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I would create a card for this, but, well... I can't make cards. I get an error whenever I try. It may be my laptop, so I'll try it on another device, but I thought I should say something.

I've had that problem since this morning.

same here for about the last 24 hours

Me too. Alex says he's working on it :)

Yep, sorry about that. When trying to tighten up security, I managed to, ah, tighten it up a bit too much. Should be fixed now.



I'm not sure if this deserves a card or not, as it's more a question than anything. Is there a way to see how many cards a user has created without adding up the cards in each of that user's sets?

Nothing public, no. But I can do a manual database query. I don't actually store a card's creator (as you can sortof tell from some older cards like Fleeting Whispersilk), but I can look up cards by "last editor" which is fairly close. Looks like as of this morning you were the last editor on an impressive 1020 Multiverse cards. :)

Oh, neat. Thank you. :-)

on 20 Jan 2014 by Visitor:

Hey Alex, Camruth here, I just had to reinstall everything on my computer and, as a result I have lost & can't remember my password, any chance you could email it to me ?

Thank you for finding the time to still make some updates!

It's back up! Gosh, thank you, well done getting all that updated!!

Is there a way to search for cards I made that use the flip frame that I'm missing? I'm pretty sure I made some that use the frame without the "flip" wording, and I don't know how to look for them...

You can ctrl+f the cardlist for "‑‑‑‑" to find all cards that are multiple spells. That will includes DFCs, split cards, adventures, and flip cards

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