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First part of the "What is magic?" block.

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On "Zion" (reply):

<> is the world of multiple gods, each holding their own strong view of reality. People of various races have to come to inhabit this world by being long lost and caught by the planes many interconnected portals. They are now trapped in this labyrinthine plane and have devoted themselves to the service of these seemingly all-powerful gods who hold dominion over their lives.

The gods are actually the shattered mind of a single entity. Ely used to be a prominent metamage with keen interest in understanding all the various fields of magic. In his pursuit to gain deeper understanding of these schools, he experimented dividing his presence into multiple beings, each holding one paradigm of magic as the base of their consciousness. It was during these experiments that the mending happened. While Ely retained much of his power, by each of his copy now essentially holding the power of a post-mending planeswalker, his unity as a single entity was shattered. Through their subconscious consensus the world of <> is being manipulated and now the various cycles of magical energy make up the routines of the people living in this remote and forgotten world.

Others that have since come to live in <> are unaware of Ely's true nature.

Things were mostly peaceful for a while as each god taught their followers the ways of their discipline. While it was always known that the gods could transfer their essence into minions of their own, it was later on discovered that one god could drain the essence of another god, and become twice as powerful. The more cruel of the gods immediately took upon themselves the quest of becoming the one 'true' god and all are now caught in the clutches of a seemingly perpetual war.

Mechanics: Low-rarity 'walkers, Invoke ('walker convoke)

Gameplay: High card flow, variety, lots of colors

Main theme is condensed in the question of "What is magic?"

"Magic is..."

  • the mystery that life holds over us; that it never be truly understood.
  • power: the will to manifest one's desires as change in accordance to one’s conformity.
  • life and death; ebb and flow.
  • the key which can be used to unlock the secrets of the universe.
  • an illusion: it gives power to those with most will to bear it.
  • a secret for few are to learn its true nature.
  • the purpose of being that will sets us free.
  • belief: the ability to alter reality in the context of one’s understanding of the world.
  • choice that reveals the true identity of all.
  • will into being and action
  • a paradox for its a question without answers.
  • designation: for with the name and source of all things can be determined.
  • communion which we can talk to gods

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Draw a card if you have no cards in hand.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have no cards in hand, you may return Ex Nihilo from your graveyard to your hand.
Within heart of the Ideal, the final receptacle for souls and the source of all impressions, is the existential self at its last gasp.
Illus. Finnian MacManus
last 2018-04-01 18:23:47 by Vitenka
Creature – Demon
As an additional cost to cast Ravenous Lastborn, sacrifice a creature.
You may cast Ravenous Lastborn from your graveyard.
"Your mortal coils are mere shells for me to occupy."
Illus. Gaétan Weltzer
1 comment
2018-04-07 10:13:54 by SecretInfiltrator
Creature – Aetherborn Mystic
Flash (You may cast this spell any time you could cast an instant.)
When Aether Voyager enters the battlefield, choose one —
• Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.
• Put a loyalty counter on target planeswalker.
Illus. A. Andrew Gonzalez
1 comment
2018-12-30 11:40:56 by Tahazzar
Creature – Human Wizard
Prowess, prowess
Other creatures you control with prowess have prowess. (Each instance of prowess triggers separately.)
"It's the process of prowess that powers profuse progress in rowers!" pressed Prioress Perweiss.
Illus. Drew Baker
last 2019-01-06 05:25:15 by Tahazzar
Creature – Human Wizard
{u}, Exile a creature card from your graveyard: Draw a card, then discard a card.
Illus. Miguel Ángel Sánchez García
last 2019-01-04 12:29:40 by Tahazzar

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On Imperial of the Scepter:

This card has been quite popular at reddit: I bet a lot of that comes down to the flavor text.

On Imperial of the Scepter:
On Imperial of the Scepter:

Screw it - I take it.

On Thorough Necrologist:
On Thorough Necrologist:

I have to wonder whether you mean "thorough".

On Imperial of the Scepter:

"Prowess, prospect pirates! Prowess!" pressed Prioress Perweiss. "It's the process of prowess that powers profuse progress in rowers!"

On Imperial of the Scepter:
on 2018-12-31 11:01:24 by Vitenka (unlogged):

Suggested flavour text: (Prowess)

On Imperial of the Scepter:

Prowess lord.

Needs flavor text.

On Immortis Netherium:

Needs flavor text.

On Thorough Necrologist:

Needs flavor text.

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