Gentlemen Magicians: Setting

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The setting is similar to -- but not literally -- an alternate England, where the forests were never felled, and magic stayed in the world, and civilisation is still confined to isolated dwellings. The most prominent creatures are forest animals and forest spirits, boggles, which are faintly reminiscent of Pratchett's Gnomes -- small, tough, magical but without any innate magical powers, but have lived long enough to have adventurers and heroes and fortifications and battles.

Much of the flavour of the set comes from boggles' point of view. For instance, there are more cards where natural forest creatures are important and scary than in a normal set, and from their point of view human magicians are mysterious and implacable.

Humans are comparatively rare, and essentially legendary to the boggles. They are typically a powerful magician living alone in a mansion in the forest, with a small number of apprentices and servants. There are some isolated villages as well, but these are barely featured on cards. Magicians derive part of their power from the study and control of natural magic of the forest, including having boggle servants, which is mainly why magicians' thrall is intimidating to boggles.

And there are a number of extremely jabberwockian weird creatures from the deep, deep, deep magic parts of the forest, or from an alternate plane, that are only legends to most of the inhabitants, but extremely disturbing to the inhabitants.

Updated on 15 Nov 2010