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Long ago, the gods Atun and Erises ruled over the land of Ankheret. Atun was the sundisk, lord of the land of the living; Erises, his counterpart, was the moondisk, lord of the underworld. At first friends, Atun and Erises eventually disagreed over how to rule the mortal denizens of the plane. Atun believed humans should be taught medicine and agriculture so that they might prosper but Erises, afraid this would deny the underworld of newcomers, refused. Eventually, Atun attacked Erises, shattering the moon into five fragments.

New gods emerged from Erises's defeat and humanity prospered. The only who suspected the truth was the god Sentesh, keeper of the knowledge gods have deemed humans should not be privy to. And Sentesh is determined to discover what truly happened—whether for his own benefit or not, no one knows. But he will need a champion, for he cannot risk the other gods finding out his plans if he acts directly. A champion who will discover the secrets buried deep in the sands of Ankheret.

In reality, what's going on is that by destroying Erises, Atun has thrown the world out of balance and destroyed the cycle of death and rebirth in the plane (though he himself genuinely doesn't know this). Without the guardian of the underworld, the souls of the dead become lost in the afterlife and the underworld is collapsing. Each night, Atun must descend into the underworld to reemerge renewed during the dawn, so Atun himself will die forever without Erises. The second set, tentatively named Time's Eclipse, involves the Erises (aka the moon) being resurrected and stuff happening.

Created on 05 Oct 2014 by Berf