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Do I recall seeing this cardset on the MTGSalvation Custom Cardset design forum a few months ago? It seems to have a number of intriguing ideas in it.

I started work on this during GDS2, so much of the outline was up on the Wizards wiki and discussed on the Salvation boards.

I also write about my progress on Goblin Artisans.

That's probably where I recall reading about it, then.

As I'm filling in the skeleton, adjusting various things based on criticism, and reviewing booster assortments, a couple concerns came to light:

  1. I've been a bit overzealous designing low CC cards as a way of supporting the three keyworded mechanics. This has resulted in a certain unpleasant and dangerous uniformity in costs.

  2. Rhythm, and the various themes designed to support it, makes things a bit "fiddly" in actual play. This might not be a terrible problem, as I've cut out a good deal of board complexity by removing counters from nearly every design other than Immortal Ahriman, but I suspect it may still be a bit much.

As a result, if any visitors would like to nominate cards for either receiving cost-increasing makeover or fiddly-diminishing surgery, that would be appreciated.

Critical Query -

In an early draft of this set, something that I had been developing long before GDS2, I had been using Delve (as seen on Tombstalker) as a mechanic to complement certain mechanics based around converted mana cost and alternative costs. During GDS2, it was determined that common references to converted mana cost is a bit of a no-no in terms of complexity, so I ditched most of those ideas (which had to do with triadic structures, as seen in chords). As such, I also abandoned my use of Delve.

However, as I've never really been satisfied with Resonate, especially since it's a bit to scary to use very much, I was thinking about bring back Delve, and possibly even some Scourge-esque CMC-matters mechanics.

But there are a number of questions —

Does Delve:

A) Feel good conceptually with the framework of a generally music-oriented, Mercadian Masques style environment?

B) Interact well with a set that is already pushing alternative costs on two horizontal cycles?

C) Conflict with the Incarnations? ((((Majesty))), etc...)

It definitely works well with Spellshapers and Melody, which would in turn suggest it works well with Rhythm. But is that reason enough to test it out?

Any comments would be appreciated, though I realize it might require a thorough examination of the spoiler/skeleton.

Holy smokes! A rough draft of the set's skeleton has been completed!

Many of the cards are improperly costed and/or completely arbitrary designs with no real purpose, but that's ok, because hopefully there are enough cards that offer legitimate direction to mold around.

The next step is to approach various playtests with an eye at defining limited and constructed roles for the various color alliances, as well as take a closer look at the color-fixing infrastructure, mechanical density, and relationships between the various mechanics.

Currently there are some loose tribal themes intended to present a class-based hierarchical society, most prominently found in White, in which Soldiers are found at Common, Knights at Uncommon, and Clerics and Advisors at Rare (and above). There are also some racial divisions, though these are less relevant. I'm not sure how strongly I want to emphasize these qualities, but cards like Crowd Control feel sufficiently independent of strong tribal themes, as Soldiers are a common enough class found in great density in every set.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who has stopped through to dropped off criticism and comments and keep me motivated, especially those anonymous pedants who just like to mock my drunkenly inept grammar.

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