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How about we open up this set to allow anyone to put mashups in here? I'm usually not very keen on sets that look like they'll never make it beyond 10 or 20 cards, which is what any one person's mashups are likely to be. But I think it's a nice idea to have a cardset where anyone can come along, do a little mashup or two, and put the results. They could always go in Cards With No Home of course, but I think it's reasonable to have a more dedicated location for them.

A community mash set (this or another) seems a good idea; I've got a pile I can move into it :)

Phew! Alex? Your suspicion that the set might end up with only ten cards in? I'm thinking not ;)

Useful for me at least:

would it be alright for me to move my mashups from here to my own private set?

I'd like to showcase them in a less-crowded environment... If I need a numeric threshold to reach first, that's fine too...


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