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Is there a limit that the cardlist can't go over? I've noticed my personal dump set is hitting a LOT of errors when I try to use cardlist display. Almost always I need to reload multiple times before getting the page to load up without a server-side error message.
1 comment
2015-04-15 23:34:15 by Alex
Most mobile devices can't even do rollover very easily. But even if you tap-and-hold, the tooltip comes up in inconsistent places, and not at all if the cardname is split across lines.
1 comment
2015-04-15 06:15:35 by Alex
I've just made several key pages look better on mobile, including recent changes, advanced search, and individual card view. But more need to be fixed for mobile, especially cardset front page and visual spoiler.
last 2015-04-15 07:02:37 by Alex
Sometimes people want more or different columns in their search results. I should make assorted columns visible with a checkbox-type toggle, like on the cardlist.
last 2015-04-14 22:20:37 by Jack V
Allow us to specify small symbols/icons to be included on cards. If we were creating our own mana symbols like snow {s} or Phyrexian mana {pw}, at the moment we couldn't have those images display on cards at all.
last 2015-04-14 10:44:11 by Alex

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On Undocumented limit of cardlist display:

It's going to be based on the number of cards in the set. There's probably a particular threshold (a few hundred cards), over which the act of creating the cardlist takes more than the 30 seconds that Heroku allows before they force a timeout error.

Fortunately I do still get to continue rendering, in the server process, I just don't get to send the result to you; but I do get to store it in my cache, so that when you refresh a couple of minutes later I can serve it to you quickly.

But yes, taking the cardlist of big sets (say >300 cards) isn't going to work well. In general searching the cardset will be a lot faster if there's something particular you're looking for, though I appreciate that's not as user-friendly. The visual spoiler I think does work reasonably well even for huge sets, too, because it splits them into manageable chunks.

What I should probably do is make the cardlist page load quickly, and then send a series of Ajax requests for 100 cards at a time. Well... what I should actually do is fix the performance so that the cardlist doesn't take tens of seconds to render, because being that slow is pretty inexcusable. But I haven't thought of a way to do that yet.

On Make more pages mobile-friendly:

Very good point. I'll track that on a separate card, Make rollovers better on mobile.

Oh, and of course if anyone has a mobile device but doesn't see the single card view page in a newer layout - or if you have a desktop setup where you get the mobile view and it looks bad - again let me know.

On Make more pages mobile-friendly:

"Rollovers" on the recent changes page cause the pop-ups to appear of the edge of the page. If it's on the left, the rest of the image is missing; if it's on the right, you can zoom out to see it. I think pop-ups might look better if they always appear in the same manner.

On More control over search results:

Oh, cool! Looks awesome to me.

On More control over search results:

How's that?

On More control over search results:

Working on this at the moment. (Slowly. During occasional snatched moments at home when I get Multiverse dev time.)

On Allow Custom Symbols:
On Mechanics: offer case / number shift:

At the moment, it's a little annoying that parameters can't be formatted properly if the form of the parameter in reminder text is different to how it should look next to the keyword. For example, Demonic Collusion has parameter "Discard two cards" (capital D) but in the reminder text it's lower case, "You may discard two cards..." (little D).

I'm thinking if a mechanic has parameters associated, I could provide options in reminder text something like

You may \lower1 in addition to any other costs as you cast this spell...

You may sacrifice \word1 creatures

Other options could be

{1,lower} and {1,words}

It's all rather UNIX-y, intimidating, unintuitive though. What would be more approachable?

[Parameter 1], [Parameter 1 in lower case], [Parameter 1 in words]

You may [Parameter 1 in lower case] in addition to any other costs as you cast this spell
You may sacrifice [Parameter 1 in words] creatures

Yeah, that seems nicer.

On More control over search results:

Would it be possible to make it so we could search for cards of a certain color? For example, if I wanted to search for all Red card I've made that have "exile" in their rules text.

On Unusual boosters:

While we're waiting for the Draft Feature there's also LackeyCCG and Cockatrice. I've done two drafts of the Goblin Artisans custom set Tesla, on in summer 2013 with LackeyCCG, and one in summer 2014 with Cockatrice.

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