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On Version Control (reply):

Mmm. Yeah, this is a sensible topic to raise. Back when I was on a free database, I was confident I wouldn't have space for previous revisions. However now that I'm paying for the database, we've got a good amount of space, so storing previous revisions is a fairly plausible enhancement.

It wouldn't be insanely difficult, but it would be a moderate amount of work; however it's a very sensible thing to ask for. No promises, but I'll look into it further.

On Bugs importing from CSV (reply):

In theory I could directly import MSE files rather than making people have to export. I'm getting a bit more time in the evenings now than I was a couple of months ago so I could have a go at that myself. I've got a good sample MSE set I can be using.

On Card history (reply):

Mmm. Yeah. For a long time this was a feature which I knew would be nice but I was imagining would never happen, because the database space required is at least an order of magnitude greater than for Multiverse's current implementation. In particular, this would make my database size expand past the limit of Heroku's free hosting plan.

But that was quite a number of months ago. And, erm, the database is already four times the size that Heroku supposedly limit their free hosting plan to, and I haven't been charged or run up against any database size limits. So perhaps I could give this a try.

It's possible it might precipitate the inevitable move to paid-for hosting, at which point I probably would stick up a Paypal Donate button somewhere on the site. And I quite like not being at that state yet.

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Artifact – Non-Bug
Anyone have experience printing physical copy cards from here? I know there's the printable page option but I don't know how the scaling will work or page cut offs
Plus the caching issue affects that page too, so it'll be dumb luck if it's even up to date
last 2023-01-29 18:44:09 by HarrisonY
On my visual spoiler page, cards that I moved from my old sets into my new set are all in the common view on visual spoiler, even if they are rare/mythic. Even I filter out rarities that aren't common, I still get those ones showing up.
last 2023-01-24 22:25:14 by HarrisonY
/cardsets/2580/visualspoiler constantly reverts back to one of the earliest iterations. Card updates roll back on that page and don't reflect the hundreds of edits on pages, including but not limited to arturls, card titles, and rules text.

On occasion the visual spoiler WILL reflect the up to date cards, however for some unknown reason when the page is returned to the edits are rolled back.
Clearing local cache does nothing.
last 2023-01-13 14:03:05 by Vitenka
The XML syntax used by Magic Multiverse, while more thorough than what is used by Cockatrice, is not compatible. To import custom cards/sets, a lot of XML formatting has to be done. It would be great to have a way to export to Cockatrice such that the .xml could be placed in the directory and loaded in with the card images generated by Multiverse instead of the image URL used by multiverse linked in the picurl field.
last 2022-12-25 23:56:25 by amuseum
Not entirely sure on how to report bugs, but here goes.

When creating a new Skeleton, assigning cards to a number (Such as CR01) through the Skeleton menu does not assign it to the appropriate cell in the list. Same issue when put manually through the "new card" menu.

In addition, if you, for whatever reason, delete an entire skeleton and attempt to create a new one, no new skeleton is created and the "edit" menu remains empty OR creates a skeleton with no headers, causing it to be unreadable.

In addition, cards newly created do not seem to appear within "Visual Spoiler" or "Cardlist". This has been tested with both "Active" status on and off in the cardset options.
1 comment
2022-12-24 10:52:15 by HarrisonY

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On How to print physical cards?:

Ugh I hate to say this but I'll be making the jump over to magic set editor. I had a successful print run at the print shop and after I looked at the cards I realized that edits I had made weren't present.

I'll gladly come back when the stuff gets fixed, but I need my edits to be current when I load the page. That being said, I may keep adding cards over to here when I can in anticipation of the pages refreshing how they should.

On Rarity sorter bug on VS:
On Rarity sorter bug on VS:

Can you link a set and/or card for which the bug occurs?

On Server-side Cache won't update:

I did not, no. Trying while logged in - I do indeed see a difference between visual spoiler and individual cards. e.g. Migrating Settler demonstrates the issue.
And this card now DOES show an artURL when I export as JSON; which it did not previously (on a machine I wasn't logged in from)

On Server-side Cache won't update:

Lets move the cache image issues into here instead of the print format card.

This is a saved pdf of all my 'view by sections' pages. Vitenka, when you view the individual cards do you see art? It's confounding just how inconsistent the data is for my cardset.

I checked the export set and all the info seems to be there when I try exporting, consistent results for each export format. Could you be seeing something different because of the italicized '(unsigned)' after your name?

On How to print physical cards?:
on 2023-01-11 15:49:04 by Vitenka (unsigned):

View by sections I also see no images. Individual cards, I see no images. Checking the database contents via export, I see no URLs. I'm pretty sure that the server believes there's no URL on most of your cards.

Why it thinks that, if you're sure they're there, I have no clue.

On How to print physical cards?:

Print update! After a lot of headache with print drivers and scaling I figured it out (mostly).

From a printable visual spoiler page, right click and hit print, then Save as PDF. Use a landscape layout, and increase the scale to 104%(edit: I previously said 108% but somehow that's actually wrong and 104-105 is a better fit). Then print that pdf and the resulting cards will be the exact height of a standard magic card (3.5") however the width will be slightly smaller than a normal card.

I haven't figured out how I'll alter the aspect ratio of the cards without distortion, that may simply not be an option. (My roommate thinks she could mess with the html but thats above my paygrade)

On How to print physical cards?:

I see the same thing HarrisonY says: Visual Spoiler page without images, but View by Sections page with the images.

On How to print physical cards?:

I must restate and reiterate that nearly all the cards have art urls on them. If you click through any of the commons you'll see that they have arturls. /cardsets/2580/visualspoiler will occasionally be up to date, but then revert for no discernable reason to a very old server cached state.

On How to print physical cards?:
on 2023-01-09 13:43:30 by Vitenka (unsigned):

You mean /cardsets/2580/visualspoiler ? I can see 138 cards; though only about 4 have images. Two white ones; and a couple others such as Tortudiphant and Loubus, World Grinder.

And looking at 'export' (json output)? Very few cards in your set have any artURL. So it looks like you may have created the art, but multiverse doesn't know about it. If you're sure you entered it in the card's edit fields, then I think you need to make this a red card to indicate it's a bug.

(Note: A couple of cards DO have an art URL but the image doesn't show up anyway - because the site it's linked from doesn't allow embedding. That usually means it only shows up if you visit that site, at which point your browser has it cached and will show it here too.)

HAH! New bug Alex: Multiverse picked up (full url of /cardsets/2580/visualspoiler ) as 'non-logged in users aren't allowed to post external links' when it's clearly an internal one.

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