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On Ersatz (reply):

I will be testing out "arrives" as shorthand for "enters the battlefield" in this set.

I'll also be using the "creates" wording for tokens, as seen on the October FNM promo, Rise from the Tides.

On Ersatz (reply):

If anyone has different/better ideas for the common and uncommon tokens, I would like to hear your suggestions.

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Creatures your opponents control can't attack unless their controller pays {1} for each of those creatures.
At end of combat, if you were the defending player for one or more unblocked attacking creatures, create a 0/3 colorless Wall artifact creature token with defender.
last 2019-02-02 13:53:57 by Link
If you would create a token this turn, instead create that token as well as a 0/1 green Plant creature token.
Draw a card.
Create two 2/1 red Warrior creature tokens. They gain haste until end of turn. Sacrifice them at the begining of the next end step.
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2016-07-26 05:13:49 by Link
When Night Terrors arrives, create a 4/4 black Horror creature token with menace.
Creatures must tap to block Horror creatures you control.
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2019-02-01 18:08:24 by Link
Create a tapped 2/2 black Zombie creature token.
Chorus — If there's a card named Dread Chorus in your graveyard, you may pay {1} and exile this spell. If you do, return up to one card with that name from your graveyard to your hand.
last 2019-02-01 14:27:47 by Link

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On The Tolls at Kinsreach:

It's meant to encompass planeswalkers and any other attackable permanents that might come to exist.

On The Tolls at Kinsreach:

If you're switching to an end of combat trigger, why not just check if you were dealt damage? Then you don't have to be fiddly about blocking words.

"At end of combat, if you were dealt combat damage by one or more attacking creatures, create a [token]."

On Night Terrors:
On The Tolls at Kinsreach:

I guess alternatively it could say something like "Each time a player pays any amount of mana this way, create a 0/3 colorless Wall artifact creature token with defender at end of combat."

On The Tolls at Kinsreach:

This is what I get for stepping away from Magic for so long.

On The Tolls at Kinsreach:

I don't think this trigger works. It triggers when a creature attacks, which means nothing has been blocked yet. "Whenever a creature attacks you and isn't blocked" triggers during the declare blockers step and includes all the conditions

I'm not sure if it's obvious that you can't block with the tokens you just made

On Dread Chorus:

Probably. Actually, it should probably exile itself.

On Dread Chorus:

Should this have reminder text that it can't return itself?

On Aurora of the Hidden:

A blue moon? Do you mean a blue anthem?

There's a lot of precedent for the second ability in blue. Frost Titan and Kira, Great Glass-Spinner come to mind.

On Aurora of the Taker:
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