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Now that you've imported the images, you may wish to edit the cardset configuration to use those images by default. Then they'll appear on the visual spoiler and the set front page. OTOH, this does require you to keep the images up to date if you make changes. (My intended workflow is that when you change the card text so that the image is now out of date, you blank the image URL until you re-render it.)

Switched default display to display images, but not fixed cards that are out of sync. Will do re-import at some point.

Reimported cards. Images and text in multiverse should match, though I've probably got it wrong somewhere.

on 3 Apr 2012 by Apurba:

Not only was the masked miaicagn fatter than the genuine one but the narrator was the big give away in his annoyed and very impatient tone of voice when he explains how the trick was done. The lady may have been beautiful like they always are in the masked miaicagns clips, but her dancing was way too provocative for high quality magic of the real masked miaicagn. The explanation of how it worked made no sense at all ==

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