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A place for people to put their mashup cards.

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This cardset is dedicated to the kind of design challenge known as Mash-ups. The way a mash-up works is: you select two cards and try to create one card that contains elements of both of them, combined into a reasonably elegant whole. A common way of selecting cards is randomly: to select a random printed card, you can use the Gatherer Random Card button or one of the alternatives. If you want to use Multiverse cards in your random selection, you can use Multiverse's random cards function.

This cardset is free for anyone to create cards, so feel free to mash away! It's a good way to keep your card design skills exercised. Post in the comments what the source cards were.

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Colour indicator U Legendary Creature – Homarid God
When creatures die, they go to the battlefield instead of the graveyard.
With strange eons, even death may die.
Illus. Ursula Vernon
1 comment
2019-11-14 10:08:28 by Vitenka
Dragon and knight at tea print
Creature – Dragon Knight
Tap a dragon: Target creature gains flying until end of turn
Illus. Z.W. Mohr
1 comment
2019-11-13 14:11:25 by Vitenka
Cast Tyrant's Obelisk only if an opponent lost the game this turn.
You cannot lose the game until Tyrant's Obelisk leaves play.
1 comment
2019-11-08 10:14:33 by Vitenka
Magic tiger by pharao girl
Legendary Creature – Illusion Cat
Menace (Tigg the Scrivened cannot be blocked by only one single creature)
When Tigg the Scrivened becomes the target of a spell or ability, sacrifice it.
Illus. Nadia van der Donk
last 2019-11-07 15:52:32 by continuumg
Armored doberman by wingedwolf94 d9kclgy
Creature – Swamp Lord
{t}: Add {b}
Whenever an opponent adds black mana, you can pay {w/b}. If you do, gain 1 life.
Illus. WingedWolf94
last 2019-10-19 08:12:46 by Vitenka

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On Cutethulhu:

­Winter Orb
Wow. The classic lock-down card. Well, one of the two (Stasis]) I guess. Also, dat art. The angry polar bear has hocked up a floating evil-sphere.

+ Thanos, Infinite War-Titan
... Just no.

+ Cthulhu
Well. Gosh. The big daddy of the mythos itself. Evil calamari god from the author who strongly believes that A-level maths is the most terrifying thing that is unimaginable. (Oh noes! It's non-euclidean!)

So anyway - one of the more obvious quotes seems appropriate to make this critter into a a lockdown form of evil. Of course; there are plenty of forms of removal other than killing things off. But still, this should cause a groundstall of epic proportions.

Actually; you know what? Instead of just costing this at seven-ish, I'm gonna outright make it a puzzle piece. Cute-thulhu lies dreaming. You can't just cast him. You have to work to wake him up.

I couldn't get this into the card, but squee!

On Coastclaw Trainer:

­Coastal Hornclaw + Draconic Burial

Wow! A 3/3 for 5 that can fly if you sacrifice a land! How magnificently powerful!

And reanimate a creature; plus one additional creature for each dragon you sacrifice. In a complicated way to enable storm.

So... sacrifice goes into the card. So, um, I could make a creature that loses flying at the end of your turns unless you sacrifice a dragon. The flavour works out, but the power level is impressively terrible.

I think we'll instead make it tap a dragon (so much for two cards with sacrifice ending up in a card with sacrifice) - and sure, there's decent flavour.

On Tyrant's Obelisk:

­Tyrant's Familiar + Obelisk of the Crop

A hasty dragon who is meant to partner with your commander. Who will be the kind of commander that lets you search for a dragon :) Seriously huge, direct damage, haste.

And... huh. The objective for an challenge format. Basically "Your team can take 20 points of damage before they lose" (and there's a mechanical turk opposing you trying to deal that damage, while you try to meet another objective).

So, hmm - a big dangerous dragon that you lose if it takes too much damage. ... Form of the Dragon and done. Or maybe your opponent loses if they take too much damage from it. Um, that would be every creature ever :)

Ok, maybe look at the name? What would a Tyrant's Obelisk be? Obelisks were declarations of religious power; and served their conquerors as a tribute. Certainly a thing a tyrant would have. Mythologically... well, there's one legend where they represent the start of the world, and posisbly of the next world. And another where, well... phallic gods let's stop there. I want to say "They outlived their creators" but, well, survivors bias. Lots didn't. In mtg, most obesliks have been mana rocks.

I think I want this to be something triumphant. Something difficult to bring up. Which means it has to be correspondingly good. "Cannot lose the game". And triumphant? Only play it if you won the game; at least a little bit.

Obviously multiplayer only. I'm imagining this would be paired up with a triumphal arch, and a chariot, and a parade, and that jester who whispers "This too shall pass..."

On Tigg the Scrivened:

I like it!

On Tigg the Scrivened:

­Scrivener + Inquisitor's Mark

2/2 regrow an instant, for 5. And a +1 +menace aura, for 2 with alt-cost of tap a cleric.

From another set, I'm tempted to suggest a horribly overcosted menace-bear, with an alt-cost of regrowing an instant.

Except... that mechanic is just horrid to balance. Go the other way? Kicker to regrow? Or how about a penalty if there is an instant? Sacrifice this if you cast an instant? Or the illusion ability? That last seems to work.

Colour. Huh. Menace is {b/r}. I kinda want this to be blue for the illusion ability though. Can I stretch this to a gold 3/3? Is illusion a big enough downside? Let's try it.

Probably a bit too fiddly for common; though could be stretched there if I hadn't pushed the P/T. I could wells see this given a name and made a legend. In fact, let's do that. Rared.

On Dauberman:

It was just really annoying to play against. Plink, plink, plink, double-plink, triple plink, doom-plink. Plink.

Like the Chinese water torture of magic.

..why the heck did I put "opponent" on this card, rather than "player"? White is permitted unconditional lifegain.

On Dauberman:

Why would you hate extort?

On Dauberman:

­Karma + Oksam, High Legislate

Old-school swamp-hate. And new-school spell hate. (Seriously; I really hate Extort).

So, huh; a creature to extort swamps? I can see that.

On Icatian Spellblade:

­Icatian Javelineers + Dunewalker Spellblade

So, huh; immune to combat damage; and equipment is completely invulnerable. I do like immune to combat damage as a concept; and it's a nice implementation of javelins in combat implying range.

Simple but effective mash. And preventing damage is nicely white.

...shame I already did Icatian Javelineers in risen empires.

On Mountain Layer:

Almost strictly worse than Stone Quarry. (Technically, this counts as a Plains for... let's say Tek.) But even to get that, it needed to spend two rounds tapped.

I think the least that we could get away with is:

­{r}: Gain 1 life. Transform Mountain Layer to a Plains.

(With {r} for activation instead of {t}, we can tap another Mountain to transform this, letting us use the mana right away. We can still tap the Mountain Layer for mana, and use that mana to transform.)

You could probably get more value than just gaining 1 life if you wanted. But you don't want people to transform these for the benefit, and not for the mana... so it may be tricky figuring out what that minor benefit might be...

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