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The Kyzan Empire (Byzantine Empire)

The original Empire was formed when a human united the disperse kingdoms of his race, gained the favor of Cloudqueen Helena and defeated the avens in the Battle of Ankevan, after which the aven swore fealty to the human emperor. Once covering the whole of Udar, the biggest known remnant, the Empire shattered when a devastating wrathcloud destroyed its capital, Orom. The western part of the empire fell, and the capital was moved to Kyzan. Now ruled by Mercuro and Arik, the aven caedomino, the Kyzan have isolated themselves and are rumored to be suffering from internal strife. The angels that once illuminated the white and golden cities of the empire have been disappearing, and the people worry that Cloudqueen Helena might be the only one left to protect them from their enemies. However, they are a proud and courageous people, and will face any enemies that may arise in the times to come.

The Tamis Clans (Mystical)

Even though there's nothing left resembling an ocean in Aurus, rivers, lakes and small seas are still part of most of the remnants. The Tamis Clans are united by their reverence for this precious resource, and are formed by merfolk, pixies and other equally fickle races. They control the Great Lake, the biggest sea on Udar, sorrounded by forest and lying to the north of the remnant. Their control of the Great Lake gives them access to the numerous rivers and streams that end here, creating an extensive network of canals through which they extend their influence. Even though they don't have a leader per se, Aldith is the merfolk that has the most say in their actions as a group, and she has allowed part of the Great Lake to be used by other races and groups as well, in exchange for a toll in secrets or information.

The Vingon Kin (Franks)

The Vingon Kin is the result of the unification of several rebellious groups that wanted to be free from the Empire's authority. When Orom was destroyed, many of these declared themselves independent, and started to annex the surrounding territories that were now leaderless. Eventually, the emerging nations waged war against each other, each one trying to prove themselves as the most powerful. The ursus Clovo became the first king of the Vingon Kin, the name he gave the final, unified nation, and adopted the Prayer of the Eclipse as the official religion. Focusing on the strength of the individual and a strict separation between warrior-nobles and peasants, this fearsome people is now lead by Gudul, an orc who some say is the avatar of the Eclipse. Will she be able to live up to her fame when the Dawn of the Eclipse comes?

The Umay Expanse (Arabs)

Many years ago, Amod the Lost heard the song of Kiranos for the first time. The dwarf bard had been travelling between several cities and settlements of the Heri desert when he found the lair of the mighty dragon. It is said that when Amod returned to the dwarven city of Vitra, something had changed in him. He spoke of the Song of Fire, a way to live driven by passion, innovation, emotion. The teachings of the bard rapidly spread through the Irsa mountains, and the dwarven lands united under his words. Even the most civilized of goblins started to follow him. Nowadays, the Umay Expanse is an advanced and inquisitive nation ruled by the Head-Crafters, the best artists and inventors of each discipline. The leadership changes each year and a half, with Mahir, the Head-Alchemist, being the one that leads the lot at the moment. In the last few months, the Expanse has established many trade routes between their own remnant, Heria, and Udar, making the Kyzan Empire nervous at their growing power.

The Doine Clans (Celts)

Even when Orom still stood and the Empire's people believed that Udar was completely under control, the swamps, marshes and rainforest of the Doine remained a mistery. Holding the land itself as sacred, the Doine revere the cycle of life and death and think that many of the supposed advancements of civilizations are holding the true power of the earth and the elements back. As such, they sometimes strike out of their territories, making vegetation flourish over the Empire's roads and liberating rivers held down by dams, among other actions. It is said that their knowledge of weather and natural magics is unparalleled, but all efforts to try to learn from them have failed. However, there are more peaceful groups that simply keep to themselves, studying and helping nature take its course in their territory. Ulik, the most respected lizard druid, is a part of this group, and has been trying to keep the Doine Clans away from the bubbling hostilities. This will prove ever more difficult with the reappearance of Zarix, the Marshbringer.

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