Gentlemen Magicians: Mechanical themes

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There are no new mechanics, but some have been reused where they felt appropriate as if they were eternal mechanics (hybrid mana, scry, coloured artifacts, dredge) sometimes only once or twice, and there are several themes.

­Loyalty lands

There are non-planeswalkers with loyalty values. These can be attacked the same way planeswalkers are -- they function almost as "planeswalker land" cards in the rules, but not by flavour.

The only ones present are lands. They are played as lands, and affected by cards which affect lands, but loyalty abilities are played the same way as loyalty abilities on planeswalkers, and the land dies when the last loyalty counter is removed. All the loyalty lands should have an ability which produces mana, or a way to put them into play other than playing them as a land.

Also, unlike planeswalkers, these can have non-loyalty abilities (activated or static, etc). Formatting issues make them sometimes difficult to read. If a line starts with "+1:" or "[+1]:" or similar, it's a loyalty ability, if it starts with ":" or nothing, it isn't.


There was a theme of comparatively powerful equipment and cheap creatures, and a number of equipment had the drawback ability "If a source a player controls deals damage to the equipped creature, they may destroy this instead" intended to allow more powerful cheap common equipment without it becoming tediously unanswerable. Originally this was represented by equipment with loyalty counters, which could be damaged, but I decided that was too complicated, and the "opponent's choice totem armour" was better.


Many wolves have a "2: Target wolf gains xxxx" ability.


Many squirrels have a "put xxxx to the bottom of a library" ability.


The rabbits have a variety of mechanics, but are intended to evoke an unconstrained breeding feel, ideally with meadow crixis and breeding warren. But this almost certainly needs to be severely edited after testing.

­Creature type

There are a few cards which care about creature type. Since in this world humans are rare and special, I approved cards affecting "human" as a type, although I can't remember if I used this.


Several scry cards, many concepted around magician's familiars. (Birds tend to scry, toads make mana, cats do combat tricks.)

Updated on 15 Nov 2010