Erfh: Information Age

Erfh: Information Age by amuseum

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41 rares, 11 mythics, 5 basics, 1 token

31 colourless, 1 token colourless, 20 white, 15 blue, 18 black,
15 red, 16 green, 19 multicolour, 23 land

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Set in modern Erfh, featuring terrains, vehicles, and a new victory condition

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On Erfh: Information Age (reply):

Revamped colors as motifs. Go read pages on Motifs Chart and Faces and Places. Accordingly altered cards costs to fit motif model.

On Erfh: Information Age (reply):

Planeswalkers are renamed Paragons. If anyone wants to make a Paragon about themself, be my guest. Preferably matching one of the parties/factions, which are enemy-colored in this block BTW. But monocolored is also fine. However should we limit it to 5 Paragons in the set/block?

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Fast Agent – Drone
Flight (This can block only agents with flight. This can only be blocked by agents with flight or anti-flight.)

Homebound (This creature can't attack.)

When Rescue Drone enters, return up to one target agent you control to its owner's hand.
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2017-06-16 17:47:55 by amuseum
Agent – Hacker
Alter Ego — When Guild Dragoon enters the field, create a {u} 0/1 Magician Avatar agent clone.

When Guild Dragoon attacks, if you control a Magician agent, it gains [aegis] and can't be blocked until end of turn.

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On Erfh: Information Age:

Baseline energy cost for destruction of a permanent:

  • agent = 3 ({2}{b} fast)
  • paragon = 3 ({2}{w} slow)
  • land = 3 ({2}{g} slow)
  • agenda = 2 ({1}{u} fast)
  • object = 2 ({1}{r} fast)
  • transport = 2 ({1}{g} fast)
On Trojan Nanovirus:

­{g} is main alignment to shut down things.

On Bribery:

What is this Magic you speak of?

On Nirvana:

Lets you survive until you win by emptying your stockpile.

On Ransom:

­{b} is main alignment of compulsion, give opponent two bad choices.

On Brain Surgery:

­{u} is main alignment for discard.

On Burst of Knowledge:

­{u} finisher to empty your stockpile.

On Bribery:

Does it matter to you that Bribery exists as a card in regular Magic? I wasn't sure if you cared or not.

On Bribery:

­{g} is the main alignment to gain control of other player's agents and objects.

On Confiscate:

­{w} is main alignment for taking control of other's permanents.

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