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Aurus, the Shattered Plane

A long time ago, a cataclysmic event nearly destroyed the plane of Aurus. It is not known what caused it, but some of the planeswalkers that have visited it hypothesize that a clash between all-powerful planeswalkers before the Mending is the only thing that could have caused a disaster of its magnitude. What is known for sure is what became of the plane.

Once whole, Aurus fragmented in innumerable remnants, some smaller than a house, others continents that house entire civilizations. These remnants float in the Cloudsea, a physical residue of the mana liberated in the destruction. These energies sometimes gather and react, causing devastating storms called wrathclouds by the locals. Argos, magical floating vessels that can traverse the perilous distances between remnants, are the only method of transportation between them.

The biggest known remnant is Udar. This place was dominated by the First Empire, an strict but generous regime that had absorbed or conquered nearly every other culture in its wake. However, corruption and ineptitude started to take its toll on the sprawling society, and pockets of rebellion waited for an opportunity to spring into action. This opportunity finally came when Orom, the capital, was devastated in a disastrous wrathcloud, and the western part of the empire fell.

The Fall of Orom

When Orom fell, western Udar rapidly became a complex array of disorganized lands and fragile kingdoms. The northern marshes, places never subject to the Empire, organized themselves in heterogenous tribes of elves and lizardfolk, and mostly kept to themselves. The rest of western Udar slowly but steadily flocked around the strongest leaders, the most important of them an ursus, warchief of the Vingon Kin. Apart from them, travelling the across the Great Lake arrived the Tamis, clans of merfolk and fae with tenuous alliances between them.

In the east, the remnants of the empire reorganized around the emperor's brother, and set the new capital on Kyzan. Ignoring the western conflicts, they started to compete economically with another great force: the advanced Umay Expanse. Coming from a big remnant to the south of Udar, the Umay had built a pair of argos and were trying to establish the first trade routes through the Cloudsea, something unthinkable until then.

With the void of the old Empire filled and new societies rising to power, nearly a century has passed since the Cataclysm. However, a foreigner has come to Aurus, looking for the power left behind by the catastrophe so long ago. And only Zarix, a Doine lizardfolk, knows its true nature.

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