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CardName: White Dwarfs Cost: W Type: Creature - Dwarf Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

White Dwarfs
Creature – Dwarf
Created on 2 Dec 2013 by Jack V

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2013-12-02 23:48:35: Jack V created the card White Dwarfs

Dwarves have no home. White has no characteristic race (red goblins, black zombies, green elves, blue merfolk). Dwarves value stubbornness, blind loyalty, and tradition above everything else. Can this be a good plan...?

It breaks the "lives in mountains, likes caves, gets angry" connection, but those are already the things goblins already do better...? You might have to have more Duergar Assailants and fewer Dwarven Blastminers but...

sigh When will I learn to search before suggesting something?

Here are the 137 people who suggested this before:

i don't think white wants or needs a representative race like the other colors. it's been doing great for 20 years without a main race. yet unofficially most white creatures are humans. white's representative creature type are classes, like soldier, knight, etc.

but if i was to choose a white race, i prefer cats. 1. first white planeswalker was cat. 2. cats are cooler. 3. makes magic different from generic fantasy settings.

sure dwarf can be partly white. like MaRo said, it's not a flavor dunk. they already tried another short white race, kithkins. it'd be easier to mold kithkin than dwarves at this point. so, i'd also choose kithkin before dwarf.

I like kithkin. I find it unfortunate that Kith identity is so wrapped up in Lorwyn, though. I want Lorwyn Kith in other sets, and not Amarou. I wonder if this conundrum has been holding Wizards back from doing any Kithkin...

As for white 'not needing' a representative race... I don't know. We used to use the same argument for 'big blue creatures'. Then Wizards landed on Sphinxes. It seemed to work out of them. I don't think marquee creature types are necessary... but I do think it helps sell a game better.

on 3 Dec 2013 by Vitenka (unsigned):

White gets humans, and spirits.

Saying that; I did white dwarves in my set - they were the city builders, the architects and the creators of legendary swords - rather than the delvers, the diggers, the crazed hermits in the mountains.

The dwarves of ancient tolkien history, more or less. So there's certainly flavourful room for such differentiation.

Yeah, your set had dwarves in all colours. I had dwarves as my smiths in Sienira's Facets, but just in white: Halberd Evangelist, Journeyman Falconwright, Smith of Ages, Soliforge Guardsmith, Soliforge Marshal, Soliforge Avenger, Stern Suppressor, Soliforge Conscripts.

So in other words, yes, I agree dwarves are a great fit for white, and I wish Wizards would get on with it. I remember back when Eventide came out and the Duergar (white-red hybrid creatures with type Dwarf) appeared, a few people were heralding it as the long-awaited move of dwarves to white. (Yes, it had been long-awaited back in 2008.) But it never happened. The Creative team admitted it wasn't intended as "here, dwarves are moving to white at last!" but rather "we needed a race type for these weird red-white creatures, and we decided 'Dwarf' was close enough". Duergar Hedge-Mage looks pretty close to the traditional fantasy dwarf, but the others like Duergar Mine-Captain are pretty odd.

apparently Wotc has a different concept for dwarves which makes them unsuitable as a pure white race. not to mention Magic already has too many races, so trying to create a fantasy universe that is less Tolkien is not a bad thing. Sure you can make white dwarves, but those cards could just as easily be human. and red/white can be goblins.

If there were characteristic races for dual-colors, then dwarves would be {r}{w}. It's their best fit because of their philosophy and traditional homes.

You don't need to invoke traditional homelands. It seems to me that dwarves are often characterized as fiery-tempered, but generally law-abiding.

The "live in mountain/mines" problem is strong, though. I'd expect monored dwarves or then red-white dwarves before monowhite dwarves.

Well, that's precisely how it's gone. We started with monored dwarves (Dwarven Vigilantes etc); then we had red-white dwarves (Duergar Mine-Captain etc); now finally we can have monowhite dwarves :)

we do. they're called kithkin. As a matter of fact, let's make kithkin the W/r race. Keke

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