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209 cards in Multiverse

107 with no rarity, 94 commons, 2 uncommons,
2 rares, 4 mythics

30 white, 52 blue, 2 black, 31 red, 63 green,
1 multicolour, 3 hybrid, 26 artifact, 1 land

730 comments total

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Each comment shows up twice in the main page of a set, but not in the actual cards. Nothing critical, though.
last 2014-09-30 08:40:25 by Alex
After signing into my profile here and going to check for comments on my sets I have found that when going to some sets ( currently just my Misc file, also my largest set) it is automaticly logging me out. So far I can't interact with that set while logged in.
last 2014-09-30 02:24:12 by Vonmarcus
I just made a new card file and generated a skeleton. The result was just an unformatted list of card codes with bars between them.
The addressing comments button doesn't appear to work in the new site.
last 2014-09-29 09:34:16 by Alex
Some main pages of sets crash for me. They say something bad happened and show pieces of incorrectly closed tags. This only happens for some sets and only on the main pages. (I can load things like visual spoiler or booster fine.)
last 2014-09-28 22:34:26 by L2i0n0k7

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On Duplicated comments:

Tried to make a quick fix to this, but it doesn't seem to have worked. I'll give it a more complete try later, but it may be a little while before I next have some time to work on Multiverse.

On Signing me out:

ok I had to make a new card from the mechanic page and now it's loading properly. Thank you.

On Duplicated comments:

I came here to point this out, too. I see it's already been mentioned.

On Signing me out:

I suspect this is the same caching issue as Show new card button at the home of a public set. Can you try the following for me?

  1. Go to a cardset you expect to be able to edit, while signed out. Confirm the "New card" etc links aren't there.
  2. Go and sign in. Return to your cardset. Confirm the "New card" etc links aren't there.
  3. Now click on the name of any of the listed cards in your set, or any page like Mechanics.
  4. Now have a look in the green box at the top: do you see the "New card" links etc now?

If you do see the links in that situation, this is the same issue as Show new card button at the home of a public set.

On Signing me out:

Are you browsing from a computer or a phone?

On Addressing comments:

The front page of the set was cached. Fixed now (that's a 2-second job).

On Addressing comments:

Thanks a lot.

Now I'm wondering why the main page of Flavor Factory doesn't show the highlighted comment the same way the main page of Liberia does. It might be because the highlighted attribute was just overwritten in the database as opposed to going through the whole button-press process which might do additional things? Oh well, I don't want to bother you anymore with my own things. It's much better if you use your time in addressing this problem for everyone. :)

On Some sets crash with the new site:

Yeah, Alex. You're awesome. :-)

On Some sets crash with the new site:
On Duplicated comments:

So it does. How strange. Thanks. Will fix.

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