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CardName: Black: Enchantment removal Cost: B Type: By WotC Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: See "Mire in Misery" in the new spoilers Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: [Theory] Color Pie Discussion Uncommon

Black: Enchantment removal
By WotC
See "Mire in Misery" in the new spoilers
Updated on 19 Feb 2021 by Tahazzar

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2019-08-13 12:45:30: Tahazzar created and commented on the card Black: Enchantment removal

­Mire in Misery (upcoming card).



Make take on this awhile back was Forget Your Dreams.

2019-08-13 12:46:26: Tahazzar edited Black: Enchantment removal



> "Here’s what we’re up to. We realized that three different colors could get rid of artifacts (white, red, and green), but only two could get rid of enchantments (white and green). Black seemed like the right choice as it had two permanent types it couldn’t remove. Now, red has trouble with enchantments and black has trouble with artifacts.

> Our constraints for black were as follows. We definitely want black to be third in efficiency behind white and green. We also didn’t want black to be able to destroy its own enchantments as we like the Deal with the Devil enchantments in black (this was the major reason black hasn’t had enchantment removal).

> With those constraints, we’ve started designing cards. Our plan is to roll them out slowly, so I don’t believe Throne of Eldraine has one. You will see more though, just slowly."

I noted a while ago that black has effects like Undercity Plague that can force an opponent to make the choice between sacrificing a permanent black would have problems with and a permanent black would bot have a problem with removing and made a whole lot of hybrid designs based on that e. g. blue-black "Counter target spell unless its controller discards a card." or "Counter target spell unless its controller sacrifices a creature."

White-black hybrid "Target opponent sacrifices a creature or enchantment." would fall into the same category. And since hybrid design space is just an intersection of the design space of the two colors this would fall into either color. It's a hybrid-level bend by the way of punisher mechanics.

I'm fine with this expansion.

Regarding what MaRo says about only two getting enchantment removal - I would rather remove artifact removal from {w}. It always seemed somewhat out of place there. Artifacts being in many ways being the pinnacle of order and white having too wide-spreading removal base as is.

I always like the idea of having green being allied with an artifact-removing color and an enchantment-removing color. But white used to start out with Disenchant and it's hard to remove something rather iconic like that entirely.

I could maybe see migrating white to the ability to nerf/exile-until/otherwise-contain artifacts; as it can creatures?

Anyhow; I don't have an issue with black getting "You gotta sacrifice summat" style things. As long as it doesn't get a tranquilise (or a one-sided one) then it's probably ok.

Update, chickens have come home to roost: Feed the Swarm is now targeted enchantment removal in black.

It doesn't violate the criteria/constraints stated by MaRo, right? Everything else is just opinions.

I was surprised by the change when hearing about it, but I am not bothered by it. I'll say that I'd rather have black gain enchantment removal (for opponent's enchantments) than white lose one of its removals.

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