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Um, can't figure out how to copy a card + comments from the design challenge set.

There's no way to copy a card. I don't think I'd want to let you copy a card-plus-comments, as that'd imply that the original commenters made their comments in a setting different to what they actually did.

You ought to be able to move the card by clicking "Move" under the card image on the card page, though.

I can appreciate why copying isn't allowed. I've thought about doing very strange things with taking multiple submissions from various sets and creating alternative builds. I'm not insane, and therefore wouldn't do it; but if I thought of it, I know some insane person who's out there would be more than capable of filling Multiverse's database with tons and tons of duplicated cards.

Problem being I don't really want to either move the cards out of design challenge, nor lose the comments made there.

I suggest you either a) move them out of the Design Challenge set and edit your original comment to link to them with (((Cnnn))) format, or b) create a new copy of them and make the initial comment link back to the version in the Design Challenge.

Thinking about resuming this, as the second miniset after "Strike the earth" (though I don't know where the third set would go. Humans and goblins probably.)

Anyway - llanowar was burned to the ground. Red did it, while white sat and watched, safe behind its walls. Black and blue both think it got what it deserved.

Like the dwarf set, this is elves in all five colours - and continues the "destroying lands matters" theme. This brings in much more "destroy an opponents lands" flavour, and people benefitting when a land is destroyed. Decent sprinkling of non-land mana-sources to keep things from getting utterly bogged down.

I also want to give elves a nomadic flavour; but I'm not 100% sure how to represent that mechanically. Existing nomads mostly seem to be "Redirect bad things that come my way" so I guess we'll go with that.

­Nomadic Elf probably has to go in this set. Even if it is pretty poor.

Skeleton full! First pass of course; and probably full of horriblenesses.

Along the way; I gained a minor elf vs mermaid theme; and an avatar cycle. Which.. I think might actually be one card larger than a cycle, and at wonky rarity. So about as cyclic as my cities, really. Blegh.

Rolled a few boosters; and got quite a few immediate "Ok; my plan is this" moments. Which was very nice to see. Lots of evocative synergy.

One big probnlem - wayyyyy too little land destruction. Lots of stuff that wants dead lands, that rewards you for having dead lands; that punishes opponents for having dead lands. But way too few ways to make those lands dead in the first place - including too few options to sacrifice your own lands. (I rolled one booster with three things that explicitly rewarded you for lands in graveyards, and one burned-walker; and the only land destruction it had was a single alt-cost flashback of sacrificing a swamp.)

So yeah - need to work on that. If your theme isn't at common; and all that. Need some common land destruction, and some common land sacrifice. (Previously I had intended the set 'Strike the Earth' to provide the needed destruciton; and that is a thing; but it's not a sfficient thing.)

I'm thinking the {1}{c} activation cycle could get 'sac a land' as an alt casting cost to get a few more lands into your graveyard. That and a Sylvunite temple cycle (and a rare togrant that ability to all your lands) should do. Destroying opponents lands... that is troublesome to get right. Maybe something with hoops to jump through. Like; maybe 'destroy a land if opponent has more lands than you'? Could maybe also experiment with milling lands out of decks; which is nicely usable on both opponents and yourself.

> "Lots of stuff that wants dead lands, that rewards you for having dead lands; that punishes opponents for having dead lands."

Not a pair of mechanics that you usually would put in the same set since the two deck types meeting would create undue tension and hose each other.

This is a good point. I'd hoped to make it a playing field you'd contest; but maybe I just need to focus on your own land-death with only minor ways to take advantage of an opponent who focusses on it.

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