be an extra skeleton field, if that got added here. I'm happy with the way it currently is though.

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