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On Version Control (reply):

Mmm. Yeah, this is a sensible topic to raise. Back when I was on a free database, I was confident I wouldn't have space for previous revisions. However now that I'm paying for the database, we've got a good amount of space, so storing previous revisions is a fairly plausible enhancement.

It wouldn't be insanely difficult, but it would be a moderate amount of work; however it's a very sensible thing to ask for. No promises, but I'll look into it further.

On Bugs importing from CSV (reply):

In theory I could directly import MSE files rather than making people have to export. I'm getting a bit more time in the evenings now than I was a couple of months ago so I could have a go at that myself. I've got a good sample MSE set I can be using.

On Card history (reply):

Mmm. Yeah. For a long time this was a feature which I knew would be nice but I was imagining would never happen, because the database space required is at least an order of magnitude greater than for Multiverse's current implementation. In particular, this would make my database size expand past the limit of Heroku's free hosting plan.

But that was quite a number of months ago. And, erm, the database is already four times the size that Heroku supposedly limit their free hosting plan to, and I haven't been charged or run up against any database size limits. So perhaps I could give this a try.

It's possible it might precipitate the inevitable move to paid-for hosting, at which point I probably would stick up a Paypal Donate button somewhere on the site. And I quite like not being at that state yet.

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Let us have a nice frame for creatures with level up.
last 2021-03-02 07:36:52 by zzo38
Apologies if this has been requested before.
It can be hard sometimes to have user-to-user conversations on Multiverse, which is more oriented towards user-to-card or user-to-cardset communication. Are there any plans to enable messaging users directly, friend systems, etc.? It's not a huge issues now given the size of the site but it's a nice-to-have.
last 2021-03-02 07:32:52 by zzo38
Unless I'm missing something (very possible) there doesn't appear to be a way to link to the image of the card mockup. This would be a very useful functionality for exporting sets into software like Cockatrice,, and so on which need to download the card image. The only workaround I have is to screenshot, crop, and upload each individual card in a set to Imgur or another image hosting site.
last 2021-03-02 07:18:39 by zzo38
Starting a line with > used to indent the line. This no longer works.
last 2021-02-08 11:33:01 by Alex
SSL-certificate only valid for or but not
last 2021-01-31 12:42:38 by vtbassmatt

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On Level-Up Cards:

Ensure also that any new features of cards that are added can work with import and export too, please.

On User Messaging:

I think that allowing you to write on your user page can be helpful, in case you want to mention different communications, e.g. email (for private messages), NNTP (for public messages), etc. This is possible in a card set page already, but not in the user page.

On Link to Mockup Image:

It is possible to render it server side, perhaps by using the same part of the software that renders it on the web browser (I have seen things containing automated screenshots of HTML documents before, so I would think that it is probably possible).

Rendering on the client side is also possible. This seems to be the element(s) with the ".cardborder" CSS selector. If a browser extension can make screenshots based on CSS selectors, whether or not they are in view, then this can help, I suppose. (I don't know if there is any.)

An alternative is to use external programs to render the cards However, MSE doesn't import (unless they changed that recently and I am unaware), and TeXnicard doesn't currently include any rendering templates for Magic: the Gathering.

On Mardown Indentation no longer works:

Argh. Wow. I guess my Markdown library has got tweaked? That's really weird.

On Mardown Indentation no longer works:

Should be indented:

> Indented text intended here.

On SSL certificate rejected by Firefox:

Related: when I hit the site via HTTPS, everything mostly works except the on-hover card previews from the skeleton. I get "Blocked loading mixed active content" in the console. I suspect all that's needed to fix this is to make sure that XHR requests use the same protocol as the page was loaded under. In HTML you can usually write links in the form "://" (omitting the leading "http" or "https") and the browser will do the right thing both ways. I'm not sure about JavaScript.

On Lingering Bugs from Update:

The "Special Details Pages" ComboBox also doesn't work properly: It fails to insert the special title into the appropriate text field (the title is left blank).

I came across this trying to create a new Front Page.

On Lingering Bugs from Update:

Marking a post as adressed/unadressed or highlighting them doesn't show the change in status immediately, a manual refresh of the page is needed.

(You tell us if yu prefer filing separate bug reports, right?)

On Lingering Bugs from Update:

The totals for rarity and color/s item are now shown on the page where one generates a set skeleton.

On Lingering Bugs from Update:

Yikes! No, I wasn't aware of that - though I was aware of intermittent caching problems on the individual cardset recent changes pages. Thanks for the heads up: I'll look into it.

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