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CardName: Junkyer Cost: {3} Type: Artifact Junk Golem Creature Pow/Tgh: 1/1 Rules Text: {T}: Repair a Junk creature; putting a +1/+1 counter on it. Flavour Text: Everyday's a sale! Every sale's a win! Set/Rarity: Community Mashup Set Uncommon

Artifact Junk Golem Creature
{t}: Repair a Junk creature; putting a +1/+1 counter on it.
Everyday's a sale!
Every sale's a win!
Illus. Nier
Created on 9 Jul 2019 by Vitenka


2019-07-09 10:23:52: Vitenka created and commented on the card Junkyer

­Battered Golem + Application Error... retry Qualitype

So its 'normal' use is very underwhelming. That's not even a cost discount for needing to play an artifact to untap. But given the set at the time; dropping loads of artifacts was very possible, and there was equipment that needed you to tap to use. So it was kinda maybe sometimes useful. Thematically; it's a sad tired soggy old stone golem. But Emily loved it.

And... "A complementary 'type' that groups and associates cards by quality, flavor, faction, lore, etc."

Which I think is, basically, the role that "Faction symbols" plays in mtg. Yeah; it's additional subtypes like "Fire" "Doggo" and the idea is you give a card loads of them. Like; well; Battered Golem already has "Artifact" "Creature" and "Golem". It could additionally get "Stone" "Junk" "Old" etc. whatever we come up with as being qualifiers we care about. (Maro has often bemoaned that 'Fire' isn't a thing he can mae a card care about.)

Though this does still have issues - for example; say you want an elf that heals goblins. Does it deserve the goblin type? But it feels more natural.

So... I guess I'm making a card to demonstrate a new qualifier type. And either "Stone" or something about worn down and smashed up. Lets go with the latter. And we'll avoid the above-mentioned problem by making it a junky thing that itself interacts with junky things.

CCGs that use this kind of adjective-soup also tend to use spurious verbs; with the intention that maybe some later set will trigger on them. So here we 'repair' the target - which is meaningless on its own; the rules text here is putting a +1 counter on it. And the whole 'target' and identifying the source of the ability is a very "Only mtg does it, bad mtg clones forget to", so make the wording match the qualifier-soup flavour.

This could be white or green. Green is more natural for the continual slow growth; but Junk seems like a mostly artifact adjective. Though no reason for it to be exclusive; we'll go with that here.

So this could be Energy Chamber and cost only 2. But let's keep the not-so-secret "untap me a lot" thing and make it a cost3 creature (which also means it always has SOMETHING to buff) and cost nothing to use - inviting you to find a way make it whirr.

Rarity-wise; it's a fairly ugly complication to combat having this sitting around; and it's also a build-around; you want to have lots of possible junk for it to target. Both of these scream "Make me uncommon".

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