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Some lists are incomplete. The cards listed here are by no means a complete list of cards suited for the archetype, but just here to give you idea as to what the decks are going for.

{w}{u} Seal Tempo

Uses cheap flying beaters in conjunction with Seal in order to outtempo the opponent.

Common Cards: Inheritor of Winds, Imbibing Seal, Mage of the Five Stars

Signpost Cards: Blessing of the Heavens, Heavenly Armor, Material to Immaterial

{u}{b} Seal-Based Control

Uses Talismans early on to muck up the ground, then plays big removal/draw spells.

Common Cards: Daggers of the Court, Empress's Scorn, Foretelling Seal

Signpost Cards: Three Curses, Four Moments in One, Xiacheng Apothecary

{b}{r} Monstrous-Based Aggro

Aggressive deck that uses tricks primarily to remove blockers. Monstrous cards help provide reach late-game.

Common Cards: Twilight Jumper, Sweet Whispers, Bellchime Devil

Signpost Cards: White Bone Spirit, Outlaws of the Marsh, Flesh-Drunk Ogre

{r}{g} Monstrous Ramp

Typical ramp deck with monstrous creatures. Subtheme of +1/+1 counters.

Common Cards: Sentinel of the Pines, Peach Gardener, Fireworks Bombardment

Signpost Cards: Pilgrim's Path, Slaughter Seeker, Jungle Tyrant

{g}{w} Bequeath Voltron

Voltron deck focusing on passing down keywords with Bequeath. Subtheme of +1/+1 counters.

Common Cards: Watchful Panda, Ancient Qilin, Vigilante's Challenge

Signpost Cards: Student of a Hundred Styles, Luckbringer Sparrows,

{w}{b} Bequeath Value

Sticky deck that constantly recurs or protects key cards that other creatures have Bequeathed abilities onto.

Common Cards: Village Herbalist, Vile Sorcerer, Tomb Wanderer

Signpost Cards: Honored Concubine, Effigy Burner, Wishbringer Qilin

{b}{g} The Rock

Typical value deck. Combines all three major mechanics - Bequeath, Reflex, and Monstrous - for a flexible midrange or control deck that stalls until they can outvalue the opponent at around 5-7 mana.

Common Cards: Silverhorn Demon, Neutralizing Seal, Noxious Tea

Signpost Cards: Beast of Unearthly Winds, Immortal Eater, Yaoguai Bloodspiller

{g}{u} Spirit Tribal

Deck focusing on Spirit tribal. Evasive and defensive creatures that can go-wide lategame.

Common Cards: Realm Traveller, Riverside Ponderer, Herald of Rain

Signpost Cards: Astral Channeler, Evanescent Guru, Spirit of Floods

{u}{r} Sequence

Tempo/Combo deck that focuses on chaining spells with sequence together.

Common Cards: Enflamed Soul, Full Breath, Killing Tiger Fangs

Signpost Cards: Vermillion Sunbird, Estate Burglar, Immolator Transcendant

{r}{w} Combat Tricks

Aggressive deck that uses a number of combat tricks in order to burst the enemy or win combat.

Common Cards: Descend Like Hawk, Moontoucher, Dragonstaff Duelist

Signpost Cards: Follower of the Fist, Kowtow, Heroic Aspirant

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