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On Version Control (reply):

Mmm. Yeah, this is a sensible topic to raise. Back when I was on a free database, I was confident I wouldn't have space for previous revisions. However now that I'm paying for the database, we've got a good amount of space, so storing previous revisions is a fairly plausible enhancement.

It wouldn't be insanely difficult, but it would be a moderate amount of work; however it's a very sensible thing to ask for. No promises, but I'll look into it further.

On Bugs importing from CSV (reply):

In theory I could directly import MSE files rather than making people have to export. I'm getting a bit more time in the evenings now than I was a couple of months ago so I could have a go at that myself. I've got a good sample MSE set I can be using.

On Card history (reply):

Mmm. Yeah. For a long time this was a feature which I knew would be nice but I was imagining would never happen, because the database space required is at least an order of magnitude greater than for Multiverse's current implementation. In particular, this would make my database size expand past the limit of Heroku's free hosting plan.

But that was quite a number of months ago. And, erm, the database is already four times the size that Heroku supposedly limit their free hosting plan to, and I haven't been charged or run up against any database size limits. So perhaps I could give this a try.

It's possible it might precipitate the inevitable move to paid-for hosting, at which point I probably would stick up a Paypal Donate button somewhere on the site. And I quite like not being at that state yet.

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Colour indicator R  
Color indicators for two colored back faces are broken. The image doesn't load, displaying alt text that covers the type line.
1 comment
2021-10-06 05:28:44 by dude1818
I've been seeing a few Heroku errors on the page lately. It usually doesn't last, just half an hour or so, but it's a little odd. Wanted to ask about it in case it's slipped under the radar so far.
Feature Request – Set Management
I really like this site and want to work on my set with friends who I know and trust personally. The community here seems very positive, but I'm still hesitant to open the floodgates for unrestricted access to my cards. Right now it looks sort of all or nothing, and I'd love to see a middle ground
Also this is my first feature request card, sorry if I've done this wrong.
1 comment
2021-07-12 14:19:20 by Alex
Multiverse was down for 6 days this week. Sorry.
last 2021-06-28 02:09:37 by dude1818
My suggestion is for the recent activity list to include a list of the cards being imported (either inline or in a separate page that it is linked to), rather than only the number of cards that are imported. The global recent updates list should only display the number of cards imported.

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On Broken CI images:
On Give Specific Users Admin for a Set:

Mm. Yeah, this is one of the biggest capabilities missing from Multiverse. You've not done anything wrong... well, except that this has been requested a few times before: Multiple cardset admins, Grant Admin to Individuals, Admin list, Selective cardset administrator, Granting Admin Status to Specific Users.

I really wish I had time to work on some key Multiverse features like this.

On Downtime:

Awesome, thanks for looking into it

On Downtime:

Yay! I checked in during that time and I was considering emailing you. I'm glad everything is alright. I know I'm not here so much anymore, but I still love this place.

On Downtime:

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

On Downtime:

I'm happy that you were able to bring Multiverse back. Thank you!

On Downtime:

Thank you!

On Downtime:

Phew! Me too!

Thanks, Alex!

On Downtime:

Thanks for posting this, I was really worried if something had happened to multiverse!

Glad to know it was just the age-old frustration of waiting for a help ticket to be answered lmaooo

On Downtime:

Turns out Heroku changed their DNS recommended configuration years ago, and I had no idea. Then sometime last week they stopped supporting the old way and the site just became completely inaccessible.

I raised a Heroku help ticket on Monday, and they finally got back to me today with instructions on how to fix it. Very sorry for the downtime!

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