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Hey fellow Egyptian set guy!

I really haven't read any of the cards yet, but here are some Egyptian things that can help you go when you design an Egyptian top-down set =D

  1. Egyptian mythos features heavily on the power of the written word, rituals and spoken magic. Words and their intricacies are important to magic, religion and daily life.

  2. Egyptian myths are multilayered. Each of the Major gods have incarnations that play out the same roles over the "history" of their time

  3. Egypt is cyclical. They rely heavily on seasons, annual floods and the like. As such, much of their religion is cyclical

  4. Egypt believe in the Cosmic Order, or Ma'at, and the rituals involving the fight between order and chaos.

  5. They are the oldest of the civilizations, as such, most occultists accredit mystical powers and magic to them. i.e. Magic's source is Egypt. They're known to be knowledgeable in higher powers.

BTW, if anybody would like to contribute, feel free to just add a card to one of the empty slots in the skeleton so that we can discuss it.

I didn't think I'd care for an Egyptian themed set, but so far I'm impressed. I especially like the "worship" mechanic.

It will be probably be difficult to come up with a full 200 cards without significant help though.

I'm not sure whether or not I'm the first to say this, but "AtĂșn" is the spanish word for Tuna. So your sun god is named tuna? I guess, considering that in the Silmarillion the High Elves lived for a while on a big hill called Tuna, I can't say that having something named tuna in your fantasy world is a bad thing... :)

I've started working on this set again, but I do not have the time to keep it updated here. You can check the current version here.

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