Lost Skies of Aurus

Lost Skies of Aurus by FlyingDingo

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76 commons, 61 uncommons, 44 rares, 11 mythics

30 white, 23 blue, 13 black, 15 red, 11 green,
56 multicolour, 10 hybrid, 17 artifact, 17 land

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A set loosely based on cultures after the fall of the Roman Empire, with flying ships.

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On The Crossing of the Bericus (reply):

This saga represents the crossing of the Rubicon by Julius Caesar. It is said that he stood and contemplated whether to do this, and finally crossed it, igniting the Roman Civil War that ended the Republic and created the Roman Empire.

On The New Udar (reply):

This saga tells of the struggle the people of Udar faced when rebuilding after the cataclysmic wrathcloud that destroyed Orom.

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Creature – Dwarf Artist
Their frenetic rhythm inspires others to action, musical or otherwise.
Instant – Adventure
Target creature gains haste until end of turn. Scry 1. (Then exile this card. You may cast the creature later from exile.)
Creature – Dwarf Wizard
Aptitude ⁠— As long as Thoreg Spellblade is enchanted or equipped, it has hexproof.
The Thoreg, or blue dwarves, travel between oases and Umay cities, sharing knowledge and protection.
When Lightkeeper enters the battlefield, tap target creature.
{2}, {t}, Sacrifice Lightkeeper: Draw a card.
"Well used, it can blind your enemies and open your eyes."
— Aldith Rainsworn
Noncreature spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.
You can't cast noncreature spells during your turn and you may cast noncreature spells as though they had flash.
{3}{u}, Sacrifice Thoughtstorm: Draw two cards.
Exile target creature or planeswalker. Its controller draws a card.
A present draped in silver and red is the last thing a criminal's relatives see of him in Kyzan.
last 2020-07-10 11:59:24 by FlyingDingo

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On Insistent Preacher:

Changed wording. Hope it's not too long for adventure.

On Insistent Preacher:

See Bounty Agent.

> "Destroy target noncreature permanent that's an artifact or creature."

or simply:

> "Destroy target noncreature artifact or noncreature enchantment."

On Insistent Preacher:

Changed to adventure creature, not sure if the noncreature applying to artifacts and enchantments is clear though.

On Psygm, Depth's Delusion:

There'll be a bit of mill in blue, black, and green (see Snida, Emperor's Bane ); and a bit of "cast in opponent's turns" in blue and black (see Draining Trauma ). Flash is the main theme of blue-black in limited, and this lets you cast creatures as though they had flash too!

On Psygm, Depth's Delusion:

I can dit it. It's a neat lord for exile. I expect there will be more mill at common in the set?

On Curt Imprisonment:

I was trying to make a riff on Angelic Ascension, but it may be too good still. Thinking about upping the CMC to 3, but not sure yet.

On Curt Imprisonment:

That's a lot stronger than white usually gets nowadays. White typically requires some form of transgression before it can exile. Typically "You tapped/attacked" though sometimes "You seem to be a very large demon" is enough.

On Nature's Vigil:

It's quite skill-testing for an opopnent. Because drawing a card is also very good; so the opponent may well be tempted to hold off on removing it.

So yeah, nice card. Though indeed, perhaps slightly undercosted since it has no body to kill.

On Nature's Vigil:

Yeah, that was my aim. I may have overshoot it and should up the mana cost a bit, but the tension was "ok, I'm going to keep on checking my library until you provoke me".

In-story, it represents the bond with the land, broken when Tezzeret started doing shenanigans.

On Nature's Vigil:

Hmmm. Scry 2 is almost as good as "draw a card". So this pretty much incentivises the opponent to cast something on your turn, to give you the oneoff payout rather than the ongoing benefit. Is that what you were going for? A Crystal Ball that the opponent can force to crack?

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