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CardName: Is there anything else you are hiding from me??? Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Is there anything else you are hiding from me???
Updated on 8 Jul 2018 by Froggychum

History: [-]

2018-07-06 17:50:57: Froggychum created the card Is there anything else you are hiding from me???

I just learned that {chaos} is a thing, why was this not on the side of my cards!?!?!


Apparently no one told you that typing in all caps is considered equivalent to yelling and equally rude.

I'm just playing fam, I don't mean any offense, and I'm not offended either. This was supposed to be a humorous way to ask if there were any other symbols not listed on the side menu.

Sorry it came off rude, I often use 'yelling' to communicate a joke. Kind of like comedians do, but i understand if there was a miscommunication on my part. Sorry.

I could write a whole essay on knowing your audience and knowing when to use a specific tool like this in comedy, but I'm not qualified and it's not worth it.

Thing is: It's a real difference if you use exaggerated modulation of voice/behavior in a situation, where you are alone on stage or on the screen and are the center of attention, or whether you are in a restaurant or supermarket where multiple conversations are going on and you yell for a joke there disregarding that you are interrupting someone else.

I believe you, you are truely sorry. We all run into situations where we step onto someone else's toes and I think it's important we communicate where we are coming from.

To complete the above analogy, you have a stage and it's cool what you are doing there expressing yourself by your own rules or lack there-of. But this is the supermarket, and unless you edit the cardname of this topic the yell will echo on for weeks with people seeing the all-caps text among the five most recent cards whenever they want to grab some milk.

Unexpectedly enough for you, maybe: Without the capitalization I actually thought it was a decent joke. The triple questionmark is actually a superb way to communicate emphasis without the more unwanted attention. :)

IMO for everything.

The funniest part is seeing all the text fit.

Getting back on topic. Have you seen three four out of curiosity?


Bad humour and unfortunate yelling aside, it would be nice to have an exhaustive list somewhere.

I actually hadn't seen the threebrid... Was that ever a real thing in MTG?

{Boros Logo} and the like are things on the gamepedia, but not here I suppose.

Also tried {Boros} and such

An exhaustive list would be something i'd +1

The various guild watermarks are available for cards, but not as mana symbols

Oh neat!

Threebrid's never been used (not counting the Granite Shard cycle which was made before hybrid was a thing.) I admit it makes it an odd choice for the system. Maybe whoever created it just assumed it was coming down the line, but it never happened?

I agree that a page with odd mana symbols could be helpful. At the very least so we can keep pointing to that page when someone asks the question. I'll try to remember to throw something together tomorrow.

That would be really nice! Thank you!

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