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I've always had trouble with the "import data" function, but my current problem is that it won't recognize the separating character in the import data.
last 2015-05-13 16:53:23 by Alex
Sometimes you need to start over, but you don't want to lose all the cards...
1 comment
2015-05-13 16:28:42 by Circeus
Since moves are treated like edits by the system, could we have a way to add a comment when moving a card?
1 comment
2015-04-28 11:40:09 by Alex
Is there a limit that the cardlist can't go over? I've noticed my personal dump set is hitting a LOT of errors when I try to use cardlist display. Almost always I need to reload multiple times before getting the page to load up without a server-side error message.
1 comment
2015-04-15 23:34:15 by Alex
Most mobile devices can't even do rollover very easily. But even if you tap-and-hold, the tooltip comes up in inconsistent places, and not at all if the cardname is split across lines.
1 comment
2015-04-15 06:15:35 by Alex

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On Importing data:

No, I think not! It seems to be working much better after I upgraded a couple of underlying versions. I was able to import Verdia with very little trouble, for example.

Give it a go, and if things work for you, I'll close this bug.

On Importing data:

any update on this? Is importing still broken?

On Comments on move:

Makes sense. Should be fairly straightforward.

On Undocumented limit of cardlist display:

It's going to be based on the number of cards in the set. There's probably a particular threshold (a few hundred cards), over which the act of creating the cardlist takes more than the 30 seconds that Heroku allows before they force a timeout error.

Fortunately I do still get to continue rendering, in the server process, I just don't get to send the result to you; but I do get to store it in my cache, so that when you refresh a couple of minutes later I can serve it to you quickly.

But yes, taking the cardlist of big sets (say >300 cards) isn't going to work well. In general searching the cardset will be a lot faster if there's something particular you're looking for, though I appreciate that's not as user-friendly. The visual spoiler I think does work reasonably well even for huge sets, too, because it splits them into manageable chunks.

What I should probably do is make the cardlist page load quickly, and then send a series of Ajax requests for 100 cards at a time. Well... what I should actually do is fix the performance so that the cardlist doesn't take tens of seconds to render, because being that slow is pretty inexcusable. But I haven't thought of a way to do that yet.

On Make more pages mobile-friendly:

Very good point. I'll track that on a separate card, Make rollovers better on mobile.

Oh, and of course if anyone has a mobile device but doesn't see the single card view page in a newer layout - or if you have a desktop setup where you get the mobile view and it looks bad - again let me know.

On Make more pages mobile-friendly:

"Rollovers" on the recent changes page cause the pop-ups to appear of the edge of the page. If it's on the left, the rest of the image is missing; if it's on the right, you can zoom out to see it. I think pop-ups might look better if they always appear in the same manner.

On More control over search results:

Oh, cool! Looks awesome to me.

On More control over search results:

How's that?

On More control over search results:

Working on this at the moment. (Slowly. During occasional snatched moments at home when I get Multiverse dev time.)

On Allow Custom Symbols:
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