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This was done about a year ago. It is a 249 card set that is to be followed by the 145 card set Harmony, finished about half a year ago.

This set has a lot of flaws, but I've learned thanks to it. In general, it was made for Constructed, mostly, and the power level is too high. The former makes some themes playable when choosing your 60 cards, but completely irrelevant if opening boosters. The latter also hurts Limited. But it's also very powerful for Constructed. I was in a time where I thought even common cards should be good enough. And while it's true, I think I pushed everything too far, trying to make all cards playable (impossible because even among only good cards there are best ones). If you open a booster, you'll see almost everything is very playable, yet some good cards are overshadowed by downright broken cards from this same set. This is because the set had little development. I made the cards, made sure they made sense, but avoided playtesting (and Limited).

I consider it finished, so I won't be correcting things. I even sometimes wonder if the themes were actually enjoyable, but I'll leave it. It'll remain as a good lesson only.

That's an awesome and informative piece of text. It might do better as a details page. I'm vexed that the mouseover hovers like Treasure Stealer don't work in it; I'll try to fix that up soon, because that document would read much better if the cards were mouseover hovers rather than needing to click through.

Ok, I'll put it there and while I'm at it fix some typos.

Is there something I can do to have the mouseover hovers without using the card's names (for example, just saying "owls" and having it link to Savage Owl)?

Not yet, but watch this space: I'm working hard to get that to happen automatically for you on any Multiverse link to a Multiverse card (including all those in the text above, as well as all those on Recent Activity and so on).

(Well, there is one way: you can include a card code link instead, like "(((CW01)))", if your cards have codes. But that'll just show up as the code CW01, which probably isn't any better than just the card name.)

You could perhaps give each card a nickname, in the "Code" field, and then use triple-parens to link that nickname. But basically, give me a week or so and I'll get the mouseovers working on all links :)

There you go - mouseover hover links will now work on all links to Multiverse cards (and as a bonus they're a lot faster now as well).

Thanks, I think all the users thank you for that. I also appreciate the advertising when you announced the mouseover hovers. :3

on 15 Jul 2011 by Icendaaduse:


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