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After signing into my profile here and going to check for comments on my sets I have found that when going to some sets ( currently just my Misc file, also my largest set) it is automaticly logging me out. So far I can't interact with that set while logged in.
last 2014-09-30 02:24:12 by Vonmarcus
When I go to not logged in, it displays "We're sorry, but something went wrong," error. Is that just for me?
last 2015-01-20 13:47:14 by Jack V
How hard would it be to add in the old school brown artifact colour to the colour options? I have always preferred it to the new artifact colouring and wish it had never been changed.
Options for a cardset to have boosters that don't follow the 10 C / 3 U / 1 R/M distribution, or that ignore rarity altogether.
If the idea isn't too crazy, boosters with a number of cards different from 15 is cool, too.
last 2015-02-20 00:47:58 by jmgariepy
Coloured artifact lands don't get the metallic grey background that artifact lands should have.
last 2015-02-19 13:41:57 by Vitenka

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On Unusual boosters:

I know it isn't what Hálian would prefer, but he/she could make two separate sets and duplicate a number of cards into those two sets. This wouldn't be a reasonable solution if Hálian was looking to make five different booster packs, each with their own focus... but it at least seems like a reasonable answer to the temporary problem at hand.

Though, this does raise the question of whether making a feature that duplicates cards is wise. I think we had another discussion on that somewhere, but I'm not sure.

On Unusual boosters:

Note to self: This issue will become a lot more urgent when Multidraft can do more than just generate boosters. I need at least to provide a way for Cube-style sets to specify that their default boosters should ignore rarity.

CH says "a set where booster is ["anything", "anything", ...], and each card has a field "slot": "anything" would cause Multidraft to give you a flat distro."

On Coloured artifact lands have bad CSS:

Yay, I found a bug and I never even realised!

On Tagging users:

I think @-tagging would be a useful feature.

On Tagging users:

Vitenka, I'm rolling my eyes at you.

On Tagging users:

I put forward my utter contempt hate and loathing of this suggestion. This isn't twitter, ffs!

On Tagging users:

Yeah, I've reached the same conclusion about (((/[[[ myself. Both halves of it. It was originally meant to nicely match the formatting that uses, but that site has gone the way of the dodo. I agree, if I add tagging it'll be in the form of @username.

On Tagging users:

@-format as is used in stackexchange-type sites may be a better choice of formatting. I dislike the (((/[[[ formatting for links myself (I'd rather it be two for links and three for images but it's far too late to change that!).

On Automatic Link Tracing:

Mmm, "backlink search", aka "what links here". Makes sense.

The way to do it would be to make it that when anyone creates or edits a comment linking to other cards, at that point I go and update the other cards' lists of "what links to me".

It is indeed possible to do this manually, by searching comments for the card name or the card number, but quite a bit more fiddly.

On Tagging users:

It would be nice to be able to mention someone whose attention you want to gain. If you implemented notifications, tagging users would be useful, like tagging people on Facebook.

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