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Community Mashup Set by ttt3142

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A place for people to put their mashup cards.

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This cardset is dedicated to the kind of design challenge known as Mash-ups. The way a mash-up works is: you select two cards and try to create one card that contains elements of both of them, combined into a reasonably elegant whole. A common way of selecting cards is randomly: to select a random printed card, you can use the Gatherer Random Card button. If you want to use Multiverse cards in your random selection, you can use Multiverse's random cards function.

This cardset is free for anyone to create cards, so feel free to mash away! It's a good way to keep your card design skills exercised. Post in the comments what the source cards were.

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Each player sacrifices each enchantment they control, then for each enchantment they sacrificed this way, puts an X/X elemental creature token onto the battlefield, where X is its converted mana cost.
last 2015-03-23 18:12:37 by Alex
Creature – Cleric
When Elex enters the battlefield you may sacrifice any number of other creatures you control. For each one, search your library for a creature of power 2, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
last 2015-03-17 21:21:32 by Alex
World Enchantment
(Sacrifice Garden of Avant when another World enchantment enters the battlefield.)
{t} symbols on creatures are replaced by "Tap a random creature that you control"
1 comment
2015-03-02 15:10:50 by Vitenka
Phyrexian Instant
Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool.
Cantrip (Draw a card)
last 2015-02-26 17:27:46 by dude1818
Creature – Jackal
Wither (Takula Jackal deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 tokens)
Some scavengers wait patiently for their prey to die.
last 2015-02-25 12:03:00 by Vitenka

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On Lustrous Birthing:

Nice interpretation! I can definitely see that.

On Elex:


On Mind over Mana:

If you don't separate subtypes by card type, changelings become unplayable for example (since they're auras that aren't attached to anything). Your cantrip keyword is a) pointless, since you still say "draw a card" on the card, and b) has the "unblockable" problem of being too general.

On Mind over Mana:

Regarding cantrip - people call it that, so why not?

And I spit upon the distinction between creature and other sub-types. It is entirely a silly distinction to draw.

On Mind over Mana:

I think Phyrexian it's supposed to be a creature type, making this "Instant Tribal Sorcery - Phyrexian." And why would you keyword cantrip?

On Mind over Mana:

Yeah, I guess that the life cost is insufficient.

But, well it's not like city of brass was gonna take me anywhere else :)

On Mind over Mana:

Oooo. It's like Simian Spirit Guide, but... cantripping... and mana of any colour... Um. This is in fact Lotus Petal (banned for being too good) plus a cantrip, isn't it? (Plus an irrelevant cost in life.)

On Takula Jackal:

I thought it was "Takula Dog" but given I don't speak the language, I'm probably wrong.

On Takula Jackal:

Wild dog dog?

On Dive bomb:

As Frontier Siege shows, this is fine. I have no idea who actually uses the Dragon mode, but whatever.

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