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{w}{b} Intro Deck

Imperial Legacy

1x Wishbringer Qilin (Rare) (Face Card)

1x Puppeteer's Shadow (Rare)

{u}{w} Intro Deck

Thousand Cuts

1x Mystic Calligrapher (Rare) (Face Card)

1x Blessing of the Heavens (Rare)

{b}{g} Intro Deck

Sinister Plans

1x Yaoguai Bloodspiller (Rare) (Face Card)

1x Bringer of Disaster (Rare)

{r}{u} Intro Deck

Martial Artistry

1x Heroic Aspirant (Rare) (Face Card)

1x Jinshan Textfinder (Rare)

{g}{r} Intro Deck

Celestial Beasts

1x Moonshade Stalker (Rare) (Face Card)

1x Seasonbringer Dragon (Rare)

Updated on 21 Jan 2018 by Mal