Ankheret: Draft Archetypes

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Each color pair should have a presence in Limited. These are so far the draft archetypes for the pairs:

­{w/u}: Worship control. Use defensive worship dudes in the early game. In the late game, use your worshipers to boost your threats to quickly win the game.

­{u/b}: Mill.

­{b/r}: Aggro using unearth.

­{r/g}: Lands matter.

­{g/w}: Auras using renew.

­{w/b}: Worship using tokens and unearth. Basically, trying to have lots of creatures entering the battlefield to maximize worship chances.

­{b/g}: Graveyard stuff using self-mill, unearth and renew.

­{g/u}: Expedition and lands matter.

­{u/r}: Spells. In particular, caring about spells in graveyard.

­{r/w}: Hound tribal (think anubites)

Created on 05 Oct 2014 by Berf