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The basic idea is that, at common and uncommon, each color gets two tokens. These tokens replace the majority of creatures in the set. Packs could perhaps come with two tokens each in an attempt to accomodate this.


• There should probably be at least one more token type for each color at rare.
• Set might want Aura and Equipment themes, to make creature combat more varied.
• Set will obviously be heavy on noncreatures. Perhaps it will be heavier than normal on artifacts and enchantments, not just their subtypes.

If anyone has different/better ideas for the common and uncommon tokens, I would like to hear your suggestions.

I will be testing out "arrives" as shorthand for "enters the battlefield" in this set.

I'll also be using the "creates" wording for tokens, as seen on the October FNM promo, Rise from the Tides.

I expected more diversity among the tokens - you have a vanilla 2/2 in three of the colors - and the other two colors are getting close with a viglant 2/2 and a 2/1. The remaining tokens are more interesting.

You're right. There's little variation around that spot in the curve. I think that came about from trying to simplify the tokens as much as I could while attempting to still keep things interesting. After all, vanilla creatures will be much easier to keep track of if players don't have enough tokens. Also, most colors get super least one 2/2 in limited, right? So it seemed like a good place to have several of the tokens.

Some more variation would be more interesting, I agree. Perhaps each color could get a fourth token that sits at common and uncommon, to allow more variation.

A 1/3 black token and a 4/1 red token might be interesting.

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