Link's First Custom Cube: Themes & Archetypes

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These are intended as rough building blocks to guide and inspire card creation.

­{w}: Power 2 or less matters

­{u}: Enlighten

­{b}: Nobles matter?/Laws

­{r}: Damage triggers?

­{g}: Enchantments

­{w/u}: Flickering

­{u/b}: Sorceries? {q}?

­{b/r}: Death matters

­{r/g}: Lands?

­{g/w}: Defender

­{w/b}: Tokens

­{u/r}: Mill

­{b/g}: Recursion/Leaving Graveyard matters

­{r/w}: Legendary & PWs matter

­{g/u}: Counters

Mechanics Pool: Victory counters, Retrace, Law, Level Up

Updated on 8 Apr 2019 by Link