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On Version Control (reply):

Mmm. Yeah, this is a sensible topic to raise. Back when I was on a free database, I was confident I wouldn't have space for previous revisions. However now that I'm paying for the database, we've got a good amount of space, so storing previous revisions is a fairly plausible enhancement.

It wouldn't be insanely difficult, but it would be a moderate amount of work; however it's a very sensible thing to ask for. No promises, but I'll look into it further.

On Bugs importing from CSV (reply):

In theory I could directly import MSE files rather than making people have to export. I'm getting a bit more time in the evenings now than I was a couple of months ago so I could have a go at that myself. I've got a good sample MSE set I can be using.

On Card history (reply):

Mmm. Yeah. For a long time this was a feature which I knew would be nice but I was imagining would never happen, because the database space required is at least an order of magnitude greater than for Multiverse's current implementation. In particular, this would make my database size expand past the limit of Heroku's free hosting plan.

But that was quite a number of months ago. And, erm, the database is already four times the size that Heroku supposedly limit their free hosting plan to, and I haven't been charged or run up against any database size limits. So perhaps I could give this a try.

It's possible it might precipitate the inevitable move to paid-for hosting, at which point I probably would stick up a Paypal Donate button somewhere on the site. And I quite like not being at that state yet.

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The random cards link is so slow that it often times out and gives Application Errors.
last 2017-05-24 19:03:42 by Vitenka
Wanted: A quick way to import the existing keywords into a set so you can also see them on the mechanics page.
"There's no easy way to import Wizards mechanics into your cardset, but that's a good idea. Create an enhancement and I'll try to get that done."
1 comment
2017-05-22 15:49:36 by SecretInfiltrator
It would be nice if entering Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach.), Battle cry (Whenever this creature attacks, each other attacking creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.), or any other Wizards-designed keywords automatically inserted reminder text.
last 2017-05-22 15:26:45 by Alex
A way to temporarily turn off symbol expansion to allow OPENBRACKET 1 CLOSEBRACKET as text in comments without it appearing as a mana symbol
last 2017-04-19 18:21:14 by Alex
Bug – Software-Degradation
I just get "We're sorry, but something went wrong." message page in every set.

Or is it just me?
last 2017-04-19 16:44:09 by Alex

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On Random Selection is Very Slow:

I should get back in the habit, really.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

Woah. That is one funky page.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

The reason I implemented it at all was for mashups, actually :)

There's a (not very) secret page which Vitenka asked for, which is a frameset containing a random Gatherer card (when Gatherer isn't down), 2 random Multiverse cards (as often the first one is blank or otherwise unsuitable), and a Create new card window in the community mashup set :o) Anyone can feel welcome to use it... in fact, perhaps we should link it from the mashup set's front page.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

One card would also make make sense for things like mashups, where you also want to choose one card and not get distracted. But OTOH, I always just made up my mind in advance to use the first card listed and that worked fine.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

@Jack: Oh, hey, thanks!

@Jack & Alex: Excellent work! I wasn't expecting the problem to be hashed out when I woke up. :)

Hm... I guess I should bookmark the single random card address. I'm not sure if it has a use to other users, since a sample booster and/or 15 random cards seems to be a better way to get a glimpse into what's in Multiverse... and that might be the best way for people to experience random cards from this set. But with my article series, it's best that I get a single random card. Otherwise, I could be distracted by the other cards that populate, tempting me to choose a different card, and tainting the results.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

Oh cool, nicely done! I'm glad I was going in the right direction.

I've mixed feelings about the "here's a thing that's like a lazily-loaded array". I like the idea a lot, and when it works, it lets you do a lot of stuff very clearly and efficiently. But there always seems to be a point where it's secretly converted to an array when you don't quite realise.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

I believe "Cards.nonsecondary" is what's called a "scope" in Rails terms. It's not actually accessed anything from the database yet. ".sample" operates on a ...oh. Oh. The sample method operates on an array, not on a scope... so it is pulling in every card from the database, because it's converting the scope into an array of every card!

Right, that's a moderately simple fix then.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

Hm. Yeah, I'm a bit confused. You thought it was slow because of what you did to the mechanics? But it looks like it's choosing even one random card that's slow, not so much displaying it.

Is the github code up to date? My l33t google-fu says, it is basically just doing "Cards.nonsecondary" and then calling "sample" on that. Is there something about that that means the entire array needs to get loaded when it looks like it shouldn't? Or is something else the problem.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

I really don't know why the /random function is so slow. It shouldn't actually be pulling every card out of the database. It will be pulling up the cardset permissions and the mechanic text for every cardset represented in the randomly selected cards, but that shouldn't affect the case where there's just one or two cards, especially given that popup previews of an arbitrary card are so quick.

On Random Selection is Very Slow:

Oh cool. OK, I'm wrong twice over, because I didn't realise that existed, and I assumed that, if it did, the overhead wouldn't make it timeout :)

In retrospect, maybe jmg's workaround is "go to and get a random number between 36 and 81862" and "go to[that number]"

PS: jmg, I'm enjoying reading that series.

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