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CardName: Lingering Bugs from Update Cost: Type: Bug Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: The issue with giant mana symbols and default fonts are fixed, but there are still some other bugs. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Feedback None

Lingering Bugs from Update
The issue with giant mana symbols and default fonts are fixed, but there are still some other bugs.
Updated on 11 Apr 2021 by Alex

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2020-12-11 10:07:55: SecretInfiltrator created and commented on the card Lingering Bugs from Update

I could make a screenshot.

Same issue on my end.

Here's a link:

This is, at least, a hilarious issue.

Yeeaaah. I'm aware of the problem. None of the CSS or JS is rendering. I was up till 3am last night trying to fix it and I'm still trying to fix it this morning.

The site is effectively still down for maintenance. It's just that because the issue doesn't show up in my local environment, I'm trying various fixes that might work here on the live server because hey, it's not like it'll make the site any less usable.

Whew. Found a fix. A fix that makes no sense. But a fix nonetheless.

There are still a couple of lingering bugs:

  • The favicon's [eta] back but lost its transparency
  • Recent changes seems very slow (but has its colour-coding back)
  • Most vexingly, there's an issue with cacheing on the recent changes page. Which is always really fiddly and annoying to try to track down.

But the site is basically functional again.

Now I want to sleep for a week.

2020-12-11 13:28:33: Alex edited Lingering Bugs from Update

Additional lingering issue (probably): Searches don't work properly. I tried to search this set (rules text and coomments). Neither search worked.

The commons sections of a skeleton will not appear in a functional manner. Example

Thanks, Sorrow! That was a particularly silly bug. I don't actually know why it wasn't showing up before the upgrade. Anyway, I tracked that one down and fixed it. Still planning on fixing all the things I mention above.

on 13 Dec 2020 by It's Link:

Alex, thanks for all the hard work and love you put into this site. I know I'm not around so much recently/anymore, but I really appreciate everything you do for us.

For some reason, the recent changes page doesn't show me as logged in. That's not a super big deal, since it then shows me as logged in when I click on any card to view

The lack of stripes on that page is particularly bothersome on mobile, which is a shame, since that's my phone browser's homepage

I think that's a problem I encountered, too, that has something to do with your cache. Hard reloading the page after Alex did some initial fixes solved the issue for me.

I don't know how to force a hard reload on mobile though.

Yep, clearing cache worked. That's under your browser's history menu

That said, the recent changes page doesn't update at all on mobile. There's still something funky with the cache

I got confused. Cache clearing menu options didn't work for me. Maybe I needed to restart the browser but I didn't think of that.

Ctrl-F5 (chrome desktop) fixed it.

I wonder, is it worth making an announcement "fixes continue, try refreshing if you're getting stale recent updates" in case anyone else is still having the problem (but might not see this post)?

Oh yes. I think I found those JS bugs earlier and they slipped off my list. Sorry.

Just fixed the Javascript on the cardlist and search pages. Search should now work without assuming you want user 1 and cardset 1.

Is it still on your radar that caching for the recent updates page is still broken? By which I mean I still need to clear my cache every time to see new updates

Yikes! No, I wasn't aware of that - though I was aware of intermittent caching problems on the individual cardset recent changes pages. Thanks for the heads up: I'll look into it.

The totals for rarity and color/s item are now shown on the page where one generates a set skeleton.

Marking a post as adressed/unadressed or highlighting them doesn't show the change in status immediately, a manual refresh of the page is needed.

(You tell us if yu prefer filing separate bug reports, right?)

The "Special Details Pages" ComboBox also doesn't work properly: It fails to insert the special title into the appropriate text field (the title is left blank).

I came across this trying to create a new Front Page.

I think I've fixed the skeleton and details page issues, and the favicon.

I might have fixed the recent changes caching. I've made a change to it. If people do still see caching issues, or contrariwise if people who used to see caching issues now don't, it'd be handy to let me know. Thanks.

Oh, thank you so much!

I think I still see caching issues, although I felt like it improved at some point and I'm not quite sure when. Let me know if it would help to try to narrow down precisely what the behaviour is.

The caching seems okay on desktop (Windows, Chrome), but I still have the issue on mobile (Android, Chrome)

Hm. I'm also windows chrome, and seems to refresh every time, but and seem to need a ctrl-f5 (or changing the get string).

I think my chrome android is the same but I haven't checked thoroughly.

I've only been looking at /cardsets. It doesn't update immediately on desktop like it used to, but it updates regularly. It doesn't update at all on mobile still without manually clearing cache

I've just been opening Recent Updates in an incognito window in order to see a refresh of the page...

For whatever it's worth, I've not been seeing old/cached data. (Windows, fox)

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