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CardName: Strionic Phantom Cost: 1U Type: Creature - Jellyfish Illusion Pow/Tgh: 2/2 Rules Text: Flying If a triggered ability would trigger, sacrifice Strionic Phantom instead. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Temporal Cascade Rare

Strionic Phantom
Creature – Jellyfish Illusion
If a triggered ability would trigger, sacrifice Strionic Phantom instead.
Updated on 27 Jun 2018 by Tahazzar

Code: RU01

Active?: true


2018-06-27 08:10:58: Tahazzar created and commented on the card Strionic Phantom

A very interesting design by pali6 that I would like to showcase here.

> https://www.reddit.com/r/custommagic/comments/8th4pv/strionic_phantom/

I feel that some really resonant flavor could be had here, but I can't think myself of any such at the moment. Suggestions are welcome.

Huh; it's like a flagbearer variant. There seem to be two bits of flavour here - stealing your opponents good stuff (ETB triggers, I'd guess, will mainly do it) and also saving you from bad things. They would seem to have different flavour though.

I'd say that the flavour is something like a ghost that lives in a mirror, or your shadow - and so it turns out that it was the ghost all along, not the real creature. Something like https://c.wallhere.com/photos/18/07/light_shadow_love_girl_loss_vintage_dark_death-867440.jpg!d

Illusion seems the right type to me. Jellyfish not so much.

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