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On Version Control (reply):

Mmm. Yeah, this is a sensible topic to raise. Back when I was on a free database, I was confident I wouldn't have space for previous revisions. However now that I'm paying for the database, we've got a good amount of space, so storing previous revisions is a fairly plausible enhancement.

It wouldn't be insanely difficult, but it would be a moderate amount of work; however it's a very sensible thing to ask for. No promises, but I'll look into it further.

On Bugs importing from CSV (reply):

In theory I could directly import MSE files rather than making people have to export. I'm getting a bit more time in the evenings now than I was a couple of months ago so I could have a go at that myself. I've got a good sample MSE set I can be using.

On Card history (reply):

Mmm. Yeah. For a long time this was a feature which I knew would be nice but I was imagining would never happen, because the database space required is at least an order of magnitude greater than for Multiverse's current implementation. In particular, this would make my database size expand past the limit of Heroku's free hosting plan.

But that was quite a number of months ago. And, erm, the database is already four times the size that Heroku supposedly limit their free hosting plan to, and I haven't been charged or run up against any database size limits. So perhaps I could give this a try.

It's possible it might precipitate the inevitable move to paid-for hosting, at which point I probably would stick up a Paypal Donate button somewhere on the site. And I quite like not being at that state yet.

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Interface suggestion
Could we get a visual spoiler like page of the recent X updates, where the newest card of recently modified sets could be seen?
last 2018-07-13 11:23:14 by Vitenka
Let us have a nice frame for creatures with level up.
last 2018-07-03 11:31:51 by KeresAcheron
if we are getting them, when are we getting them?
last 2018-07-02 16:12:47 by Froggychum
last 2018-06-28 12:17:18 by SecretInfiltrator
You desperately need a password recovery system

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On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":

Interesting idea; though I mostly use the recent updates for "recent comments", which visual presentaiton doens't really have room for.

On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":


On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":

There is a part of the front page that says "Recently active cards:" and next to it "(all recent activity)" with a link to recent updates. I think adding another link "(show more)" that essentially shows a page of the visual spoiler sorted by recent changes would be nice indeed.

Or if the visual spoiler ever gets fixed a "Sort by" functionality there.

EDIT: Oh, do you mean multiverse-wide recent activity or for an individual set?

On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":

Yes, but let's say more like 50 or whatever is the maximum amount before the visual spoiler page starts to group/divide the cards by color.

Also, perhaps not on the front page - "recent updates" isn't the front page either. Perhaps a link next to the "Create a new cardset" link on the "recent updates" page?
"Visual spoiler [of recent updates]" or whatever.

On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":

That's rather... vague.

So you want just an extension of the five most recently changed cards shown on every front page by default?

On Visual spoiler variant of "Recent updates":

As right now some time is lost hovering over the name of each edited card to see the popup preview. The current "recent updates" page corresponds more to the "cardlist" page of each set. I would like a more "visual" alternative.

On Level-Up Cards:

I'd also like this.

On Level-Up Cards:

this sounds cool! want want want!

On new legendary borders:

alright, thanks :D

On Visual Spoiler not updated:

UPDATE: The aforementioned toggling of the use of "Active" status in the card set is just a temporary fix. It eventually returns to 0 active out of 10 cards - no matter how many cards total there are in the set.

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