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2014-11-24 19:28:18 by Alex
I haven't tried to put kicker into multiverse since the migration. However, I'm pretty sure I brought up that one would have needed to put three iterations of the ability (single mana costs, and/or dual mana costs, and other costs [discards, etc.]) into the old site to, at least, Alex via email. Heck, I may have even posted a feature enhancement for it [too lazy/unsure to check]. While I realize it may be too hard to get that down to one entry, I suggest changing the static selection of "2" in the paraneters dropdown to a more dynamic "up to 2" as a way to combine to former two. Of course, that will need some syntax that may be beyond his knowledge.
M15 flip cards render improperly, with the rare stamp jammed in the middle of the unflipped rules text, and the flipped P/T box trying to jump off the line.
1 comment
2014-11-23 10:32:43 by Hálian
Suppose I have a skeleton, and have created card CW01. It's called "Suntail Hawk". The comment text (((CW01))) produces a link "CW01". It'd be nice if it read "Suntail Hawk" instead.
last 2014-01-24 12:30:09 by Alex
Stuff like the old frame, PCH planeshifted, and FUT futureshifted.
last 2014-11-15 22:22:26 by Alex

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On Cross-set card links no longer working:

E.g. (((War Plan))), (((Sky Marshal))),

Artifact Creature – Thopter
"I'm sorry, sir, but until you can build a functioning ornithopter, no guild of mechanicians in the city will give you the time of day. Please depart."
Illus. Leonardo da Vinci
should all work.

Edit: Huh. Seems that double-paren links do work but triple-paren ones don't.

On Different card frames:

Weelll... I can kinda see it. It's not like that card to the left is a white box with black lines on it (even though some people have asked for that too :P). I do try to provide an approximation to the current frame - enough so that I spent a couple of hours tweaking things to match the M15 frame. You can print out visual spoilers, stick them in sleeves, and use them for playtesting; the site deliberately allows that (and the upcoming decklists feature will make it easier).

So if Wizards come up with a new kind of card frame that'll be in many sets going forward, like planeswalkers, I'd expect to add that.

Single-block "gimmick" frames, though, will be a lower priority. That includes level up, the Nyx starfield, and the Planar Chaos and Future Sight frames. All are possible, as is even the 7th Edition frame, but... lower priority.

On Different card frames:

I don't understand the point of this request. Multiverse isn't for making realistic proxies.

On Different card frames:

You can already create cards of whatever type you like - see Choke Point, The Enemy's Gate is Down, Britannian Faction etc. And indeed people have already created emblems plenty of times here; you can even give them the token frame, as on Emblem: Druin Fano.

The emblem frame is pretty, but pretty tricky.

On Different card frames:

As would I. However, I'm very surprised that the emblem frame wasn't included with the 'walker frame. Speaking of emblems, the "emblem" type needs added as well.

On Global "Official" Mechanics:

Hmm. You're not talking about flying, first strike and so on, but about the non-evergreen keywords like kicker, outlast, and so on? Mmm. Makes some sense, yes. Perhaps on the mechanics page I could add a way to "import" preexisting mechanics. (And actually that'd also fit with Copy mechanics between cardsets.)

On Preview text is bigger than on card page:

oops. yeah that's the same...

On Preview text is bigger than on card page:

Is this the same issue as Inconsistent text size in mockups? If so, I see it too. I really don't understand it because the Javascript that's executing is exactly the same in both cases.

On expand text hides below-card links:

You're right. It is a side effect of the new M15 frames, but it does apply to all card sizes. I'll see what I can do to fix this.

On expand text hides below-card links:

I thought it was only a side effect of the holographic patch in the new frame, but it also happens for (un)commons.

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