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Issues for which I need comments/aid:

• I need to decide on two cycles of dual lands. The propositions include the Crystalline Fields cycle, the Living Beach cycle, the Island of Sunflowers cycle, the Shattered Shelf cycle, the Forgotten Fountain cycle, the Village Library cycle, and the Barren Estuary cycle. If you have comments on a favorite or tweaks that you think would make the card better, please mention it on one of those cards. If you think I should just use Tundra and Hallowed Fountain, say so (I probably should).

• I don't know if victory counters are worth including. I've tried to make it so that most cards that produce them can do it multiple times, but honestly, I don't know how they'll play.

• Right now the theme for {g/b} is enchantments and the theme for green is "recursion." If you have better propositions for either of these, please make a suggestion.

Proposal to self: Swap out victory counters for experience counters. They'll likely be less parasitic.

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