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This booster was generated with modern collation since the cardset contains mythics: 1 rare / mythic, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 basic land.
You could alternatively have 15 random cards regardless of rarity.
I'd like to be able to show the expansion symbol.
Ongoing Bug
When using Chromium on Ubuntu 12.04, I cannot edit cards that I have created — instead I get the "We're sorry, but something went wrong" page.
Stuff like the old frame, PCH planeshifted, and FUT futureshifted.
M15 flip cards render improperly, with the rare stamp jammed in the middle of the unflipped rules text, and the flipped P/T box trying to jump off the line.
If I'm using a skeleton, then it's basically the main landing page for that set for me. Except I have to jump back to the other view to see comments. It would be nice to see a snippet of the last comment on each card; the red/yellow/white comment will take care of letting me find new ones.
"Generate skeleton" gives an error for all cardsets. I think line 295 of cardset needs fixing.
The main page of my "Shiny Umbreon's Unmade Cards" set (id=477) is all messed up and the pics are not showing.
Pages of individual cards work fine, though.
Well, that's not specifically true. For my Unplaced Cards set, I am unable to access to front page. This means I can't see any new comments on the set. I am, however, able to access the other pages, such as individual cards in the set and the visual spoiler. My other sets seem to be functioning fine.
Allow us to specify small symbols/icons to be included on cards. If we were creating our own mana symbols like snow {s} or Phyrexian mana {pw}, at the moment we couldn't have those images display on cards at all.
There's currently no way to allow a few people to edit a cardset unless you allow all signed-in users to do so. There should be.
At the bottom of a card set's front page, the recent comments area doesn't refresh to show more recent comments. This is probably another cacheing issue.
In the Generate Skeleton Examples, It would be nice to have Innistrad appear as one of the examples. It's one of the few modern stand-alone sets that doesn't have something funky going on with the numbers.
Link to my description page where the bug is:
Hey, I noticed that in a description page, if you have text that's wrapped in a grey box, your script for some reason doesn't like to show card links as formatted with [[[Cardname]]]. I examined the source code and noticed that you're using both <pre> then <code> tags. I tried downloading source then displaying it locally but I think it might have problems with the Same Origin Policy or something because it's not displaying correctly locally.
Anyways, I'm not sure exactly what the problem is since I can't see your server-side script which is managing these pages but you can see the <a href='url'> tags instead of there being links. I'm going to post a comment so the text isn't tiny on the card
On many cards, the text size in the mockup at top-left is slightly smaller than the text size for the same card in the hover tooltip on the "User created Cardname" links.
Can you please give more features for searching cards on the advanced search page? I'd like features that allow us to search by mana cost and colors of the cards. These features haven't been added yet, but it would definitely help a lot if we can search according to mana cost, converted mana cost and colors because I'd like to see all the WUBRG cards in this website, for example.

Expansion symbols (rare)
Can't edit cards in Safiria (uncommon)
Different card frames (uncommon)
M15 flips are broken (uncommon)
Comments on skeleton page (common)
Skeleton generation is broken (common)
My cardset kinda broke (common)
Can't Access my Set (common)
Allow Custom Symbols (common)
Multiple cardset admins (common)
Recent comments area doesn't refresh (common)
Innistrad Skeleton (common)
Bad card url encoding (common)
Inconsistent text size in mockups (common)
More features for advanced search (basic)