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CardName: Sabretooth Ogrecat Cost: {5}{R}{R} Type: Creature - Cat Pow/Tgh: 10/1 Rules Text: First Strike Flavour Text: mew? Set/Rarity: Community Mashup Set Rare

Sabretooth Ogrecat
Kitty1 922835
Creature – Cat
First Strike
Updated on 10 Jun 2019 by Vitenka


2019-06-10 13:34:43: Vitenka created and commented on the card Sabretooth Ogrecat

­Sabretooth Tiger + Ogre Meteorcaller

Oh wow; Ice Age! 2/1 first strike. And a 3/2 first strike that also shoots something for 10!

Guess I'm making a red first striker. Or a superstriker?

Can I make a 10/1 first striker? I mean; I can - but what would it be, and cost? Mash makes an ogrecat? Sure; that can be a thing. Sounds both pouncy and huge.

I'm guessing this needs to cost like 7 or 8? 8 is too much; it's not actually a game winner, you can just chump it a few times. But with a bit of a boost it is huge.

Really really needs to be rare. Certainly can't be common or uncommon, and I don't think I can make a french-vanilla mythic; so rare it is.

Not my best card, by a long shot.

that art is intimidating

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