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This is not a conventional set of cards. Instead this is where to track bugs and upcoming features in Multiverse.

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Options for a cardset to have boosters that don't follow the 10 C / 3 U / 1 R/M distribution, or that ignore rarity altogether.
If the idea isn't too crazy, boosters with a number of cards different from 15 is cool, too.
last 2014-10-20 20:51:14 by Hálian
I generated a skeleton of zero cards for my Marvel Legendary set, since it doesn't use normal Magic numbers. That broke the skeleton, unfortunately, and I can't edit or generate a new skeleton.
Is there a way to search for cards within a specific set? For example if I wanted to search for Ankh-Duat cards that mention or make tokens?
last 2013-04-17 20:41:38 by Circeus unlogged
Creating new cards errors.
1 comment
2014-10-15 19:23:46 by Alex
The addressing comments button doesn't appear to work in the new site.
last 2014-10-01 17:35:43 by Shiny_Umbreon

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On Unusual boosters:

Or, as the “card” itself says, boosters other than 15 cards long?

On Level-Up Cards:

It's still possible in theory, but there are other features that would be higher priority, as things currently stand.

Some people create levelers by just typing the three text boxes in turn, like Uthden Gargoyle. Remember you can always create individual card renders in MSE, upload the image to imgur or somewhere, and specify it in the "URL for whole card image" field.

(And yeah, the planeswalker frame is completely different, and the background to the loyalty ability boxes is a fixed-size image that's rather different to the level box image.)

On Level-Up Cards:

I was wanting to make a level-up dude recently. Hope this is still... in the cards? eh? sorry.

On Skeleton Bug:

Okay. I believe I've fixed this. However the fix won't be visible for any given cardset until that cardset's skeleton is edited. It should be enough to just edit the skeleton, add or remove a space somewhere, and hit save. Sorry that this is necessary: I tried fairly hard to circumvent this, but this is all I could make work.

On Created and Commented in Activity Log:

And it's implemented! (I think?) This is one of the small changes which it's really lovely to have just suddenly work :)

On DFC Planeswalker->Creature P/T:

I know there are a couple of more serious bugs still outstanding, but this one was bugging me and was fairly easy to fix.

On Addressing comments:

Oh, alright, thanks. :)

On Duplicated comments:

Tried to make a quick fix to this, but it doesn't seem to have worked. I'll give it a more complete try later, but it may be a little while before I next have some time to work on Multiverse.

On Signing me out:

ok I had to make a new card from the mechanic page and now it's loading properly. Thank you.

On Duplicated comments:

I came here to point this out, too. I see it's already been mentioned.

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