Gentlemen Magicians: Suggested theme decks

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2x Mechanical Wolf
2x Spirit Wolf
2x White Wolf
2x Grizzled Wolf
2x Dire Wolf
2x Yearling Wolf
2x Mountain Wolf
2x Timber Wolf
2x Throat Wolf
2x Watchwolf
1x Woodland Changeling
2x Apprentice Shaman
1x Herne The Hunter
2x Wolf Skull Totem
1x Howl Of The Night Pack
1x Valiance
1x Steady Drizzle
1x Frabjous Upwellment
1x Turn To Sand
1x Astral Soulform
1x Treeheart Stalwort
1x Desperate Predation
1x Boggle Expedition
1x Familiar Toad

2x Wolf Lair
2x Training Kennels
2x Boggle Fortifications
2x Boggle Training Camp


­Birds & Scry

­Rabbit breeding

­Mechanical Squirrel

Updated on 18 Feb 2011 by Alex