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A place for people to put their mashup cards.

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This cardset is dedicated to the kind of design challenge known as Mash-ups. The way a mash-up works is: you select two cards and try to create one card that contains elements of both of them, combined into a reasonably elegant whole. A common way of selecting cards is randomly: to select a random printed card, you can use the Gatherer Random Card button or one of the alternatives. If you want to use Multiverse cards in your random selection, you can use Multiverse's random cards function.

This cardset is free for anyone to create cards, so feel free to mash away! It's a good way to keep your card design skills exercised. Post in the comments what the source cards were.

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Phoenix by genzoman d3cqnzj
Enchantment Creature – Giant Phoenix
At the start of you upkeep you may return a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield. It has haste and bushido 2 (it gains +2/+2 for each creature blocking it). Exile it at end of turn.
Illus. Genzoman
last 2017-06-27 19:53:42 by Alex
Swamp ent by grizoart d7wd7e0
Creature – Treefolk Shaman
You may choose not to untap Viridian Corruptor during your untap step.
{t}: Target artifact is a colorless Swamp land for as long as Viridian Corruptor remains tapped. (It's no longer an artifact and has no abilities except "{t}: Add {b} to your mana pool.")
Illus. grizoart (Alex)
last 2017-06-26 14:20:34 by Jack V
Planeswalker – Jace
+1 Put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard. Put an aura card from among them onto the battlefield.
0 Put a token that's a copy of target aura onto the battlefield.
-7 Search your library for any number of aura cards and put them onto the battlefield.
last 2017-06-22 09:34:05 by Alex
Choose one —
• Destroy target artifact. Draw a card.
• Choose a colour. Creatures can't block creatures of that colour this turn.
last 2017-06-21 08:58:10 by Vitenka
Destroy up to one target artifact, up to one target land, up to one target planeswalker.
Discard up to one card. If you do, draw two cards.
last 2017-06-20 12:07:55 by Vitenka

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On φοῖνιξ:

Nice. Reminds me of Sedris, the Traitor King.

Uhh... did you mean bushido (Kitsune Blademaster) rather than ninjutsu (Mistblade Shinobi)?

On φοῖνιξ:

­Frost Giant + Shallow Burial

4/4 rampage 2, very red. And a raise dead every turn.

Those don't feel like they go together very well.

I could give a creature rampage each turn. (Or, more likely, ninjitsu)

Or a creature that digs up something each turn?

Yeah; go on then. Why not both. Pheonix demi-god.

On Viridian Corruptor:

We could at least maybe combine "plant" and "treefolk". Rhinofolk, ratfolk, catfolk, salamanderfolk, birdfolk, elephantfolk, insectfolk, foxfolk, etc don't get their own type :)

On Viridian Corruptor:

... then we would need to change Treefolks into Forestfolk :P
If we really think on it, maybe all treefolks should be "Elemental Forest" creatures instead (they could tap for {g} by default)? From flavor perspective it would perfect sense. Alas, it's way too late to introduce such changes (lands and creatures each have their own types etc).

Anyway, the last two deviantarts that I linked made me think that maybe it could be a "Hag" instead? They kind of play into that same space.

On Viridian Corruptor:

It kinda needs to be 2/2 for the mashup. And also to discourage people from preferring it as a blocker over using its ability. You're right that it's small for a tree.

Maybe I need to introduce 'swampfolk'? :)

On Viridian Corruptor:

Art: What's the point of that?

Here's some pictures from deviantart:

EDIT1: Oh, I didn't notice this was editable. Reformatted the card - I hope that's okay (some people seem to get ticked off by it)

EDIT2: Testing out reminder text. Looks like it would fit nicely within a "real" visual render.

EDIT3: I went ahead and replaced that old art. The link to that was:

2/2 is a rather small for a treefolk btw. Excluding Lumberknot and star toughnesses - all the treefolks have 3+ toughness. IMO this could be a 2/4 for its cost.

On Viridian Corruptor:

Re: Art. I just hit google image search; I think it's a photo.

And yeah, it corrupt artifacts into swamps. Intentional that you can also use that as a way to save an artifact, or mildly mana ramp. But mainly you'd use it on horrible enemy things.

On Viridian Corruptor:

You may choose not to untap ~ during your untap step.
{t}: Target artifact is a colorless Swamp land for as long as ~ remains tapped.

Green card having "Corruptor" in its name is rather wonky. The card even references black by turning the artifact into a Swamp. Well, maybe it makes sense it being a lackey of that Witherbark afterall.

The fun/weird thing is that this can protect your own artifacts fairly well.

Who's the artist btw? ... is that a photo? Surely you could find somewhat applicable art from deviantart or so.

On Viridian Corruptor:

­Viridian Shaman + Witherbark, Corrupted Guardian

A 2/2 creature that blows up artifacts; and a 2/2 creature that makes forests and swamps and gets bigger from them.

So.. turn artifacts into swamps. Why not?

On Jace, Enhancemancer:

Jack created this as a mashup, and Jack usually likes to stick as close as he can to the source cards. Blue has interacted with auras in the past - Simic Guildmage, Aura Finesse/Aura Graft, Glamer Spinners etc.

But yes, to me this looks like it wants to explore the same space as my Atine, Sculptress of Dreams (which used to be a {g/w} hybrid).

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